Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Another post about finding Mr. Right

I was talking to someone yesterday.

One thing about me.
I am NOT an expert when it comes to relationship and dating.
Please don't ask me
coz you'll just get shitty answers.

If you think I've a lot of "dating" experiences,
You're very wrong.

I guess the thing about planning to not get married,
is that I have all the time in the world
to wait for the perfect dream guy to fall into my life.

Cause if I can't find him at the end of the day,
I won't be too sad about it.
Cause I wasn't looking in the first place.
If I happen to bump into him,

For those who are searching for your dream guy,
good luck.

It would be wonderful to set a target 
and actually achieving it.

Let's take my dream guy for example,
He's impossible to find (in Malaysia).
Tall, cute, good sense of humour, sporty, 
smart, rich, knows how to cook, knowledgeable,
speaks English well, etc etc.
(ya, I added the last one in
coz I figured the guy has to be able to communicate with my dad who doesn't speak Mandarin.)

BUT if I do (finally) bump into  him,
I would definitely go crazy head over heels over him.
*I think* 

it would be any girl's dream to find her dream guy right?


The question is,
what if you looked near and far,
up and down,
waited for almost forever,

and finally, 
you find your one of a kind dream guy

but you can't get along?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


I think every girl should have a list.
Even if you don't end up with someone who fits,
you can tell your husband--

"see, this is what I gave up to be with you!." XD


  1. "If I happen to bump into him,


    Dream guys do exist in a small number anyway, just in that small number, most of them are either married or not available or gays. So...

    Anyway let me see if I should just die.

    Tall - Yes
    cute - Failed
    good sense of humour - Roughly sporty - Failed
    smart - Failed
    rich - Failed
    knows how to cook - EPIC FAILED
    knowledgeable - Failed
    speaks English well - Failed

    Ok I should.

  2. Erm... Well not every girl wants what I want. =p

    You can still stay alive.... until I'm the only girl left on earth.

    How tall is your tall?

  3. LIKE the last sentence!!!!! <3 <3 <3!!! xD
    So true lar!!! even if list out, u wil aso end up wit someone totally different with wat u imagine =P
    Good luck! when gt show me neh hehehe.