Saturday, 19 March 2011

Why not get married?

I over did the photo.
Now I look like the chinese doll from hell. 

If anyone cares,
sorry for the delay.

I went to work yesterday and today
and will still work tmr.
I am a shop-a-holic,
but I'm also

a workaholic.

I'm actually happier today because  there was more work to be done.

Over enthusiastic is right for me.
If you don't find that I am,
you don't know me.

Back to the topic. 

Why not get married?

You know what?
I actually don't mind getting married,
but there are so many things that I do mind,
it's hard to find a guy that fits.

1. Why do I wanna find a guy who is smart and has a lot of knowledge?
(note:being smart doesn't mean you're knowledgeable.)
- For obvious reasons. Who would want a dumb husband?
He doesn't have to be extremely smart, just smarter than me.

2. Why do I wanna find a guy who is (super) tall?
- Because I am shallow and I find that tall guys are more good looking.
other than that,
because I am short and I would like my children to at least have the 50-50 chance of becoming tall.

3. Why do I wanna find a guy who plays sports?
- Because they are generally more healthy.
other than that, because I want my kids to play sports too. If they have a sporty dad they might be trained to be sporty too. 

4. Why do I wanna find a guy who is well-off/rich?
-Same answer as no.2. Because I am shallow and materialistic.
Other than that, if two guys have the same "qualities", but one is poor and the other is rich, who would you choose?

5. Why do I wanna find a guy who doesn't stay up to play games?
- Because guys who don't know when to sleep don't take good care of themselves.
How would they take care of me then?

6. Why do I wanna find a guy who doesn't take his bath too late? (Yes, I'm this particular)
- Because if you take long baths, you will get rheumatism. or better known as 风湿。
At that time, I'd probably be going through menopause and I don't want you to bother me with your whining.

7. Why do I wanna find a guy who can cook+do house chores/clean up after himself?
- Obviously, because you can take over when I'm tired or lazy.
Other than that, I'm usually lazy, so if I work and you work, it's only fair that you do half the chores.

8. Why do I wanna find a guy who doesn't smoke/eat too much instant food/do eat fruit and vege?
- Because if I marry you, I want it to last forever and I don't want you to die of cancer and leave me alone in this world.
Other than that, I don't want my kids to say "but dad ___FILL IN THE BLANK WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE__ too" 

Well, these are not all of the criteria that I look for in a guy. For more examples, please refer to the post titled "~wannabe" right below the chat box.

or click here

(note 2: that post was written almost 1 year ago. If you see contradicting stuff, refer to this post, yes, this one.)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. 久违了,脸红心跳。你·回·来·了。



  1. Wow. If all women are like this I don't think I can get married! LOL :D

  2. that's why I choose not to get married. I know I won't be able to find someone like this