Friday, 11 March 2011

The power of photo editing

If you care to compare my old pics with the recent ones,
you might find that I look very different.

Other than the hair and make-up,
I have "improvements".

I now use double eyelid tape,
which make my eyes wider.


Like I said,

my photos have been edited.
I have my face sharpened. (?)
Skin smoothened. (?)
Eye very much widened.

I don't think I look too bad in the original photos,
I'd like to look nice(r) in my own definition.

Other than that,
I can use the effects to make my photos less dull.

And I can even apply make-up when I'm too broke to buy the products.
OR when I for get to apply make-up.
Ya sure. like that's gonna happen.
If you can see the difference.

I know some people are pro-natural beauty.
But not for me.

Obviously most of us are not born 
"perfect" or "good looking".
(well it's all about how you define perfect and good looking)
please don't give me the "personality matters the most" crap.
That is just bull.

If you're too lazy to try and make yourself look nicer,
don't criticize those that do.
At least we make an effort.

I'm not gonna deny it.

I do prefer to be around good looking people.

WAY too far away from the topic.

I'm gonna stop telling people how shallow I am.

Bottom line is,
Photo editing helps me look how I want to look
and I don't care if people say that I'm a cheat.
I admit that I edit my photos.

that's what J_fish has to show~ Au Revoir~

p.s. here's the unedited photo.

and the comparison 

and I'm practicing how to look like a guy. wtf.
complete with hairdo and make-up.

studying how guys' features look different from girls'.

I'm gonna dress up as a guy for tomorrow's dinner.

What's life without a little craziness?
Since 2012 is probably happening,
(I'm not asking you to do stuff that are wrong
in terms of religion or the law,
but just get out there and have fun in a safe way.

stay tuned for my manly look!! XD

And pray for those in Japan.
and Philippine. 

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  1. If you're too lazy to try and make yourself look nicer,
    don't criticize those that do.

    AGREE!!! really beh tahan those who keep on critic bla bla bla.
    *ignore ;)