Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I see

Another MAB photo

I went to see my Academic Advisor yesterday for a chat.

I actually went there to tell him that I put his name down as a referee for a job I applied.
The college called me yesterday and asked me to consider and interview.

After I chatted with Jean, my AA,
he gave me a whole lot of choices.

The best choice?
I can't figure out which is better.

Choice 1
Get another degree and apply to work for the UN.
Since I know many languages, 
I'd be an asset in UN as a Malaysian,
coz according to him,
there aren't enough Malaysians,
the problem is
my degree in Languages and Linguistic is worth nothing there.


Choice 2
Get a masters degree.
But for that I have to get a scholarship first.
Call the Canadian embassy or French embassy for help.
The thing is,
I don't really have confidence in myself.
A smart girl I know I am,
But I know my laziness will surely kill me.


Choice 3
Start working.
Most people say that they'll continue studying
after they work for some time,
but then that's it.
Almost all of them never do continue.


Choice 4
Work as a teacher and get a teaching scholarship.
I know for a fact that the French embassy gives scholarship to teachers.
They get to go to France and study for 4 years.
But after that there's a bond I guess.


Jean said he doesn't see me as a teacher
coz I'm the quiet type.

He's advice to me,
is to get a scholarship and get a masters degree if not a phd.
Get as high as possible while I'm still young.

He said that in France when you're 23,
you're supposed to get your masters degree ALREADY.
So he always thought I was a young(er) girl still.

Information overload.
Now I have so many choices I seriously have to seriously think about them all.

But you know what,
I had a thought about a month ago
that I want to get a law degree after I finish this one.


But I'll might get to work for UN!!

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I'm a quiet person??!!

that guy is driving me crazy again,


  1. dis post is helpful for me, since im studyin lingu aso. But still, feel lost. hehehe. ><

  2. Even when I have my options listed out I still have no idea which to choose. T---------------T