Monday, 14 March 2011

A collection of thoughts and questions

more and more.

2. I did a survey on a few days ago.
A question which I never thought about appeared.
I froze.
It took me awhile to give a very lame answer to it.
I really have no idea how to answer it.
I wonder if I am the only one who have this problem.

My answer doesn't really matter.
what matters is what is your answer?

I can't remember exactly what the question is, but it goes something like this.

Why are you proud of being a Malaysian?

3. Which is worse? You have cancer or you're going blind?

4. (refer to photo above) I'm a hot guy. XD

5. What would your reaction be if one day you found out that your same gender best friend is gay and is interested in you?

6. What would your reaction be if one day you found out that your same gender best friend is gay, is not interested in you but have the potential of being interested?

7. Which is more obscene? Showing your belly or showing cleavage? Choose 1.

8. I do believe that next year there will be a big catastrophe, and it's too late to do anything about it.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


Song of the week. Too bad I can't find one with a better quality.

Song of last week goes to

So love these songs.


  1. ahhhahhh~ so much question @3@,wonder if i answer sure my mind when blank also for a moment (maybe restart also) haha

  2. those questions made me blank >.< btw thanks for sharing that 2 nice songs :)

  3. lai i answer..i no blank mind
    1) i don like french so much..don hate so much...ok ok nia.
    i nt being proud to be malaysian..jz being thanksful to be malaysian
    both are nt worse. if i hv cancer, i would live more happily.
    if i m blind, my 心眼would be clear.i can 'see' better than those who are not blind.
    i don hv a photo to refer, but i assume i m a hot guy too..LOL
    i will shocked. but i wont pi shi him or stay away from him. he also doesnt wish to be gay too.
    i don hv cleavage, so i choose belly..if i gt both, i would say, both are nt obscene.
    i believe tis is nt a question to ur answer. soo i cant answer it.. XD

  4. Rascat: haha. should think about it.

    Catherine: you're welcome.

    King Fong: You really answer all a. XD Thanks for the support wo. ^___________^

  5. i m always being supportive.haha.
    i wish to elaborate more de.but lz type n rephase tat's it~