Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I simply love this photo.

They say I look like a doll.

Looks like I have some make up skills under my sleeves after all.

this was for a "catwalk" for an activity held by the college 
called "Glitz and Glamour".

I was supposed to represent CC. 
The theme was "Floral"
So I wore a dress with floral prints for obvious reasons
The thing is
we're not allowed to wear anything that's above knee length. 
So I had to wear leggings.
Which are flowery to. 

I got 3rd place!! XD
Didn't did much anyway.
I just walked like normal and acted cute.
Which is what I'm super good at.

My wig was very nice to me yesterday. 
So I still can't make up my mind if I should wear the long wig (this one in the pic)
or this 
This is my MAB dress by the way.
My first ever little black dress!!!!

Or should I just go with my own hair.

Tell me tell me tell me QUICK!!!

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I really need some K-session therapy. >________________<
it's the time of the sem when I start not wanting to go to class.


  1. hahahaha! seriously, i tink u look lk a 'boss' in an office if u go wit ur own hair wit dat dress. n i feel lk its too common to c a gurl wit long hair to wear dress(eg like me, lmao). so i suggest short wig. look fashionable.
    but still, u wil gt attention if u wear d long wig. its kinda 'gurls' dream hair' xD
    conclusion: depends on d feel u wan LOL. xD

  2. wao!!!!no surprise lei....i know wat u wear in mab le.......hahahaha....

  3. cocoro: --_____________________--lll
    JY: Nvm. I'll add more stuff to it. =p

  4. You lookd so stunning and gorgeous.

  5. i think second one better o....