Saturday, 5 March 2011

Any plans to get married?

so you may or may not notice
that I keep having this huge SS photos.

Well it's just something I notice.
Those pretty girl blogs
usually they just put their really pretty photos,
and they can talk about whatever,
and people visit their blog.

I'm trying the same thing.

Doesn't seem to work out for me...


I've thought about getting married,
and I've decided.
I don't wanna get married.

My friends keep saying
you haven't found the right person
you're still so young.
Yes, maybe.

Here;s one of the many reasons I don't wanna get married.

I plan to have children before 30.
(Children, not child.)
Because I don't wanna have kids when I'm too.... aged.
The age gap would be hard.
Which means I have 7 years to prepare myself.

So we break that down,
I have to find someone to fall in love with.

Let's say Prince Charming walks into my life now.
Let's say I take half a year to figure out what kind of person he really is.
Another half a year to develop feelings for him
(and play hard to get.)

That's one year.

2 years of courtship before thinking about getting married 
and establishing a strong career base.
1 year to prepare and save the money for the wedding.
The wedding and honeymoon,
Not including the house, the car and the dog.
ok, ditch the dog.
1 more year to prepare money for all those.
(the rest we'll make up along the way)

Assuming everything goes as planned,
meaning I get married by 28,
I would like 2 years of just married time
before the midnight wakes to change diaper.

Which means,
when I'm 30,
I'll only be ready to have my first baby.


Assuming I meet someone and it's love at first sight,
I'll still need at least half a year to get to know him,
we can save the developing feelings and hard to get part.

Assuming again that he's extremely rich when I meet him,
I still need 2 years to secure my career.

we can save the other 2 years saving for the wedding, house, car and dog.

there is a possibility that can get married by 26.
I still need my 2 years honeymoon.
I'll only have a kid before I'm 30,
unless I can get twins,
because I'm not gonna have kids 
1 right after the first.

It kinda works,

I have to find myself an extremely rich guy
who has a car, a house, and a dog (optional).

the big question,

Is it possible that I bump into Prince Charming tomorrow?

that's what J_Fish has to say~

p.s. we all know the answer to that question. 


  1. hahaha..totally agree with u!
    anyway, ur pic looks like barbie lo..>_<

  2. You really made a serious thought on this issue.

  3. thx cocoro. ^____________^

    Luporti: I guess I'm old enough to start thinking about it. Do you have plans?

  4. Hehe. Yea. I did have discussed with my girl friend. Perhaps, we would get married when I am 29 or 30.

  5. o. same same. ^_____________^