Sunday, 20 February 2011

The "reunion"

Last Friday was 4th CC's "reunion" dinner.

It's not really a reunion dinner since everyone stays at the same college.
It's a chance for everyone to meet up.
So it's actually a see-every-junior-and-senior dinner.
Seriously I don't know a lot of the juniors....

Just a few seniors who've left college came back.
To them,
it was really a reunion dinner.

I feel old. T--------------T
Or the juniors are just to energetic. (a.k.a obnoxiously noisy)
I seriously can't stand noisy people.

We waited on the bus for about an hour. wth.
Just hate people who can't plan their time.
It's fine to be late for 10 or 15mins.
This is Malaysia. 
Everyone is kiasu too.
Because everyone is late you have to be late----r.
It's a race of being the latest. 
Only in Malaysia I guess.
It's a stupid culture I'd say.

Come on.
It's a vicious cycle.
Because everyone will be late,
so you get here later
and people know that others will be later than them
so they come later.

Grace period 10-15mins,
being late for 30-45 mins is just incredible.
If I were the people in-charge I'd do 2 things,
1. Call them until their phones run out of battery
2. Get the bus moving as planned and not wait for the bitches.
Let them learn their lesson the hard way.

we went to Summer BBQ and Buffet at Sunway.
It's right opposite "yuan" if you know where that is.

The food there was so-so,
but quite a lot of seafood la.
Those clam-shelly type.

Didn't take any pictures of the food
because I was too busy eating. XD
Photos. Photos. Photos.
 Voon (and Marcus behind us)
 Selina a.k.a MY~
 Michele a.k.a ah lui. <3

Ya. I know I have the same look....
I dunno why.
but it's a good thing.

Missed out Susan coz she left early. =(

We had an "awards" session.

I got 3 awards.
1. Most "yeng" female senior. (I don't know how to translate that into English. I don't think there's a word for it.... Coolest?) 
2. Manliest female senior. Ya sure. Just coz I have short hair.... I never got this b4 pun...

and last but not least,

3. the most wtf award.Not. 

It's the most unlike Chinese award. WTF right.....
I am totally Chinese ok....

Just because my hair is reddish and I wear blue contacts (and I'm tanned) doesn't make me look like other race. >____________<

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~


I went for a 5km charity run this morning.
I think it's less than 5km but I took about 30mins to complete. 
It's obvious that I don't have my stamina anymore.
I'd like to call it the facebook syndrome.
Facebook too much and you'll get a fat ass and no stamina.


  1. i like tis:

    To them,
    it was really a reunion dinner.


  2. I doubt I can even run 1km >_<