Monday, 28 February 2011

The long awaited ss photos with wig(s)

My wigs are FINALLY here!!!!!!!!!!
I've been waiting since forever to write this post,
not it's HERE!!!!
*confetti falling from somewhere above*

Yes they (wigs) have been waited for a very long time.
I didn't have to go to the police after all.

I bought 2 wigs.
One Long and the other one short.

let the photos do the talking.
Long wig ss 1
 long wig ss 2
long wig ss3
now the short wig.
short wig ss1

 short wig ss2
I look like I'm 15 here. wth.
short wig ss 3
This one is blur but I like how dreamy my eyes look. =p

fugly photo of how I look after taking off the wigs. 
FMHair's L
I cut them again and this time the hairdresser went to the extreme.
Now it's this short. 

Quick!! Say I look nice with whatever hair style!!
Except the last one which I don't care if you don't say I look nice in.

All photos are excessively edited.
(except the last one)

If you meet someone who looks like the photos above,

it probably is not me.
that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

And I'm using it to cover my pail of water. 

Tomorrow is UM's once-in-a-no-particular-period NO WATER DAY!!!
*Collects confetti and rethrows them*

For those who just got your results for STPM or matriculation,
if your first choice (or any one of your choices) is UM,
start practicing surviving a day with a pail of water.
You'll need the practice.