Saturday, 12 February 2011

It's gonna be just another day~

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!!
in advance anyway.

I curled my hair here
and I totally LOVE it!!
I prefer curls than straight hair ever since I give a darn about how I look.

But now with short hair,
the curls stay in tact longer than when I had long hair.

When I had long hair 

my hair would straighten approximately 10mins after I curl them.
Meaning when I finish curling the other side
the side that's already curled is already straight. wth...

Stubborn straight hair is never nice.

My dad said I look better with curls.
Coz of this photo below.
I was wearing my wig.
They're both me. 
It was taken during a photo shoot.

The photographer is really good at editing right?

Even from this far away you can see the "drain" of my apple chin (on the long hair me). wtf...

he (dad) said I should curl my hair when I have long hair....
[coz my hair is very flat when I had long straight hair]
which is like in 5 years' time?
I dun think I'm gonna let it grow long.
Wanna stick to my short hair.
Coz I look cute with short and curly hair.

back to the [main] topic!!

Valentine's day.
Valentine's day was originally not a celebration,
like all other celebrations.
It was to remember a person called St. Valentine.
Of course the "st" was given after he died.

The phrase "your Valentine"
actually is from st. Valentine to a woman he loved.
He signed a letter he wrote in jail to the woman with
: From your Valentine,

which means: 
My name is Valentine,
I'm yours, so I'm your Valentine.

Every year,
People around the world
[except strict Malaysian Muslims]
celebrate Valentine's day with their loved one.
One as in SINGULAR.

Well some have plural but wth, whatever.

Every year,
on this very special day,
I celebrate....


my mom's birthday is on Valentine's day.
to me,
14 of February is special,
NOT because of lovers,
but because of my mom.

Another reason V day has been just another day throughout the past 23 years of my life,
is I never had a bf to celebrate it with. wtf...

for the years that I'm away from my mom,
14 February is totally just another day.

Unless this year someone decides to ask me out. 

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I bought new wigS!
I have some problems with the person in-charge,
but I think things are gonna turn out fine.

I bought them from a Chinese website.
Chinese meaning website that sells things in China.
It was a very good bargain~

If anyone wants to get stuff from,
[the whole website's in mandarin by the way]
ask me.

You can't ask the seller to send them over from China,
coz DHL is gonna cost you RM200++ [per KG I think.]

You have to send it to somewhere where they transfer the stock and 
send it over at a way cheaper price.

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  1. V Day is also just gonna be another day for me.. haha..

    the pic is nice.. didn't know both is u until you mentioned it.. :)