Thursday, 24 February 2011

Irresponsible piece of ****

Obviously I'm ranting.

If you're a constant visitor to my blog,
you would have read that I bought some wigs
at the bottom of one of my posts.

It's been 17days since I placed my order.

It was the 7th. 
The seller stated there clearly
that she was only going to make orders starting the 12th.
ok. I don't mind coz that was right after CNY
and the post offices are still closed and so on..

On the 15th of February,
I asked her when will I receive my stuff.
(Because it was stated there in 3-5days)
She said,
after 2 days the things will reach their warehouse in china,
then only they'll send the things over.
I'll receive them in 2 + (3-5days.)
I means the details were not precise
and have intentions of cheating right?

I waited again,
and on the 20th,
she posted and said that she wouldn't be accepting anymore orders.
(but the people who have paid don't need to worry)
I'm like wtf.
Is this girl conning us or what?!

Then I continued to wait for my stuff
until now.
Which is the 5th day of 3-5days.
I even assumed she meant 3-5 working days
even when it was not stated there.

Here's the thing,
If there were some problems with my stuff,
shouldn't she at least inform me?

So I went back to her posts,
and voila
a few other buyers facing the same problem
and asking her when are their stocks going to arrive?

I've had it.
I've never been a patient person,
and this silly girl has pushed me to my limit.

If she doesn't reply me latest by tonight,
I'm gonna report to the police tomorrow for fraud.
I don't care if she really tricked us
or is just an irresponsible piece of crap.
I wouldn't know until she replies me would I?

The thing is,
this silly little girl has a lot of stuff about her in her profile.
she linked her blog,
so I basically know that she's in form 3 and 
was from my former high school.

Too bad her bright future is gonna be ruined.
I'm sorry, but
She fucking deserves it.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

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