Thursday, 3 February 2011

大年初一~First day of CNY!!

LOVE my floral mini dress. ^______________^

to be honest,
I never liked Chinese New Year.
Other than the new clothes and Ang Pao and GOOD FOOD,
I don't like it.

It's always the time of pollution.

Noise pollution and air pollution.

Noise pollution because of the crackers.
(and new year songs)

Air pollution because of the huge joss sticks.
and paper offerings. 

The weather is always extra hot during CNY.

And this is the time when we see the inconsiderate erm... neighbours' friends.

For example.
This idiot parked his/her car right in front of my house.
People like this make other people's CNY miserable....

I know it should be a time of celebration,
I celebrate being at home
to be with my family 
and the home cooked food.

I celebrate being able to be at Penang,
to meet up with my friends.
I miss them without even knowing it.

And CNY would not be the same,
Very important. 

this year's CNY is not that bad after all,
(disregarding the fact that my grandma is here).
I dun even wanna talk about her now.

Hopefully the second day will be better!!

Peace out.

[I'm contradicting myself again.
I'm smiling but I'm showing a bad hand gesture.

Yes, this is a BAD hand gesture.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


the worst thing about CNY this year,
is I have test on Monday,
right after the so called holidays.


oopps.. no cursing on CNY.
Just imaging you're reading this after Chap Goh Meh. =P

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