Thursday, 3 February 2011

Contradicting yourself is fun?

Just like this photo here. I'm smiling but I'm frowning with my eyebrows. wtf.

It's a question.

I contradict myself all the time,
but over a long period of time.
I mean...
I say something
then it's only after some time I contradict myself.
Because I've had a change of heart/mind.

but sometimes,
I roll my eyes at people who contradict themselves.

Like in a forum that I visit almost everyday.

One of the hot topics
was photos of this really pretty Thai girl.
Sweet and.... fair.
(I like her smile)

Then at the bottom,
the poster (the person who posted the thing)
and said he likes "natural" girls,
(meaning girls who don't wear make up)
and girls who wear coloured contacts and thick eyeliner disgust him.

The truth is,
I was offended.
I don't usually care what people say about my appearance,
but this guy totally made me roll my eyes.

Because he is stupid and half blind,
he didn't notice that the girl is wearing coloured contacts,
just that they're the black ones that make your pupils look bigger,
(still coloured contacts. =P)
[Normal ones are colourless.]

And obviously,
she was wearing eyeliner.

one of the photos from the post.

No offence to the girl,
but the person who posted her photos and gave contradicting comments is just stupid.

On another unconnected note,
I'm so in love with this version of this song.

because it's sung by a total hotty with those sad puppy eyes that will always kill me.
it's sung in such a sad sad sad saaaaaaaaadddddddddd way, especially his sigh right before the last 3 words.
Totally made me almost cry.

I love the lyrics.

One another unconnected note,
here are 2 photos that I took yesterday which I love very much.

and before I end this post, 
I just have to say~


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. hey~ 我真的好想你。



  1. 'sad puppy eyes'. no wonder i keep couldnt find a word to describe his eyes la..>_<
    seriously..teach me use fake lashes n eyeliner neh..xD

  2. I cannot teach people la. I only experiment with my own eyes... other ppl's eyes I dunno how liao. --____________--lll