Sunday, 9 January 2011

Super friend

Sometimes I really wish that I have a super friend.

Like every person with super powers,
my super friend could appear when I am in need of a friend.
Just came back from Fraser Hill.
I went there without any close friend,
came back in the same situation.

Because of my introvert + shy personality
(some people call that no personality)
it's hard for me to open up to people 
and just join in any group of people.

I regret going to the trip alone.
I should stab my stupid conscience to death
and chuck it into the fire.
It was the reason I decided to go 
even when I knew I was gonna be alone.
I thought I could make new friends,
well I got to know some names,
but I wouldn't say I know them.

Back to a super friend.
I totally need one.

This friend doesn't even need to be by my side all the time,
but when trouble comes,
or when I'm feeling lonely,
this friend would appear and just sit by my side so that I know I'm not alone.
Someone who wouldn't feel tired 
or get bored with me.
Someone to eat with me 
when everyone else's busy or not feel like eating,
someone to chat with when I'm feeling emo,
someone to tell my problems to.
I need a person who I can tell my every secret and feeling and thought.

Most importantly someone who wouldn't feel ashamed to hang out with me
because I'm different.

Of course
I am a super friend.
Any friend who needs a friend can tell me.
I'll be there for you. <3

But then,
I realize I already have a super friend.

Meet my super friend.


I so look like a super cool boy here.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Someone definitely enjoyed the trip... ahem ahem

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