Thursday, 27 January 2011

New ♥ + Super SS day pics. ♥

I've always loved twiggies.
If you don't know what twiggies are
There they are.
They're RM 1.30.
2 in a packet.

Comes in 2 flavours,
Chocolate and vanilla.

I Prefer the vanilla flavour
but the store in my college don't sell it anymore.

But then they have this.
My new found ♥

It's RM0.90.
This is strawberry flavoured.
I don't know if they have other flavours
but the store just doesn't sell them.
It's quite filled with cream.

Why do I love it so much?
Coz it's cheap and taste good.
Cheap is the new ♥.
Because PTPTN is a bitch.

or rather the people who're in-charge.

(I only took pics with this side of my face coz 
there's a huge pimple that's been there since last week. 
I used the Squiggle to cover the pimple. wtf)

You can still vaguely see the pimple 
even after I edited the pics...
coz if I used a tool that's too powerful
that spot will look weird.

Now my SS pics.
I have no idea why but
It seems that I have a good angle day.

I edited my photos of course,
but just so that I have nice skin.
I didn't make my eyes bigger,
the false lashes did that.
I didn't make my face smaller either.

I put my hand at my chin
so that you'll have the illusion that I have a "sharp" face.

Coz I have apple chin,
I know that's special and it's part of me,
but I like to look like I have a slim face.
Apple chins actually make the face round from afar.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Next post will be about Tutti Fruitti. Another new found ♥

Lalalalala~ Love is in the air~
It is, after all, going to be the month of Valentine's.

One last thing, 
Don't I look Chinese?


  1. LMAO!! Those 3 'spots' remind me of Lena Fuji!!! xDD

  2. I'm not as sexy as her lo. But I like her.. She looks so young!!! >__________<

  3. Hahaha..u say lk u r so old ad..but u gt her complexion wat! Mine 'too tanned' tim. LOL!

  4. but she looks super young for her age. >_____________<