Thursday, 30 December 2010




Looking through some photos on FB.
There's a profile named 优质血统.
The person collects photos of all these pretty and handsome guys
(some are super overrated IMO)
and post them in his or her profile.

I notice similarities that most of the "pretty girls" found on the profile:
1. Fair skin.
2. Wide eyes(mostly by make up)
3. 瓜子脸

I dunno how to translate the third one
It means that the face is small and....
not round.

I hate it when people say that a girl is pretty just because she is fair.

I'm saying this because I dun have fair and radiant skin.
Call me green eyed monster.
I dun care.

I'm tanned.
(which is kind of a good thing)
in mandarin we call it 黑。
which means black.
I'd prefer古铜色of course.
It means bronze.

I think most Asians
(or Chinese in general)
prefer fair than tanned.
Japanese are ok with tanned skin.
Koreans are obsessed with staying fair I think.
I dun really know,
but they're all so super fair.

WHY is fair NICER??
because they look cleaner? 



that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I like Europe coz they love tanned girls. XD

I had fun guessing where the girls are from by their looks with my sister Jo.
It's quite easy actually.

Try it if you have time.
You'll get it right after looking through a few dozens of photos.
All of them are Chinese, from Taiwan, China, or Malaysia (except Japanese)
but they all have different styles.

The sad conclusion:

Malaysian girls are really not as pretty as the others...
We're generally not as good at make-up as the others.

Another thing should be the problem with the person who pick the photos.
Compared to those from the other countries, 
the girls that they chose are just...



Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The outing

It was unplanned,
it was great fun.

A bunch of people who grew up together
got into 2 cars and went for a photoshoot trip around Penang.

We only have time for a few stops
but it was lotsa fun.

I woke up at 8.40am yesterday coz the trip
was supposed to start at 10.
Have to make up and stuff.
It is,
a photoshooting day.

There were 6 of us and 3 DSLRs.
All of us were photographers/models.

But Got a message saying that I should be at Andrew Low's house at 9.30
and had to pick Andrew Lee and Ann from their house.

A little background.
The people who will be mentioned in this post
are.. well, were all from the
Butterworth Gospel Hall Young People,
They are:
Shin Yi
Andrews (Lee and Low)
Mei Yee
and of course
yours truly.

We went to different places to study,(other states and countries)
so it's been awhile since we got together.
All came back for Christmas.

First stop was for breakfast.

Then the real journey began.
First stop was next to the jetty.

SS pic. XD
 The perfect couple- Andrew Low and Mei Yee
 Andrew Lee and Shin Yi (not couple)

 Watch ad?

I'm closest to Shin Yi among them all
maybe coz we're both from non-Christian families.
And she's very fun to hang out with.
Silly like me. ^____________^

 The sun made my eyes squint. Thus I look blur.

 Old fashion parking meters. We still have these all over Penang. 
 the driver was parking there without paying... tsk tsk tsk

 We took a few photos here
which is just opposite the jetty.

 After that we left and went to the field next to Fort Conwallis.
There were nice pillars by the road.

 There was another photoshoot going on.
 Andrew Lee trying to get a cool photo.
There were dozens of trishaws parked in front of the hall.

A few of my favorite photos. By Andrew Lee
Taken at the wall
 On the field

 My favorite photo!!!

We even went to the newly opened Straits Quay.
None of us know the correct pronunciation...
Well, it's straits “key"
The chandelier in the middle of the hall. 
One of the light bulbs are out...

A self-playing piano

One of the decorations of the exterior.
They're a few spiral staircases there.

And finally,

 Lamb chop and Andy Lau.
My drink is called Andy Lau.
It's a mixture of 3 fruits which I can't remember.
One of them is apple,
because the drink has a very strong taste of apple.

Had dinner at Faces.
It's a restaurant cafe between Gurney Plaza and Island Plaza.

I was experiencing headache when we went to Straits Quay,
I thought I'll get over it soon
but it didn't.
It got worse.
After the lamb chop and chicken chop
I felt terrible
and I had to lie down.
The headache was so bad I almost cried.
I fell asleep after quite some time on a couch in the restaurant.
We were the only customers sitting inside.
The rest were outside so it was fine.

When we were about to leave it didn't get better
and Andrew Lee had to drive my car while I sleep on the backseat.
When we got on the ferry
I was already alright but he insisted on driving home.

After he drove himself and Ann home,
I was wide awake and well.

I got back and after my bath
my grandma wasn't feeling well
so I had to go to the hospital with  her and mom.

We were there till 2am.
My head was hurting again at that time,
but I get to sleep.
It was gone when I woke up this morning
but it came back and was gone again.

I had fun yesterday.
Since I'm such a model wannabe,
getting to be a model for one day is a very good experience.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir

p.s. Anyone who is looking for amateur models can ask me. =P
As long as you're not taking saucy photos I'll be glad to be a model. XD
I won't even charge you. Just buy me lunch or dinner. 

More photos coming up.
Waiting for Andrew Low to tag me. >____________<