Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Have you noticed how low the clouds were floating?

I used to be good at writing this.
Not these words in particular,
but 小楷。

Now I had to write a few pages to get this kinda result.

that's what J_Fish wants to share~ Au Revoir~

p.s. The photos of the sky are taken on my way home yesterday,
just out side Ipoh.
The clouds were drifting very low.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

After the exams

The day exam ended. (08/12/10)
we were stuck in a traffic jam for almost 1 hour
from UM to Midvalley.
(Which usually takes 15 mins))

 the day we (Voon, Susan and her friend) went to Midvalley to do this
eat pizza. ^____________^

The next day
went to Redbox for k session.
These is the only photo I have of the 3 of us.
 we went around Midvalley to take photos of the decs
 They have these crazy huge bears. And I love them.
If you have a bear this size you wouldn't need a bed. XD

Nothing special,
I cleared my room and packed my stuff.
Moved those valuable stuff.

Moved into my sister's place for a few days
while waiting for Pin to go home.
I'm going back in her car.
That's why I'm going back so late.

Saturday (11/12/10)
I went to petaling street to look for materials for JoFfleS.
All I got was a shop selling keychains.

It was 12noon so I didn't wanna go back yet.
Since it was on the LRT way,
I went to KLCC.

The traffic in there was mad.
With the PC Fair thing going on
and the mad CHRISTMAS SALE going on.

 after that I went to Sunway Pyramid.
And I was lost in Sunway Pyramid.
For the first time I was lost in a mall.
I dun like it there.
Well I liked the stores.
The clothes there were kinda affordable.

My first decent meal of yesterday.

 The decorations there weren't really too Christmassy.

On my way back
I waited for a bus for 1 hour
and it took me about 30mins to get from the bus to KL Central.
Note to self: do not take U67.

When I finally reached KL Central
I missed the train by 2 seconds.
The door closed when I was stepping in.
Because the guy before me was a slow poke.

So I took the time
and took lots of pictures.

 and this is how long my fringe actually is

 Jason said he kinda miss this look
and my fringe is giving me problems
so I cut it.
Now I look like this.

All photos taken with my SE Elm phone.
I LOVE this phone.

 that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

O Christmas
 PLEEEZZZZdon't be late.
 and one more thing,

I am so hating the person who holds my heart.

He said he missed me.
Just out of the blue.
Love or hate...