Saturday, 4 December 2010

To the one who holds my heart

I just heard the sound of my heart breaking.
Because you said good night.

one of my biggest problems,
Why do I need someone to make me happy
I have no idea.
Even though I like to be alone,
I'd always enjoy someone's company.
Even if we don't talk,
just having someone being there 
is good enough for me.

Then I found you,
or rather you found me.
I thought it'd be great
to finally have someone 
to look forward to.
Someone who I can really talk to.


Every night
I wait
and I wait
just to see you appear.

It makes me smile just to know that you're here.

After you appear,
I wait and I wait
for you to reply.

When I see the blinks 
I smile.
I don't even have to see what you say.

Because you replied,
I smiled.

And I got used to it.
I got used to waiting.
I got used to hoping.
I got used to the idea of you.

I got used to going to bed late.
Because I loved talking to you.
Because I think that it's special
Because I think that it's important
Because I don't want to spoil it,
just by saying good night.

but you said good night.

But you don't even know how special you are.

I regret for being so greedy.
I wanted to know you better.

I told myself that I should keep my distance.
I told everyone that you're just a fling.
I lied.

I should know better, 
that I have terrible self control
I should have turned away
when you were still my fairy tale.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ AU REVOIR~

p.s. Even after you break my heart
I'm sure you have the ability to patch it back
just by doing some little things
those things you do.

And I hate it.

This is not love,
but it's definitely something.

I've always hated chemistry.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Angels and devil

My newest creations 
added to the unknown things family.

In case you have no idea what is the unknown things family,
here they are,
which were first introduced in this post

I've decided to name them 



It's still exam week.
But my next paper will be on next Monday.


It's not a subject that we can study
so I'll still be free.


I've been making new JoFfles.
Well this time they're not unknown stuff anymore.

They're like the title says
Angels and demon.

Let the pictures begin!~

The first angel.
Took me 1 whole day to make this one. 
without the wings.

The girl who lived in this room before me 
stuck this paper to the table.
Kinda pretty huh.

there are her wings. 

The wings are super hard to sew coz they're kinda small and 
there are a lot of details.

The angel with a broken wing...

but she found a heart

and she found me. 

After that I made a smaller version

Took me about 4 hours
and I went to sleep right after finishing her.
It's very tiring.
Especially the eyes.
Coz they're kinda small and I have to strain my eyes
to see properly.
Dun wanna sew the wrong places.

This morning,
I woke up and first thing,

I made her.

The devil.

It's the smaller size
but slightly bigger than the mini angel.

Look how cute they are together.

The best part is~

I'm selling them.

Not these 3 of course.
they're the prototypes.

I'm making more of them to sell.
And the new ones
will be a lot nicer
Coz i know what works and what doesn't.

The big angel is 15cm from head to bottom of gown
and 14.5cm from wing to wing.
RM 10 each

Small angel is 7.5cm from head to toe
and 6.5cm from wing to wing
RM3 each

Devil is 7.5cm head to toe
and 10cm from wing to wing.
RM3 each

In case the pictures can't show,
they're 3D.
They're stuffed.

The size is approximate,
coz I can't really make sure they're the same size.

I can even customize them.
Change the colour of hair, wings, clothes.
Bigger wings,
smaller wings,
no wings,
bigger horns,
you get the idea.

you can send me the design that you like and the size 
and I'll tell you if I can make them.
I'll try my best.

Tell me what do you think about them. 

And one more thing,
if you buy: 
i) 2 big ones 
ii) 1 big and 2 small 
iii) 4 of any of the small ones 

I'll throw in the postage fees.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. you can give them as Christmas gifts!!! 
They're so freaking cute!!!
Girls would love them.

I'm gonna think about gifts for guys..
any idea what would guys like?

Angels with big boobs? 


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Stop child abuse


Child abuse is an ongoing thing.
It could happen to anyone.
It's a vicious cycle.


Most people who abuse children
were child abuse victims.

They were hit, screamed at, not given food,
asked to work at an early age as goodness knows what,
verbally assaulted and so on. 

I think the biggest problem with child abuse 
is that it's hard to stop it

If a parent is beating up his or her children,
their partners should try and stop them.
As neighbors if we notice people abusing children
we should confront them.
Tell them that it's wrong.
If it continues,
tell them that you'll call the authorities.

I think there's a thin line between child abuse 
and hitting your children in hopes of disciplining them.
We can't really stop parents from disciplining their children
it might be their own way
because hitting your children is so normal here.

I think we should change the method.
Send them to their rooms.

Child abuse should be stopped. 
Be more cautious with what's happening around you.
A lot of children could be saved by just stopping one abuser.
just because abusers were usually abused when they were kids.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~ 
p.s. I think training your children to join singing contest
or dancing contest or whatever contest is sorta abusing the child too. =P