Friday, 19 November 2010

The transforming act

I bought a wig!!!


Since before I cut my hair
I've always wanted to get a wig.

It's like a normal thing now. 
Well not to you who don't care about fashion
or your looks
but a lot of girls out there do wear wigs
whether you know it or not.

Examples of pretty girls with wigs?

The fringe wig
 The ponytail wig

(I like this one soooooooo much!!)
*short hair fetish?*
But she looks super cute right?

They're all from wig selling websites
if you see the photos and you know the person
and she's not wearing a wig,
tell her that her photo is stolen
and she has a nice hairstyle.

let's move on

This is the wig that I bought

This is me,

Without wig with heavy make-up

with wig

Yeah sure.
I wish.

Well this is the real me with wig. 

so you can see how thick my false lashes are.

This is just bad lighting
but I like how I look here.

well looking away from the camera is easier

when I look into the camera I usually look 
or stupid.

Like this one.

and these are the two photos that are not edited.
Yes I like to make funny faces too.

My wig looks diff from the one in the photo
coz I trimmed the fringe.
It was too long.
So most of the fringe you see is mine.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~