Saturday, 13 November 2010

Share this with every woman you care for.

Did you know that 
cervical cancer is the 3rd most common cancer among Malaysian women?

It is also the 2nd most common cancer that women can get WORLDWIDE.

There's a campaign going on 
for cervical cancer awareness.

If there is a woman you care for,
just one would be enough,
read this. 

I think every woman has the right to know 
and SHOULD know
about cervical cancer

So who's at risk of getting cervical cancer?

Any woman who has had sexual intercourse.
(for example: all the mothers in the world)
If you love your mother,
share this with her. 
note:Well if you're a man but has a cervix you'd probably get it too. 

If she doesn't use the internet,
be a sweet/caring son/daughter.
Read up and tell it to her.

After all,
she went through a lot of pain to bring you to this world,
this would be just a puny thing to do for her.

A woman/girl who had her first sexual experience at an early age,
anyone who has had multiple sex partners
and those who have suffered from sexually transmitted diseases
have a higher risk of getting the cancer.

As we always say,
prevention is better than cure,
Share this link with every woman you know and care for.

Think about the women in your life.
Save them.
Don't wait till it's too late.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. spread the link around. Help others save their loved ones too.

Friday, 12 November 2010

I am vain.

Nuff said. 

the post is actually to show off my boyish good looks. 
(newest hair cut)

I know,
it just goes shorter and shorter. 

From this (July 2010)
to this 
(probably August 2010)
to this 
(September 2010)
to this
(October 2010)

 and finally to this
(November 2010)
11 November 2010 to be precise. 
Looks like I got a stroke,
 BUT I'm actually mimicking this dude.
 Of course he does it better. 

FYI: This is Hanamichi Sakuragi (not sure if it's in that order) from Slam Dunk (comic)
One of the best (old timer) basketball comic of all time. 

And lastly, 
my nails. 
Different design for left and right.
Since I paint better with my right hand,
my left hand nails got checkers.
My right hand nails only got dots.

But 1 thing I learned,
dotting with the left hand is NOT an easy job either. 

One last thing, the photo in my header, 
is early September 2010.
Not too long before I chopped them off. 

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir
I killed an apple yesterday.
before that, I skinned it while it was alive. 

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Well, when you read the title
would you guess what this post is about?

ChurpChurp is a social media solutions community
Like her sister, Nuffnang.

So what happens when you join ChurpChurp?

you can earn 

Just by doing what you do best.
Twitting and facebooking. 

ChurpChurp will give assignments to Churpers.

By "assignments" it means updating with information
of events and products by ChurpChurp's partners
In tweeter and/or Facebook.

It's always good to help others, NO? 

That's not all!!!
ChurpChurp benefit churpers of course!
They organize contests that give out $$$$$$$ 



Well I prefer if both come at the same time of course.

If you join now,
you will still be in time to get free tickets for 
ChurpChurp is giving a pair of invites to Churpers!!!
*Terms and conditions applied* =P

By Joining ChurpChurp,
You can even get to know more (awesome) people!!!
by joining ChurpChurp,
you're in the family
and there are activities that help make the family bond stronger.


The recent Fly Kite Day

(which I missed coz I joined ChurpChurp after that. T--------------T)
It'd be fun to fly a kite in kl...

Other than all those activities,
it'd be great it ChurpChurp have activities that involves the nature,
like cycling at Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam,
more Fly Kite Days 
(so that I can join this time).

Probably activities that involve fashion and make-up would be awesome too!!!
Giving pass to fashion shows?
*drools at male models*

Chances to win cosmetics or skin care products?

Make-up workshops?

Product launches?

Chances to win trips to other countries?

Free passes to watch NBL?
or we can just gather and watch a(ny) basketball match as family outing?

The main reason why my family/friends/babes/relatives/course mates/college-mates/uni-mates should join ChurpChurp?

So that we can earn money(/spend money) together!!!

And of course,

CAMWHORE together!!!!!

Join in the fun NOW!! 

All you need is a tweeter/facebook account!!!
(which I'm sure you already have)

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sexually harassed

when I was waiting for a bus at station U.
by a group of teenagers who are about 14-16 years old. 

I dun think a lot of people know about sexual harassment.
I didn't know much either,
so I googled Sexual Harassment in Malaysia.
Read up if you have time.

sexual harassment includes verbal, non-verbal, psychological and physical.
so don't think just coz you didn't touch her,
you're not harassing her.

I dunno why,
sexual harassment is  more to workplace sexual harassment.
(yes? Mr. J.O?) 


I get harassed more on the streets
than at work
I haven't gone to work yet
but then,
I think people are braver when they harass people on the streets
at least if the person don't call the cops
they can just get away with it.

Imagine if someone sexually harasses a co-worker
The consequences....

back to the topic.

How was I sexually harassed?

They were on a bus,
waiting to leave the station.
One of the boys were knocking at the window
trying to get my attention,
and he did.

When I looked over,
I saw the most disturbing thing I've seen
while waiting for a bus.

That bastard was 
squeezing his nipples,
grabbing his... erm....
and licking his lips.
His friends were laughing.
I can see that they're enjoying the show.

If those were a bunch of chinese boys,
I'd get on that bus and scold them right in front of all the other passangers.

The bus was there for quite some time,
and everytime I looked at their direction,
he did the same thing.

And at one point,
I swear he was touching his d**k.
And he was asking me to look,
giving me the "come on" gesture.


What kinda people raised these children?
They're disgusting 
and have no respect for women or girls.

I read up on the punishment
for sexual harassment,
it was ONLY up to 5 years or a fine, or both.
I bet they'd get less.
A few months maybe,
that is,
IF they get charged.

I was wondering if I should call the police.

I dunno if this is common,
but it's not right.

I wonder if the police would come,
and if they did,
would they come in time.
The bus was going to leave at any minute.

I felt helpless and very offended.
Here I was,
a victim of sexual harassment,
and I can't do anything about it.

And after the bus left,
it came to me.
I should've taken a photo of them.
Since they enjoy the attention so much,
I don't think they mind finding their photo on FB or all around the internet.

Minor or not,
they have to be punished.

all I can say is,
next time.

Next time,
I'm gonna take photos of these disgusting people
and let the internet do the punishing. 

whistling to a girl,
licking your lips while looking at her,
making that annoying kissing like sound
and even calling out 
"ah moi, ah moi"
is sexual harassment. 
(because they come under this:
The Penal Code, section 509 provides that :

That's what J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I hate it when people make that kissing like sound, or calling me
"ah moi" or "小姐" or whatever becayse I'm wearing short pants or skirt or a tank top.
(or because you think I'm hot/pretty)
It's insulting.

I dun care if it's a compliment to you.
I dun need this kinda low life compliment.

If you think I'm pretty,
get some guts and tell it to me,

Sunday, 7 November 2010

My type of guy

I found this on fb.
It's been so long since I've been tagged,
so I decided to tag myself and post it here. XD

Here goes. 

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
    It depends I guess. Sometimes I think some guys are hot or cute but my friends don't agree... 

2. Smart?
    Very. At least smarter than me or course.

3. Preferred age?
    2 years + - my age I guess

4. Preferred height?
    Tall. well.... 175cm and above? =p

5. How about sense of humor?
    The more the merrier. XD

6. How about piercings?
    Only ears. Better without them though. 

7. Accepts you for who you are?

8. Pink hair?
    NO WAY

9. Mushy or no?

10. Thin or fat?

11. Black, Brown, Yellow or White (skin color)?
      Doesn't really matter. As long as he's a good man, treats my family, friends and me nice, and can take good care of himself. 

12. Long hair or short hair?
      As long as it looks nice. Mom and dad would prefer short of course.

13. Plastic or metal?

14. Smells good?
      As long as he doesn't stink. I dun want people to think that he or I farted everywhere we go.

15. Smoker?
      SUPER BIG NO!!

16. Drinker?
       As long as he's not addicted.

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?

18. Muscular?
       NO. I dun like the toing~ feeling. 

19. Plays piano?
       Prefered (which means YES!!!!!!!) XD

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
      Doesn't matter.

21. Plays violin?
       Doesn't matter.

22. Sings very well?
       As long as he can sing in the right key and tune. 

23. Vain?
      Not too much vanity is always good. 

24. With glasses?
      doesn't matter

25. With braces?
       Well they come off eventually, so, doesn't matter. 

26. Shy type?
       Not too shy, or we'll be sitting around, looking at our feet during dates. 

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
       A little bit of both. I always find rebels (more) attractive, but they never make good bf/husbands do they? 

28. Active or passive?

29. Tight or bomb?
       Another one: Huh?

30. Singer or dancer?
      BOTH!! XD

31. Stunner?

32. Hiphop?
      This is irrelevant... 

33. Earrings?
       Not too many, one or none would be good

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-boyfriends-until-you-drop?
      As long as he stays loyal to me. The past doesn't matter I guess. 

35. Dimples?
      PREFERRED! XD Guys with dimples are just so much cuter!! 

36. Bookworm?
       As long as he can play sports *chess is NOT considered a sport*

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?

38. Playful?
      At times would be fine. I dun wanna take care of a kid, nor would I wanna yawn all my way through dates.

39. Flirt?
      Only to me.

40. Poem writer?
       Song writer would be better. >_____________ l

41. Serious?
       When it's needed. 

42. Campus crush?
       Fine by me. Again, as long as he's loyal to me. 

43. Painter?
       Doesn't really matter. 

44. Religious?
       not too extreme. 

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
      As long as it's not till the extent of irritating.

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
       No. Computer geek is ok, at least he can help me with my lappy stuff.  

47. Speaks 20 languages?
       19 would be enough. XD

48. Loyal or faithful?
       What's the difference?

49. Good kisser?
       ... YES. This is silly. Why would anyone want a bad kisser as his/her gf/bf? 

50. Loves children?

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
Well, have to share a beautiful song from Fish Leong.
Called 情歌 Love song.

I guess everyone would love someone to write a love song for them no?
It's super romantic if you ask me. >____________ l

She's always so good with these sad sloppy romantic love songs.