Saturday, 30 October 2010

Weird dream day

I think dreams are influenced by real life experience.
Why so?

Yesterday I had the strangest dream.
It involved the UM girls basketball team. 

to be precise,
I only remembered no.11 of 5th 
and no.7 of 9th.
(why no no.9 of 5th??!! T--------------------T)

I was sailing to an island,
which turned into an under the sea place
(you know how dreams just change in weird ways)
Then the place started to shake a little,
like an earthquake.
Then the team appeared.
Out of nowhere and told me that 
the place is falling apart 
and that we have to leave.

Then the place turned into a coral reef
A huge, magnificent coral reef,
and it started to shake and crumble.
I was underwater!!!

For some (unknown) reason,
I started to pack my stuff
and opened bags and boxes of stuff
that I didn't know I had.
The most remembered thing,
was liquid paper.
New ones.

(I think my old one's gonna run dry soon)

I can't remembered what happened next.
I can remember that it was very exciting though.

Why did I dream of earthquake?

I saw a post on FB saying that there might be 
Tsunami in Penang.
I guess that triggered the dream.

This afternoon,
took an hour's nap,
but it felt like i've been sleeping for a lifetime.
I woke up feeling very tired,
more tired than before I slept.

I dreamed that I was in France,
I was looking for a train station.
Charles de Gaule.

(The name is very familiar but I can't rmb from what.)

I drove a bike
without breaks
(more amazing)
there were breaks,
they just didn't work.

After driving on the highway for sometime,
I left it. 
I thought I knew the way,
but I was lost.

I stopped at a fast food restaurant,
that kinda look like McD.
I asked the people for direction,
in almost perfect French.
(super amazing)
Then I ordered something.
The menu (the ones like McD)
were somehow blocked by something,
and I have the feeling that it was made that way.
My food came,
and I even asked the waitress why don't I get fries..
in French,

Then she explained.

that's all I can remember.
For dream one.

Then it sorta continued.
--_______________--lll X2

And I was no longer in France.
I was in Australia,
speaking English of course.

I have no memory of that dream,
just that I was there.

I remember waking up a few times,
but I went back to sleep.
And the dream continued.
the first dream.

weird weird weird.

Tired, tired, tired.

that's what J_Fish has to say (about her dreams)~ Au Revoir~


The game tonight was great.
Yesterday's was better.

tomorrow would be a better day.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Emo day

Feeling emo-ish today.

I feel like I'm being ignored 
by my friends.

Is it coz I talk too much crap?


Tell me.

Guys bball team lost 2 matches.
Watching them play is depressing.

I dunno if I am better,
but it's just sad, the way they play.

Saw some different things this sem.
Learned that love is actually very special
and no1 can say that another one's love is not true.

Gay and lesbians have the right to love too.
Theirs is not the conventional love,
but they have the right to love and be loved.

Love at first sight exist,
no matter for how long it lasts.
A slit second of love is love,
it passes by quick, as it came.

Love for someone without getting to know him/her 
is possible to me.
It sounds crazy,
some say it's not love,
it is.

It's not the long lasting forever kinda love,
but hey,
who says love lasts forever?

I would be glad if my love,
for however short it lasted
loved me back.

I think there should be no boundaries 
for love.

Race, Religion, Gender, Height, Weight... etc.

Love is....
love is sweet,
love is kind,
love is blind.
love is...
love is sincere,
love is contradicting.

It could make you happy,
it could tear your heart apart,
it could make you love,
it could make you hate.

But most important of all,
love is free.

It should not be conquered,
nor should it be enslaved.

When you are loved,
love back.


If you feel that you've loved me
but I have not return the love,
tell me,
and I shall try.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Sunday, 24 October 2010

How the Love began

this is supposedly my final year of playing basketball for a team.

It's sad,
I wanna continue.

I have vowed to train and be half as good as no.9,
even if there are no longer matches that need my contribution.
I'd be glad to know that I can play well.

I'm copying Selina's idea. =P

This is a record of my basketball journey.
How I fell in love.

I was 14.
There was a guy involved of course.
I was in the same class as this
really good basketball player.
He was tall,
very tall at that age, for that age.
He's not the very handsome guy,
but he's that kinda person that just can get girls easily.
Not really a playboy though.
it all started because of him.

I started watching people (him) play,
learned the rules,
and I got to know some friends,
like Hooy Pin,
the only one whom I still contact,
though rarely.

I wanted to join the team,
but my mom forbid me
coz she was afraid I might turn darker,
which happened to my sister.
She got to join the team for a year.

If I joined the team since then, 
4th might have a chance of winning more matches.

I even skipped my favourite Karate (at that time)
just to go and sit at the court and watch people (him) play.

Then since I played a little,
a friend asked me to join a 3 on 3 game in her team.
That was my first real match.
We got 4th place.

Basketball is not a hard game to fall in love with.
For me, that is.

I paid more attention to basketball
when the boy eventually became my bf.
I loved it even more,
coz he would tell me about his games
and I went to see most of them.

After we broke up,
I was still in love with basketball.
It just gave me that special feeling
that no other sport can.
The rules are simple and there aren't many players in the court.
(unlike football where you can barely tell who's where).
It's fast paced too.
Gives that adrenaline rush.

As I grew older
(in high school)
I stopped playing,
but I still went to watch the matches since Hooy Pin is in the school team.

When I got into uni,
I joined the first real team.
Although we didn't do very well,
that was the first time I trained in a team.

Then there was another tall boy who played basketball very well.
I dunno if he played better than the first boy,
but they were both good.

more reasons to play basketball! XD

My second year in uni,
I continued the journey,
and became the team manager/player. 
Still as no.7, and Selina still as no.8.

Final year,
where the most injuries happened.
I complained and I complained
but in the end,
it was all worth it.

Sometimes you have to get to the end to know that you've walked on the rainbow.

It's been a long way,
but as much as I hope it will go on,
I see no future in basketball.

This shall be a very important part of my memory,
in high school and uni.

No matter how old I get,
how many love I lost,
basketball will always be the love of my life.

And now,
I'm copying Sabrina's idea.
I'm not original.

She wrote a super sweet parody to her beloved basketball player,
and now it's my turn to try.

the basketball version


计时的钟停了 分数还是输的

篮球在旋转着 在框外面停格
给多的是付出 少给的不算数
我们给了全部 比数还是属输


快乐的开始 祝福的结束
所学的全部 的全部

I didn't really change the chorus part coz it fits perfectly.
Except for the last line. 

now, for no.9.=P


在心 留下烙印 

你的目光 认真帅气

所以才能 当球迷支持你 有再多的遗憾
所以才能 偷拍你的背影
躲在观众席里 不用你抬头看
我过去练球的日记 化成灰也不敢和你相比
我的心跳  蒸发成云 
所以才能 从远处偷窥你
有再多的遗憾 用来牢牢记住
感谢我不可以 拥抱你的背影 所以才能 默默
躲在那柱子旁    不用你回头看
所以才能 远远的祝福你 躲在观众席上

It's not as sweet as Sabrina's version,
but I did my best.

I feel bad for the song though. =[ 
it's such a nice song
and I've ruined it with the funny lyrics. 
林宥嘉 will cry if he sees this. 

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. photos are from Selina's fb album. =P
Somehow I can't find mine...

The Love day

yesterday (23.10.10) was the love day.

I had a very special dream the night before.
It involved a very cute Caucasian guy,
a traveler.
I didn't ask his name.
He had black hair and blue eyes,
like the guy playing superman in smallville.
But he was cute.
we talked for quite some time,
we met before and in the dream it was the second time we met.
Or it felt like that.
I can't remember what we talked about,
just that I had this warm fuzzy feeling.

That feeling when you're in love.
But I've only known him for a dream's length.
(which could be very long at times)
you know,
when you felt like you've slept for so long
and when you wake up it was only 5mins.

I dunno if you've experienced that,
but it happens to me all the time.
I'm a dreamer,
and I remember a lot of my dreams.

back to the dream.
He was a traveler,
he was getting to the port,
where I was heading too,
for an unremembered reason.
We talked and had a great time,
and when we reached the port,
we said goodbye and he got off the bus.
I stayed on,
I felt so in love that I've forgotten there was were I wanted to get off too.

I know,
it's just a dream and you don't fall in love so easily,
but it felt SO REAL!!

When I came to my senses,
it wasn't too late,
I just didn't want to loose him,
I wanted to see him again.
I rang the bell again and again until the bus stopped 
and I got off of course,
going the direction that I think he went.
But he wasn't anywhere to be found.

My love,
lost, and shall never be found.

The most bizarre part is,
when I got to the port,
it wasn't as I remembered.
There were people there that I know,
but I can't remember who were they.
They were training,
jogging around,
warming up for something
that I was there for too,
but I just can't remember what.

The dream felt so real
it was as if that was the reality
and the life I'm living now,
is the dream. 
I love the feeling,
can't forget the guy 
I want to continue that dream.
but then,
I can't,

woke up to go and watch the finals.

Seriously have a MAJOR crush on no.9 of 5th college!!

She didn't really do well today,
oh well.
Got to see her play. 
and that was enough to make me happy for the whole day. 

Spent my afternoon taking a long nap.
It was supposed to last for 30mins,
but then it rained 
and it was so nice to sleep on.
So I did.

Went to my lecturer's house in the evening.

We had dinner,
watched a theater play,
and sat there and chatted.
He had an adventurous life when he was young.

We had an interesting evening listening to his stories.
He encouraged us to travel,
and he said in travelling
we will learn to be humble.
Go to those countries which have a lot of culture.
Asia would be a great place to start.

Then after that,
we continued to talk about everything and nothing,
and then I forgot how and why,
he said that I remind him of a cat.
An Egyptian Goddess, Bastet.
Which is quite surprising,
coz a friend of mine once answered a question
you know those silly questions when 
a friend is asked a question about another friend.

When she was asked what animal do I remind her of,
she answered: cat, Persian cat.
So specific. 
But I always thought that Persian cats are fat and ugly...
I hope she didn't mean that. XP

Do I remind you of a cat?
Of arrogance or mystery?
Tame but wild?

What comes to your mind when I mention cat?

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

P.s. I really want to dream of that guy one more time.
It felt SO REAL.