Friday, 8 October 2010

Job and bad luck

The use of foul language is used (a lot) in this post.
and it's fairly long.

I've always had bad luck when it comes to jobs.

I used to work for a company
as a trialling specialist,
a.k.a those people who stand at the hypermarket
and give out free samples of food or stuff.

I always get those products with a lot of problems
(compared with Dawn)
but get the same pay as others.
What kinda problems?

When I worked as a TS for yogurt drink
there were never enough cups or yogurt samples.
As you know,
these are just samples for you to taste,
NOT to quench your thirst,
but some people think that we're giving out free drinks
and therefore demand for more.
And if we don't give them more, some would even scold us.
(or worse, pour the yogurt from other cups into their own cup.)
There are others who would like to taste it too.
My job is to give out samples,
not to get scolded by customers.

Then I got a part time job at a paint distributer
a.k.a paint store.
I was the kuli there.
Can you imagine me,
as a person who carries the paint to you?
5Ls are ok,
but when it comes to 7Ls,
they're quite heavy,
when it comes to 18Ls,

We had to climb very high up to get the paint sometimes
coz the paint are on shelves.
If you've ever sold paint,
you'd know that they're known by codes.
I dun think a person who just started working can rmb all the codes
(from so many different companies, think Nippon, ICI, SKK etc)
[from every company there are different types of paint summore, think weatherbond, weathershield, gloss, etc]
every colour of every category has their own code.
Dun understand?
Next time when you pass by a paint store,
go in and ask for the catalog.
You'll see the name of the paint, and the code.

Now, if you think that's just easy-peasy,
try to remember the name (coz some customer rmb names but not codes)
the code,
and the price for 1L and 5L paints.
Diff products and brands have different prices too.

The fucking boss
(who's been working in this industry since he was a young man, who's about 70 something now]
thinks that we're stupid coz we can't remember the numbers (in a month's time).


I got injured a few times working for about a month there.
Fingers and sometimes the hand got erm... crushed by the paint cans.
Imagine a 5L bottle of water falling on your fingers.
Now, take that pain and times 2 or 1.5. whatever.
Paint is heavier than water.

Getting emotionally and mentally abused by the old man is 100 times worse than the crushing of fingers.

Another thing about that shop,
is that they said that they'll pay us RM800 for a month.
What they didn't say, is that the one month that they meant was 30 days,
so if we don't work during sundays,
there'll only be 26 days left,
the pay will always be less that RM800.

The upside is that they provide lunch,
which is quite nice.
Home cooked. ^______________^

After I quit that job 
I got a job as a temporary teacher in a primary school.
I think the students are the unlucky ones this time,
not much to elaborate. 

One thing that really concerns me,
is that there are standard six students who can't really tell m from n, s from x,
or spell the words out.

After that I got into uni and stopped working,
until last semester break.

I worked for NEPCON,
you can read about it here, here and here.
As I said in those posts,
the company
CF Mobi Solutions
{yes I'm mentioning the name. Coz they deserve it.}
[be careful not to work for them people]
said that they'd pay us RM90 per day.
After the work started,
they said that if we worked for 3 days
they'll throw in an extra RM10 per day.

The problem is,
till now, 
the work was in June,
they've only paid us RM 210,
which is RM70 per day,
not even the basic pay that they promised.

And they paid us almost 2 months after the event.

So, yeah,
think twice before working for them.

I went for a model audition.
The ad said they wanted models with short hair or who are willing to cut their hair short.
I was selected and asked to go for the audition.

It was in section 19,
and I dunno if buses go there,
so I took a cab.
Cost me RM7.
I think it'd be fine investment to help me get the job.

I went very early coz I didn't know where it is,
and the message kinda highlighted "please be punctual".
So when I got there,
it was really really early
and the people just asked me to sit there and wait,
coz it was supposed to start at 1.30p.m.
First WTH.

The person in-charge asked us to be there by 1p.m.
Ok, must have been some miscommunication.
(tried to tell myself that)
Then when It was 1pm,
another girl turned up.

by about 1.30p.m.
a few more girls turned up,
and guess what time did the person in-charge came?
At about 1.50p.m.
Second and third WTH.

First she asks us to be punctual,
then she changes the time without telling us,
and thirdly,
she herself was LATE!!!!
Even later then the later time she set. WWWTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

These kinda people just deserve to be kicked in the face.
I regretted not doing it.

Now comes the 4th and biggest WTH,
let's call it WTF to highlight the seriousness.

The person who asked me to sit as wait,
a.k.a the first person who saw me,
a.k.a the hair designer/dresser
said that my hair was too short for the show.

You saw me at 12.30 and you had to wait till 2.30 to tell me that my hair is too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've wasted my RM14++ for the taxi (two way) and 2 hours just to hear him tell me that my hair was too short!!
If he'd tell me when I first got there I still had to spend the RM14++ but I'd saved the 2 hours of my youth!!

The problem is,
most of the girls who went were rejected as well,
coz the modelling was for a hair show and the super fucker was supposed to cut their long hair short.
But NONE of them know that their hair WILL BE CUT SHORT!!!

I think they should fire her.
She was late and didn't do her job.
She did something but it came out wrong anyway,
it's a waste of company's time, money (to pay her) and the time of others too.


after that I couldn't get a cab, so I walked up and down the stretch of road with high heels and heavy make-up looking like a prostitute. --________________--lll

And to make things worse,
it started to rain.

When I finally got a cab,
there was a traffic jam,
hence I had to pay more and get less out of it,
not to mention kill the environment more.

I even had to walk in from Intan gate (in my high heels) coz the fucking gate is closed.

Talk about bad luck with jobs.

that's what J_Fish has to complain and whine about~ Au Revoir~

p.s. the friendly match with 8th was great!!! GREAT GAME GIRLS!!!
We weren't that tough but we did give them HELL!!!!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

From the trip

I've been quite busy recently. 

if you followed my posts,
(if not you can juz scroll down to the next post)
you'd know that I've been to DiGi last Saturday.

I learned a lot there,
most, from Yasmin Rasyid.
She's a lecturer in UM.
Seen her here before.

here are some points that I'd like to share
(from the people there and some I came up with)

1. Because companies or products claim that they are "green" doesn't mean they are.
- Check if the product you're buying contains chemicals, if yes, it's not green.
- Check if it's flown in from far away. If yes, it's not as green as those that are local.
  --Why? coz the transport used to fly or drive in those things causes pollution anyway.

2. Because the packaging of a product is green doesn't mean it is.
- Just because they decorate it with green doesn't mean it's harmless to the environment.

3. Change your way of life if you really care for the environment.
- Take the bus or any form of public transport. Carpool if you have to drive.
  -- It's cheaper/ more affordable anyway. (75% of household expenses [in PJ]goes to fuel 
      I dun think it's much difference in other places in Malaysia. 
- Stop taking the plastic bags that are given by the cashiers. It's a choice.
- Don't use so much hair spray.
- Don't turn on the television/radio/laptop etc when not needed.
- Turn off the tap when you're brushing your teeth/ applying shampoo/ scrubbing your body/ whenever you don't need it.
- Use a pail/ bucket when you wash anything.
- Unplug the plug every time you don't use it. I heard that it really stops the electricity from moving. If it doesn't, if you unplug it you'll be sure that you switched it off right?
- Don't buy what you don't need.

that's all that I can think about right now. Very distracted. 
will add more stuff in my others posts.

that's what J_fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~