Saturday, 2 October 2010

A trip to DiGi

Which I regretted saying yes to
turned out to be really nice.

As from my last post,
I got an invitation from Nuffnang 
to this DiGi Minus event.

Why did I regret saying yes (at first)?
Coz I can't find anyone to go with me.
Babes are all back home. 
Jason is on a field trip
and Mr J.O juz doesn't feel like going out.
I'm such a wall flower that I'm sure I'd die there.

and I had basketball practice at 8am juz now.

Took the bus, LRT and KTM
all the way to Shah Alam. (Batu Tiga on the board)
There's where the (really awesome) DiGi office is.

I thought I was late for the shuttle bus van,
(they said 1.30pm but when I go there it was approximately 1.40pm)
but I guess they knew that as pure Malaysians
we'll surely be late. 

The court yard
 The roof of the courtyard. 

 Notice the yellow line?
we were warned to stand behind them. 
(coz ppl DO fall into the water)

The cafe. Looks fun.  
 The chair that I adore. ^_____________^
 but it get a little shaky when you sit too near to the sides.
the support is on the round thing-y-s.

It's made out of DiGi banner.

 They have real orchids there!!!
 The MC.
Somehow, this was the only pic I remembered to take during the whole seated event.
 There were 3 speakers, one of them gave a talk in 4th college before. 
Yasmin Rashid.
I learned most from her presentation.

The presentations were in Pecha Kucha style.
It's basically a very fast paced presentation style.
Every slide is only limited to 20 seconds to present.
And presentation is picture based,
very little or totally no words.

During the break,
we had the courtesy to have food from their cafe.

Super cute right? ^_______________^
All bite size.

Pictures during the tour around D'House.
Didn't take a lot of pics coz the tour was quite fast.
 their (other) cafe.
So resort-y.
 From their hill behind the building.
 Outdoor gym!!!!!
Reminds me of 12th's mini gym by the lake. 
 The call centre.
This is where
the people who you call to complain or ask questions or to chat when you're bored work.

They have all kinds of artistic stuff hung on the walls.
Like this one.
(which I had time to take)
There are really interesting ones too.
To encourage the employees to use the stairs
so that they can reduce energy usage,
they asked the employees to bring their kids and
the children paint the walls of the stair ways.

There are a lot more amazingly nice places
(for an office)
that I didn't get to take photos of.

I was glad I went.

The travelling aside,
everything was very nice.
And apparently I survived.
I didn't die of boredom,
coz the people there were really nice.
Got to know a few Bloggers from Nuffnang.

And this really nice guy who offered to drop me in Kelana Jaya I think.
I turned him down.
He seemed like a non-pervert person,
you can't really trust anyone too much these days right?
But then and again,
I did wish I can get a nice seat in the train.

Signing off with a picture taken at DiGi.
Narcissism yes, but I am, after all,
an amateur bimbo.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. things that I've learned today?
coming up in my next post.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Apparently I've been invited by Nuffnang to a green event by DiGi
for those who answered the green quiz and are among the top scorers.

I can't belive I'm one of the top scorers coz 
I actually got quite low marks for the quiz...

I guess there are just too little people who answer the quiz.
I'd love to go,
but I dunno anyone else who's going
and I'm a super wallflower
so if I go alone
I'd die there,
stuck to the wall.

Anyone else going?

Well this email kept me wondering
how many people out there are actually trying to make a difference?

by simply not taking/ returning the plastic bags when they're given,
you're already doing the Earth a favor.

that you can turn down the plastic bag offer?

but how many actually does it?

Mr J.O for one, doesn't.
Shame on you (and me for not able to convert you into a greenie)

Sometimes it just takes a little near to nothing effort to make things better.
Like not taking the plastic bag when you don't need it.
Say if you buy a bottle of mineral water.
surely you're gonna drink it and throw the bag away.

Next time,
just say "No thx, I don't need the plastic bag."
it's not a difficult sentence to say.

(it's best NOT to buy bottled water anyway)
bring your own bag and bottle of water.
It's cheaper anyway.

Designers should start a trend
where bringing huge bags are the next thing for the season.
That is,
if they care of course.

Most fashion conscious people don't.

I wonder how many bimbos out there care for the environment...

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 27 September 2010

For a good cause

Beach cleaning.

An annual activity organised by the Body shop 
with the help of Coca-cola, 
and this year,
ERM (Environmental Resources Management) and The Golden Palm Tree Resort.

Last year it was in Port Dickson,
this year, last saturday,
we gathered at KL central,
ppl from UM and UKM,
sat in the bus for almost an hour
and went to Sepang Gold Coast,
a place where we knew as Bagan Lalang.

It wasn't really sunny,
so it was great.
an hour is not enough for us to clean the short stretch of beach.

It's amazing what kinda stuff you find on the beach.
we found plastic bags for soap powder,
a really big piece of sarong,
more than 600 cigarette buds,
about 100 ice-cream sticks
food wrapping

and that's only for our group of 5.
Imagine if every group got this amount or more of the same stuff.

Didn't take many photos coz our hands are smelly and dirty.
dun wanna make my phone suffer...

here goes.
before it started.
People who've changed into the blue T gathered at the deck to wait for the others to change.
I wore a tank top so I juz wore it over and took off my tank top from inside.
The art of speed changing.

Representative from ERM (I think)
maybe Body Shop. 
hate it when this happens.
I'm taking a photo of someone and voila, a person walks right in front of the camera.

 A think that i like about the Golden Palm Trees Resort
(other than the super cool/ beautiful design)
is that they have this. 
the 3 urn looking things are garbage bins and the wooden plank on top are the 3 categories of rubbish,
(glass, aluminium and plastic)

UM has this too,
but every obnoxious person juz dumps their garbage into any of the bins. WTF.
you're university students.
Very Underland-y. 
A few families of mushrooms grown under a tree. 

Another interesting thing found by fellow beach-cleaners.
(dead jelly fishes)
see the bag next to it?
it's full of them.
[poor them].

After the hot noon under the sun,
we got complementary drinks from Coca-cola.
and complementary lunch from The Golden Palm Trees Resort.
which was a huge variety of choices,
(but which was not being replenished fast enough)
so I was temporarily a vegetarian. FML..
(fuck my lunch)
[not literally]

The Body Shop was very generous this year.
They gave samples of their products to every volunteer,
and a box of gifts to every winner.

(Last year it was a box for the whole group.)

But the prizes were stupid if you ask me.
They were given for the sake of giving.

Can't say much can we.
They're free anyway.

to me beach cleaning is not about cleaning the beach.
It's about showing people
that we care for the environment.

And if you are the littering type,
shame on you.
You should knock your head against the wall.

It's juz not so hard to pick up your own garbage and put them in the bin.
Don't give excuses.

If everyone keep their garbage where it's supposed to be,
the whole world would be a (very much) cleaner place.

 that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~