Thursday, 16 September 2010








这是水母想说的~ Au Revoir~ 

p.s. 请原谅我的自私。我不是最好的。

Sunday, 12 September 2010

10 minutes in front of the sink

It's interesting what kind of people you see 
just sitting there at McD for 10 minutes.

Went to Midvalley with Jason to get supplies for Tioman. (YEAH BABY!!)
Had lunch at McD.
It was almost 3 and still it was crowded.

We stood around for about 5 mins and finally someone left.
I had to sit there while he went to get the food.

It was a table for 4,
right in front of the sink.

The best time to observe people is when you're waiting.

I saw this girl who squeezed (?) the soap from the dispenser like there was no tomorrow.
Have no idea why would she need so much soap.
The worst thing
is she only used that to wash 1 hand.
Somehow she managed to keep the other hand totally clean.
(or she wants to keep it dirty).

Then there was this girl
who squeezed the amount of soap 
enough to wash her whole body.

I guess they have the mind set that if it's free
they can use however much they wanted to.
I doubt they use so much soap to wash their hands at home.
Maybe they don't even use soap to wash their hands at home.

Then there was this guy who watered the plants on the sink.
How nice of him.

The people who sat behind me didn't bring their brains out.
There was a tray with the stuff the previous people left behind
when they came with their own trays of food.
My table was cleaned.
And you know what one of them did?
They just left the tray on my table.

If you leave the dirty tray on a table with no one that's still ok.
(you can always drop the tray where it's supposed to be in the first place.)
but I was sitting there 
and she left the tray there like it was nobody's business.
Would you do that?

and there was this guy who came over and just took a chair
from my table.
Didn't even bothered to ask if anyone would need it.

If you do this to,
please don't.
How hard is it to ask?
Open your mouth.
Keeping it closed for too long causes bad breath.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

the girls at The Face Shop never really treated me nice.
Do they always hire bitches in all their outlets that I've been to?
How can you be snobbish when your job is to serve?