Friday, 27 August 2010

how to get the right bra

mainly for girls.

guys, if you're curious enough,
read on la.

I always wondered how do we actually measure the size of our bra.
so a few weeks before,
i googled it.

how to measure your bra size.
and surprisingly,
most of the articles state that 80% of women 
wear the wrong size.

so here are some tips and videos to help.

these second and third videos tells you the signs if you're wearing a wrongly fitted bra.
every girl should watch these.

in case you don't want to wait for the videos to load
(i think guys would surely wait. *wink*)

there are a few ways of measuring.

two of them need you to measure your under bust
and the fullest part of your bust.
which i think is most accurate.

in the first video,
add 3 inches to your under bust measurement
to get your band size.
(the numbers of the bra size, ex.32B
32 is the band size.)

then take the measurement of the fullest part
and minus your original under bust size
(without adding 3 inches).
for example,
if you measure 30 at the fullest part,
and your original under bust size is 27,

and every inch of diff after the deduction
is a cup size bigger.

if your fullest is 30,
under bust is 27,
you're a C cup.

if your fullest part is 27 
under bust measuring 32,
you're an E cup.

that's from the first video.
the second way,
is take the under bust measurement
and add 4 if it's even number or 5 if it's an odd number.
that'll be your band size.
ex. 27+5=32.

deduct the band size by the size of the fullest part of the bust
ex. 33-32=1 
like the first way,
every inch of diff is a cup size larger.
if you get 
2=C and so on.

these are just guidelines on how to measure the size.
the best way to know if the bra fits you,
is by trying them on.

in case you're really really lazy to load the video,
the second video tells us how to tell if your bra is ill-fitted.

make sure the back strap is horizontal.
stand side ways in front of a mirror to check.
if it's not in the middle (between) your shoulder and elbow
and is horizontal, 
meaning it's slanting upwards towards the back,
it's the wrong size.
it means the band isn't giving you enough support and your shoulders will be suffering.
(if you have big boobs)

if your shoulder strap digs into your skin,
it's the wrong band size.
get a smaller band size so that it'll give your boobs the right lift.
it should support 80% of the weight of your boobs.

make sure that your breast doesn't "spill" from the cup.
no bulges above and below or at the sides.
(meaning your breasts should be safe and sound in the cups.)
if this happens,
you're underestimating your best friends.

you should be able to slide 2 fingers between your band strap and your back.
(the horizontal one at the back)

make sure the center of the bra sits firmly on your body.
if it's digging in or not touching your body,
it's the wrong size.

raise your hands when you try on the bra.
if the bra rides upwards,
you're overestimating yourself.

when you buy a bra,
start by using the outer hook
coz you can tighten it as it becomes looser.
if you grow fatter *touch wood*
you can buy extension hooks.
if you start with the tightest
you can't make it tighter anymore if it loosens. 

i made this mistake all the time.

when you buy bras,
always try them on because diff manufacturers have diff sizes.
one size doesn't fit all.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. DO NOT ask me wat size am i wearing.
it's none of your business. 

Thursday, 26 August 2010

paid for the horror

went to watch the descent 2.

i thought it came out months ago
since the nuffnang screening was in...
erm.... May?

can't remember.
I got the free tickets
but I was in Butterworth at that time.
sem break.

went with my coursemate Louise and her friends.

We got the best seats in the whole cinema.
second row from the screen in a small cinema.

When we got in
we were like
"shit. the screen is so big."

but then.. watever...

no spoiler here coz i'm not going to talk about the details.

wat I was wondering was,
why are all horror/thriller movies so not logical?

let's not talk about if the monsters
(or ghost)
could really exist
or if they have those powers (?)
or how do they live like that.

put all those aside.

I mean,
if you're in a cave,
there are monsters (?) coming at you
the only way they can sense you 
is by sound,
and you keep screaming?

and you even have time for a fight...

if I were in a cave and something's coming after me,
i know the way out,
I'd keep running till i get there
instead of taking my own sweet time talking about the past.

and why do they have to flash their flashlight at their own faces...
if you were in a dark cave,
wouldn't you focus on the way in front of you?

it was a funny thriller. =P
at least we can see the monsters(?).
and even where they.... 

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. despite all the bad reviews,
i still wanna watch the last airbender.

call me stubborn.

Monday, 23 August 2010

all the bimbo-ness

camwhored for almost 2 hours yesterday.
roommies were out.

had nothing to do
so i juz slapped on some really thick make-up
dotted some fake moles
and bold the real ones.

i love the photos taken.
not all of them,
but most of them.

the lighting is not really good,
not like i'm good at utilizing it anyway,
but after a whole night of editing,
this is what i got.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i've edited all these photos gao gao. so if you think i'm pretty based on them, you shouldn't. coz i'm beautiful before edit. XP

Sunday, 22 August 2010






torn between two loves,
living like a fool.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir