Saturday, 7 August 2010

The dream post

i'm totally bored.
so i came up with this post.
a huge chunk of my never coming true dreams.

i wanted to open a new blog page
a page where i really stop pretending.

i want to use my own designs for everything.

i want to go back to France.
live there and experience all 4 seasons.
have as much cheese and baguette as i want.

i want a pair of Aldos.

and something from Burberry.

i want to wake up and see the people i love
and they'd say "morning" to me.

i want to have my hair cut really short,
with the fringe swept to one side,
juz above the eye.
something like this
or this

i want to spend time and money on my own.
it's only fun when they both happen together.

i want to have my own place.
where i can decorate the way i want it.

yes, i wanna be a billionaire.
(millionaire would be as fine).

i want to have a car in kl.
really badly.
even my old baby would do.

i'm so tired of walking to the library to get on the bus.
not that i hate walking,
juz that i hate the people who stare at what i wear.
i wear is totally normal.
it's just that some ppl juz can't take it 
when ppl wear shorts or sleeveless.
GET A LIFE... or some fashion sense.
just because you should't wear this doesn't mean everyone shouldn't.

i want ppl to try their best at saving the earth.

i want to laugh my heart out as often as possible.

i want to have a conflict-free life.
especially with him.

i want to go on vacation.


where i can stand in the middle of a wide field full of yellow daffodils

on a hill with no one around
where the grass is always green

where the sky is ever blue
with strains of white clouds, shapeless but beautiful.

where the wind runs through every strain of my untied hair
and when the rain comes,
it doesn't pour, but drizzles and touch my cheeks.
where the sun kisses my skin softly
without feeling the heat

where the sea is near
and i can feel the breeze when i sit by my window.

where i can be free of my every burden here and now
where i can breathe in fresh clean air

when i go into the streets,
everyone would look you in the eyes, smile and say "hello".
where everyone plants their own food 
and trades them with others

where no one smokes
where no one judges me 
according to how i dress.

where there are no thieves or robbers
where the biggest crime is not greeting each other.

where everyone cycles or walks instead of drive.

where life is life,
and not a rat race.

if i can find a place like this,
i'll stay.

that's what's J_Fish dreams~ Au Revoir~

Thursday, 5 August 2010

the way the asshole does it

i juz witnessed an asshole and learned her way of washing a tupperware.

you go to the toilet
instead of the pantry
(which is about 15 steps away)

then you turn on 2 water taps
to wash a tupperware and the cover.

then you let the water of both taps run
when you're only using one of the basins.
(to soap, not even to rinse)

then you put the cover that you've rinsed into the other basin.
(with the water still running)
and take your own sweet time washing the tupperware.

after that,
without turning off any of the taps,
continue to take your own sweet time to rinse the cover.


leave the cover in the basin,
(with water still running)
and go back to rinsing the tupperware.

(even when the cover is already clean,
do not turn off the tap.)

and when you finally finished rinsing everything,


and i thought being a uni student 
you should at least know what's wrong about 


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i really can't stand people wasting water.

doesn't your religion teach you to love the earth?
maybe they should add this into pendidikan agama
so that some people will learn about it.

so what is love?

our civilization class was studying about love songs
and love of course.

Jean asked us a few questions
that i've never really thought about.

and we have to write an essay about what we think love is.

after that discussion,
i find that seriously,
i'm incapable of truly loving someone other than myself.
more than that.

i can't trust people other than my family members.
sad to say,
not even my bf.
the slightest thing that he do or did not do could agitate me.

so it's my fault,
not yours.

now i have to write the essay,
it had me thinking.

do you believe in love at first sight?

is it possible that people mistake physical or even sexual attraction for love?

in a lot of movies,
we could see that 
a lot of the characters have sex on their first date.

and then after spending sometime together,
they finally realized that they're in love.

i'm not sure if that's what people really do,
but it has to be based on something right?

is it possible that someone thinks that they're in love 
because of the physical attraction?

when you miss someone,
is it because you miss holding their hand,
or even... f*ing...

or do you miss them because you're lonely
or because you've finished doing all the thing needed to be done
and the free time makes you feel empty?

i think we miss people because we miss their absence.
we miss spending time with them.
but if you've gone all the way,
how would you know you're not missing spending those time with them?

so how do we actually tell if we're in love with someone or juz attracted physically?

how do you define being in love?

that's what J_Fish has been wondering about~ Au Revoir~

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

a collection of recent photos

can't remember when's this 
but it was in midvalley.

i think my boyfriend stood me up. >_______________<

with the voucher i only paid RM5 for a whole set of pizza. XD

bon odori's RM5 (i think) ice and the fan.
super enjoyed the night!!!

if you've seen the red and white sign b4,
you'd know that this photo is so wrong.

it's the sign that says "ladies' coach" and yet...

it's on the way back from bon odori. 
it was very late.
almost 12 i think.
we all juz got into one coach.

the clay used for pottery lessons.
taking it as co-c this sem.

the silly car owner who parked the car in the middle of the road
and got clamped for it.

notice the little yellow flag on the left
thing right next to the windscreen?

when you see this 
it means the car's clamped.


i think most of the ppl (i mean cars) don't really deserve to be clamped.

but this is definitely stupid.

ss photo. 
during a conference called 
"found in translation"

last monday
before going to the pasar malam.

slightly wavy hair.
my eyes look cheshire-ish...

but i can't smile with my teeth showing.

5mp photo.

the previous one is 1mp.
see the diff?

Jason's birthday!!!
a.k.a the day we discovered Chloe. 

at sushi zanmai.

apparently he wasn't enjoying it.
too stressed over what to order?

the cold green tea

the hot green tea

the oh-so-tempting menu.

with not-so-tempting prices. XD

another ss pic.
with zits. T------------T

and finally,
blurred susan and sad voon.

that's what J_Fish wants to show~ Au Revoir~

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


found THIS really funny website.

it's about real (so they say) exams questions
and silly answers.

but i find some of the questions quite hard.
i dun think i can answer them correctly,
i can't even answer them the way the students answered them.

if you're too lazy to go there and read them one by one,
watch this instead.

and here's another funny video.

and trivia

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the longest word in the english language.

it's a lung disease caused by silica dust.

that's it. super random. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. anyone interested in watching the last airbender? 

Monday, 2 August 2010


watched chloe.

has anyone ever seen a trailer or preview of it?
i haven't.

babes and i went to midvalley yesterday.
wanted to watch a show and we've watched most of them.
so along came chloe.

never heard about it,
just seen the poster.
we thought it was a romantic chick flick.

we were wrong.

Chloe is about a woman who's marriage is at stake.
or she thinks so.

so she hires chloe,
a prostitute 
to seduce her husband,
and see how he reacts.

Chloe starts to tell her 
in detail
how they had an affair.

in other words,
how they f*cked.

seriously in detail.

but there are a few twist and turns.
it's really out of expectations.

if you have nothing else to watch,
don't even think of watching this show.

unless u're very open about sex.
unless you like to be turned on in the cinema by oral sex.
(spoken sex i mean.) XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~