Saturday, 24 July 2010

pressure on non-muslim clubs?


i'm gonna talk about religious stuff,
after reading this.
malaysian insider post
so it's sensitive. 
go away if you can't handle it.

this is the case.

this is real life experience.
and it's true.
so if you're gonna bomb me about this not being true,
you should open your eyes
and accept the fact.

the news report basically is about a few non-muslim religious clubs
in schools being closed down.

it didn't happen in my high school
coz we dun have muslim clubs.
it's a chinese school and we only have less than 10 malays.

make that 5.

apparently it's happening to some kebangsaan schools.

after getting into uni,
i see things differently.

i remembered clearly
that before every formal college event,
there'll be a person to baca doa (say the prayers... or something equivalent.)
but one day, 
they were stopped,
because it's religious.

but then
the thing is,
during the Deepavali Night,
the Hindus  were allowed to pray
before the event.

so think about it.

(at least) UM students would know that that's not possible.

because i lied.
it's the other way round.

when the Hindus proposed to pray before the Deepavali Night,
they got turned down 
they said it was too religious.

but before every formal event in college,
they'll ask someone to baca doa.

so the hundus praying is too religious 
but bacaan doa is not?

think about it.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The problem with um

Like the title says.

There's always water shortage.
At least once in a year.
And trust me, it's a lot more than that.

So, woke up this morning
to face the biggest and oldest problem of all.

Luckily there's c big tank of water at my floor.

And luckily I washed my clothes yesterday.

Now, no 1 in um can wash their hands after going to the toilet.
And i'm sure ppl dun really feel like going.
Unless it's an emergency.

The old wifi problem still exist.
So i'm still updating with my phone. T-T

Can't even read my own blog.
I'm sure it's quite lonely now
coz ppl come to my blog coz I visit theirs.
And I can't go to innit. >_<
Which means no one would know that i've updated.

The problem with my fac.
Lack of planning, lecturers and classrooms.

Even for a class
of about 20 students,
we can't find a
time for tutorian without someone having to drop the course.
There're not enough lecturers to open other classes in english.

I think the freaking problem is
The lecturers dun care about english classes even though there're foreign students around.

I think the best way to solve the stupid problem,
Is either to ask all foreign students to learn malay,
or all the lectures should be in english.
I think the second
choice is better.

The problem about classrooms.

keep walking into classes
And it annoys my lecturer a lot.

And why do students walk into classrooms while other classes are on?
The system's shit.
They can't rmb which lecturer booked which class.
And therefore giving other lecturers the same room.
How stupid is that?
It's a simple thing.
Mark which rooms are booked from what time to what time
And don't let other lecturers get the same room!

But they just can't manage to do that.
I wonder why.
It's not like the fac has 200 rooms. -_-lll

We're probably the smallest fac in um.
Even some departments of other facs are bigger in land than ours. Wth.
They're juz lazy.
End of story.

I think they should get off their lazy behinds and do their freaking job.

That's what j_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

P.s. Despicable me and inception are both really great films.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bon odori

First time updating my blog with my phone.

Due to bad internet system, I haven't been able to go online via lappy for 4 days.

Yesterday was the bon odori of kl.

Saw a few bloggers there.

I wasn't planning on going there
But my friends were going
So I juz tagged along.

Went to the kl bon odori for the First time.

Been to the penang one once.

Really enjoyed it.
But there were less stalls there.

And less ppl were lining up for the food. -_-lll

Everything was not worth the money.
And most of it can be bought in jusco. Wth

I enjoyed the dance, the crowd and the friends.

First time going out with the new juniors.
They're basically very nice and funny ppl. XD

Didn't take any photos sadly.

Saw lots of pretty japanese with their super nice kimono.

Wish I brought mine back with me.... >_<

We took the last train and almost missed the last lrt back,

But we missed the last bus.
So we walked from the station back to college.

I love being the tour guide. XD

Anyway, half way back it started to rain. -_-lll
But it didn't pour.
Lucky(?) Us. XD
After all that walking,
We ended up going to the mamak for supper.

Enjoyed the whole trip.
Even the rain.
I kinda miss walking in the rain.

Would enjoy it more if the babes went.

That's what J_fish has to say~ au Revoir~

P.s. I miss you.