Thursday, 8 July 2010

sex ed?

long post.

I read a post about sex education.

here's from my point of view.
might be offensive.

sex education is not really (ONLY) teaching people how to have sex.
obviously WTH.


i mean apparently schools won't let the students watch porn (in school).

but with all the websites on the internet,
do you think anything's gonna stop people (with internet excess) from learning about sex?
do you think keeping it taboo and pretend it doesn't exist will keep people from seeking it?


do you think that religion is enough to stop ppl from having sex?
first of all,
not everyone is a religious person.
they wouldn't care what God's gonna think if they don't care if there's a God would they?
and obviously,
even people who are religious could stumble.

i once saw a video running freely about in fb.
a girl was sitting on the boy's lap
and the boy's hand was 
rubbing the girl's breast under her tudung.
and i thought that people who care to wear tudung are more religious....
i guess i'm kinda naif to think like that huh...

so why should people 
(especially the young ones)
be educated about sex?

not everyone knows that after having sex,
you could get babies after nine to ten months...
especially unprotected sex.

don't laugh.

there are cases where the teenagers don't know what happened to them.
they keep getting fatter and fatter,
and when the time comes,
the baby "pops" out.

or so they claim.

and i wonder how their parents never found out....

i guess instead of avoiding it and expect the parents to talk about it
(some parents are not comfortable talking about sex)
sex education in school should be the best way.
of course it could always be set as a non-compulsory subject.

it's not telling people
"hey, it's ok to have sex, just do it safely". WTH.

of course the teachers won't encourage students to have sex,
but i think what sex ed is trying to do,
is to tell ppl,
what happens when (and after) you have sex,
show them the consequences.
(STD, babies, bankruptcy [you think babies are cheap {if you decide to keep them}?]etc etc)

and even after all those "warnings" if you still HAVE to do it,
play safe.

i dun think the teachers who teach this subject are gonna teach "techniques" WTH...
if you think that's what sex education is about,
you're wrong.

you think only pre-marital sex needs safe sex?

married couples should have safe sex too.
it's about birth control.
it doesn't work 100%,
but it's better than none.

not everyone wants 5 children.

and you could never be sure if you're your spouse's one and only.
whether you believe it or not.

of course certain religions don't permit the use of condoms, birth control pills and so on.
that's why they usually have big families.
(and might face financial problems)
but that's not our problem is it?

so stop blaming ppl from other religions 
who have less children for being more well-off.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. wat do you think?

a great day and disaster followed

the state of penang celebrated my birthday with me.
it was made a public holiday.


but if it was made a public holiday 22 years ago it would be an honour. XD

i didn't spend the whole day out,
only dinner with family and that's great already.

juz a good family meal before i get back.

got my new phone. ^_____________^

SE J10i, a.k.a SE Elm.

it's a little diff from the previous phones i've used.

first of all,
the "space" is the "0" button instead of the # button like other SE phones.

then it's under the "greenheart" project,
which means it does it's best to be energy saving.

even the screen changes brightness by itself.

new SD memory card which means i can't use the old one.

good news is,
it's cheap.
i dunno if it's not a good brand or watever reasons,
but the 2GB only cost RM35
and the 1GB cost RM30.

mad right?

RM5 more for 1GB. 

and did DiGi cancel the 50% reload bonus if you reload within 3 days from ur birthday?

i didn't get it.
only got 100 free D to D msgs.
which is like RM1.
i reloaded RM50 so it means i should get RM25 extra right?
i feel like i got conned....

that was the part about the great (birth)day.
and today,
disaster followed.

the case is,
i drive a very very old car.
(older than me)


i was on my way to penang
when the car started to make funny noises.
i did't really think about it,
but it got worse.
and in the end,
it broke down, stopped dead right when i'm in the middle of the toll booth.

the attendant helped me push my car out of the way of other cars

opened the hood to check what's wrong.
turns out that the timing belt was broken.

and i had to stand there waiting while my dear mom do her thing.

she's always the one we call when there's problem.
and she solves them.

my car was parked juz after the toll. 

while waiting i took some super random pics. 
very clear.
5.0MP cam. XD

there my baby sits,
with it's hood wide open looking at the bridge it never get to cross.

gonna sell him off soon. 

not gonna last long anyway.
it ran a good race.
and fought a good fight.
i'm proud of him
and i'm gonna miss him.

now it's towed all the way to penang without me by his side...
and left alone there 
(to be fixed)

hang in there baby!!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. any predictions for WC? XD

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

IQ test

have you ever taken any IQ test?

as i was preparing breakfast this morning
this idea juz came to my mind.
how smart am i... really?

(i know, mad random right)

so i googled 
"free IQ test"
and did a few.

IQ actually stands for Intelligence Quotient

I.Q. Range (15SD)Intelligence Classification
25 - 40Severe mental disability
40 - 55Moderate mental disability
55 - 70Mild mental disability
70 - 85Borderline mental disability
85 - 114Average
115 - 130Above average
130 - 145Moderately gifted
145 - 160Highly gifted
160 - 175Exceptionally gifted
Over 175Profoundly gifted
would you take the test?

or do you think you're smart no matter what the results say?

try these.

test 1

test 2

tell me your results and i'll tell you mine. ^_________^

this one is kinda diff.
i think it needs more knowledge and a good command of english to do.

try it. 

say's it from mensa...

according to wiki,
the most common IQ is 100.
(if i didn't misunderstood it)

if you'd like to try other IQ test you can always google them,
but some are frauds...
ask for money to get ur results.
and some are made by people who don't have anything better to do.

tell me the links if you find useful ones. ^___________^
which of these tests give the best score for your IQ?
i would say test 2.

to know how smart are you according to the results,
click here.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~ 

of dentists and dress making

went to the dentist (again) today.

patched up 5 holes.... --_________--lll

ended up owing the dentist rm100. XD

luckily i've been there since a few years ago and he knows my mom....

i've really made up my mind NEVER go to a cute dentist.

coz when the dentist was filling up my teeth,
he had to stretch my mouth and it looks funny.

and super ugly. XD

i don't mind being ugly,
but i prefer being pretty. XP

i guess after this "experience"
(owing the dentist money)

i would:
a) bring more money when i go and see the dentist
b) brush and floss twice a day.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
if the doctor is cute,
throw the apples away.

two flosses a day keeps the dentist away.
if the dentist is cute,
keep the floss at bay.

now, about making dresses.

i made a dress few weeks ago.
totally black except the back which has 2 white very board elastic bands.
the bads are to hold the dress in place.

i think it's quite erm......
totally wearable.

juz needed a few alterations here and there.

now i'm making the second one.
white and blue.

maybe will make a total blue one.
coz the blue cloth i juz bought is quite long.

gonna post photos when i finish.
hope i can finish before i go back...

not much time left...
so better get started!!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Sunday, 4 July 2010

the amateur bimbo's complain


my holidays are almost over
*throws confetti*

now i can finally go back with a valid reason.

but i'm sure after a few weeks there i'll be wanting my holidays again.

got a hair cut...
not really...
well juz trimmed it a little.
and my fringe is very short now. 

and the hairdresser asked me if it's too long...
i told him it was too short and he juz smiled...
there's nothing he can do about it now...

the sad face...
coz he blowed my hair and made it straighter.. 
hate it when they do that...

why do they assume that ppl want their hair straight....

my hair is ever stubbornly straight which make my curls straighten in 5 mins whenever i use the curling iron...

by the time i finish one side the other side's straight already.

then i found a hair spray from lucidol that is sprayed on before the curling.
it's supposed to protect the hair from the heat.

cirling kills the hair,
with or without the spray.
just less with it on.

but it does help my hair stay curly.... or wavy....

but never long.
after a few hours my very curly hair would become wavy again....


it used to be worse when i had short hair....
now that it's long it's not really that straight anymore...

i prefer wavy/curly hair over straight hair....
because i have flat hair.

no volume at all....
and there's nothing i can do to make it... erm.... bouncy...?

at least not flat...
even blowing dry upside down is useless...

i know ppl will go
"this stupid girl...
ppl want straight hair also cannot.
need to spend a lot of money to straighten it..."

at least you can straighten it and it'll look straight until it grows longer.
i've never heard of a case where ppl can't get their hair straight for long.

but for my case,
and there are ppl out there like me,
we can't curl our hair,
coz even if we do it in the salon,
it's bound to straighten in a (few) weeks time.

curls make me look sexier right... XD

as opposed to 

let's have a vote shall we? XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au revoir~

p.s. what colour is the shoe on the left of the white one?