Thursday, 1 July 2010

lappy's day off

i let my lappy rest the whole day yesterday.

i know that it'll be tortured again when i get back to kl.
so i decided to let it rest for a day.
just one.

went for a meeting yesterday morning.
after that went back to my high school to have lunch
with the ppl in the meeting.

it's the alumni's meeting anyway.

i do miss the food there.
nice and cheap.

the aunty didn't even charged me when i added egg to my hokkien mee. XD

thx to J i finally can take pictures!!!
but for some unknown reason 
i can't send the pictures from phone to lappy...
so we're basically back to square one.

no post with my recent photos.
after we finished lunch at school,
we continued to another shop not far from it.
ordered a drink each and joked and literally laughed out loud.

really funny lot. XD

we were talking about our dinner party for the alumni next year.
and they said we should change the theme to hawaiian night.
and girls can only wear bikini and guys don't need to wear anything.  wear leaves. 

then someone pointed out that no girls would attend.

then a smart idea came.
we give them the bikinis when they come. XD

and we wear them over our clothes? 
it'll become super heroes night instead of hawaiian night. 

doesn't sound as funny typed out... 

after all that laughing
went home and started to read harry potter...

i have no idea what to do other than read.
and harry potter's the only book that i find interesting.
and it's thick.

am gonna go on reading the book. 
and after this post i'm gonna let my lappy rest again.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. xiaxue is totally turning into another dawn herself.
only diff is she admits it.

wonder if she'll continue calling dawn plasticzilla since she's one herself... XP

i'm not on either side. so if you feel like attacking me, i juz dun care.

Monday, 28 June 2010

to J.O

this is to a particular someone.

if you disgust or feel jealous easily,
please leave now. XD

ppl who disgust or feel jealous easily gone??

here goes.

i know i've been cold,
i've always been like that.
you should know better than anyone.
but what you should also know,
is that even if i dun show it,
i loved all the time spent with you.

i'm sorry i let you wait for so long.
it's not totally my fault since u didn't tell me anything
for so many years. 

don't you worry about me missing you
coz i know you'll miss me more.

you have all those photos of me 
but i dun have any photos of you.....
not fair....

so you wait till i get back to kl.
i'm gonna make you as ss as me. XP
i might not use them as my wallpaper
but i'll look through them when you're not around.

i enjoyed today,
spending so much time with you.

i know you're trying to be the kind of person that i would love,
but i love you just the way you are.
and even though i dun say it,
you know i do. 

and last but not least,
this song is for you.
and it shall be our song.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. it's just gonna b 2 weeks. it's gonna pass in a (few million upon millions of) blinks of an eye.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

how to learn while being a couch potato

after spending 80% of my time sitting on my ass all day
for almost 2 months,
i figured the best way to learn while not doing any reading

choose the right material to watch.

if you watch korean drama series or taiwanese
you'll never learn much.

they never really have series that are educational.

the reason i prefer to watch american series,
is that there are a lot to choose from 
and you can choose what you wanna learn about.

both good things and bad.

like if you watch sex and the city,
it's the manhattan way of living.
not really suitable for asians.

but you can always learn about the fashion involved.

moving on,
if you watch series like CSI 
or Bones

that i mentioned before this,
you really could learn.

if you pay enough attention.

bones is more to scientific stuff.
CSI is easier to understand to me.

my latest interest,
is Lie To Me.

it's about how to tell when people are lying.
and how they analyse ppl's emotions.
they can tell how you are feeling just by looking at you face
your emotions.
and of course body language would be a plus.

a slight movement of the lips,
a twitch of the eye,
a nod,
a shake of the head all tells something.

if you watch prison break

you'd learn about.....
breaking out of prison.


you'd learn about love.

the whole series is actually all about love.

the love of brothers,
parents to child,
husband and wife.
ppl who actually would do anything,
and i mean ANYTHING
to keep the ones they love safe,
or at least alive.

you'll also learn that things are not always what they seem.

if you watch survivor

you'll learn that there are a lot of hot hunks and babes
who are smarter than you think.
even blondes. XP

you'll learn how not to treat ppl
and you'll learn that what goes around comes around.

good or bad you decide.

i don't really remember alot of stuff from the above series,
but i'm gonna try and rmb things from
lie to me.

i think it's a very important thing to learn.

in case my future husband lies to me,
i'll know when to prepare the scissors.XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

my phone has failed me. T--------------------T

it has left me for a better place.

well not really.

anyone using sony ericsson Elm or know anyone using the phone here?
i wanna buy this model so i need feedback and comments about it. thx. ^___________^