Saturday, 26 June 2010


do you know what this stands for?

if you don't,
you should.

if you haven't seen the movie,
you should at least have heard about it.

it's one of my favorite movies of all time.
the whole trilogy.

well i prefer the first (The Fellowship of the Ring) and last (The Return of the King).
the second one's kinda boring coz more talking.

tried to finish all 3 of them yesterday night
but i bit off more than i can swallow.

ended up going to sleep half way through The Two Towers. (the second movie)

so what do i like about the film?

Legolas of course.

a.k.a Orlando Bloom. 

you get the point.

in case you don't know who this is,
google him.

the synopsis would be sophisticated for me to write out.
but i'll try my best. 

once upon a time,
rings were forged and given to the leaders of the beings living on earth
to rule over them.
the ring was a symbol of power.

but one ring was forged to rule over them all.
the whole story evolved around this ring,
the evil it posesses
and how ppl want to destroy it.

The Fellowship of the Ring
speaks about the fellowship that's formed to protect the ppl sending the ring to be destroyed.

The Two Towers..
basically i have no idea how to summarize it. XD

The Return of the King
talks about ........
the return of the king lo. XD
and how the ring was finally destroyed.

there you go.
it's shitty i know. XP

tried reading the books but failed miserably.

my advice,

don't try it. 

all i can say is,
if you like mythic creatures, magic, war and hot, beautiful people,
you should watch this.


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Friday, 25 June 2010

D dream

juz woke up.
had a very strange dream.

i was attending a wedding lunch
with Jo,
but we don't know any of the couples getting married.

yes, couples.
there were about 10-15 couples getting married.

most of the brides were really pretty.
but with afro hair..
it's actually curl but kinda short hair.
so it looks like big curled afro.
like in the 70s or 80s.

like i said,
it's a weird dream.

the venue of the lunch reception was weird-er

it was at a permanent chinese opera stage.
all red with a gate and compound for the viewers to sit.

i guess this kinda stages can only be found in old chinese villages.

they were standing there getting ready 
when we arrived.

we juz picked a table and sat around.
after that it was the introduction.

introduction of the newly-weds.

they kinda cha-cha-ed their way to the stage
and couple by couple they went up to the stage and bowed 
as the MC announced their names.

after that,
the lunch finally started.
and the weird price winner appeared.

it was D.
he looked fine,
the usual pale fairness on his face,
not the sick pale.
in a formal suit.
he was one of the best men i guess.

he sat down with us and we talked.
he said he was fine all the time.
he was better.

he could eat
and he was eating with us.
we were having western food.
steak and fish fillet.

but when he turned to add salt to his fillet,
i noticed there was something embedded in his left cheek near the ear.
there were 5 holes with plastic hoop looking things to hold them open.
they were about 2mm wide.

when i asked he said it was nothing.
just for the food to go down better.
even joked about it.

and that was when i woke up.

i guess i miss him.
that's all.
maybe a little worried.

don't get jealous or anxious J.

Get well soon D.

you said u were gonna bring me to TGIF for my birthday right?

it's coming soon and i hope u keep your word.

that's what J_fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. can't believe i blamed him for not being able to make it for dinner tonight. XD

Thursday, 24 June 2010


a 10 year old film starring Brendan Fraser and the ever sexy Elizabeth Hurley.

it's about a very kind hearted man 
who just have no idea how to get along with anybody.
(remind u of someone...)

so along comes the devil 
she gives him seven wishes in exchange for his soul.

since the guy's totally obsessed with a girl,
(almost) all of his wishes went to being with her.

but there's always a twist when u make a deal with the devil.
and it's never towards the good way.

watch it to know how he gets out of hell.


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. just might write a few most post bout movies with Brendan Fraser. like him a lot. ^_________^

Monday, 21 June 2010


toy story 3 is totally overrated.

i've heard comments from ppl saying that it's great.

i find it comme-ci comme-ca.... so-so

maybe coz i watched karate kid and A-team before this.

like ppl said,
langkawi is nice if you never been to redang.

iron man2 is nice if you haven't watch ip man2 before it. XD

toy story 3...

it's very touching 
and that's it.
luckily we didn't decide to watch the 3D version.

for those who tear easily,
bring a hanky,

i guess i can say i grew up with this show.
but i like the first one the most.
when buzz was still the space commander.

hope there's no sequel coz my childhood's hit an end. =P

next stop,
Sex and the city baybeh!!!

i know this won't be overrated,
coz no1's given any good review yet. XD

let's see then.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. there's something wrong with my nuffnang account...
says that i have 0 visits for this whole week....


Sunday, 20 June 2010

father's day celebration in advance

all about food yesterday.

didn't have proper breakfast,
so we went and had beef kuey teow soup for lunch.

after sending dad to his office,
went to carnival
walked around,
bought shoes. *yay*
and bought some food.

first we have sundae ice-cream from King's which cost RM3.99

then we have pringles

and on top of that we added my favorite brand of seaweed
which only cost RM4.99
(RM1 cheaper than those in KL)

then we combined all of those
and we get finger food. 

found a bench an sat down and juz began eating with my mom.

after that,
went home,
and got ready for dinner.

Al Khaleej Arabic Restaurant in Auto City.
(next to the highway side)

the bar/counter

the non-alcoholic beer
(very nice)
blueberry flavored but yellow in colour.

arabic coffee

the cup is tiny. 
the thing with the handle is actually the refill coffee.

the appetizer
which consists of grinded beans
(the 2 patches of grey at the sides)
and some other stuff i can't remember.

the main course
(eaten with arabic bread)
lotsa vege,
a sausage of chicken meat and lamb meat each
tomatoes and mushrooms.
yes, those are fries.

arabic "pizza"
there stuff is in the middle.

after we finished,
went to the bar and looked around.

i think the colourful bottles are for drinks.

the place that i loved the most in the restaurant.
it's actually quite dark there.
i think the restaurant's too bright anyway.

i didn't really enjoyed the food there.
too exotic for me i guess.
or we ordered the wrong stuff.
there was supposed to be belly dancing performances,
but they cancelled it coz there were other events around.

while leaving,
we walked past the Harley D show room.

the bike on the right most cost RM168,000.
enough to buy a very good car.
or a small house.

then we have the super bike galore.

went over to the other side of Auto City to have a walk.
Astro was having their father's day concert there.
so it was kinda crowded.

and on our way back to the car,
we saw these cars blasting their speakers/ woofers off.

dun like that kinda loud music.
it's silly to have huge speakers at the back of ur car coz u can't really use them while u're driving right?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. gonna watch toy story 3 tmr!!! yay!! XD

and there are quite a lot of police around everywhere.

i'm glad that they've finally decided to get outta their office.
the con,
easier to get summons...
and no discount.

i'm a reckless driver.