Saturday, 19 June 2010

my water moments

the saddest thing about going on an island trip 

is not able to take photos in the water.
or not even too near.

we could be splashing around with the water 
instead of standing by the side
and staring at the waves come and go.
and one person always have to be the poor thing who needs to stay outta the water 
so that we can get photos.

but the worst thing about going on an island trip,
i don't even have a camera.

took all the photos using my phone.

so can u imagine if my phone falls into the water,
i loose 2 things for the fall of one. XD

for the coming perhentian trip,
it would be great to have a camera.

imagine the photos of fishes that we can get when we go snorkeling.
imagine taking the photo of the sunrise and sunset in the water.
imagine the photos of us actually enjoying ourselves splashing the water at each other.

and till i get a waterproof camera,
all we can do is exactly that.


there's a very great (and cool looking) camera out there.


well i actually like the black one. XD

i dun know much bout cameras,
but i know this is a super useful one.

let's look at the details that we need to know

approx 10.6 pixels
4x optical zoom
8x digital zoom
25mm wide angle
handheld twilight
(means we can get great pics even in a dim environment)

it can even zoom while recording a video.

with all that zoom...
hello cuties!!! XD

can even take panoramic photos

meaning we can take a photo of the whole surrounding area.

it can even take 10 photos in 1 second!!!!

but the most important thing
is it's WATERPROOF!!!

and shock and dust proof too.
very suitable for a messy person like me. XP

available in 5 colours
silver (quite similar with the green one)

red (more like hot pink to me)


and my personal favorite, black

my birthday wish?

you get the idea. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Friday, 18 June 2010

l'arc de triumph

the new background for my blog. ^_____________^
wanted to use the Eiffel Tower but it covers only half the page.

after visiting paris,
i guess this is one of the most liked places of my trip.
too bad my photos are in my sis's cam..

miss France...

found someone who can communicate with me in french~
in malaysia. XD

i think i'm in love with the new blogspot template design thingy.

too bad we can't used our own photos for the background.
would've used a sunset photo instead....
the one i took in pangkor with my friends for the cc survey trip.

missed that time.

can't wait for perhentian babes!!!
and i miss ya'll alot..

didn't imagine that i would so much but i do.
only less than a month ppl!!!

can't believe i'm gonna say this but....

can't wait for the holidays to end!!!!

i'm coming back!!! >____________<

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Thursday, 17 June 2010

bye bye nepcon

the 3 day work has finally ended.

*cheers and throws high heels, red top and white shorts confetti*

today was totally cool.

it was freezing.
i think they turn the air-cond on full blast.
we were almost turned into human ice cubes....
ice-poles. XD

it wasn't so bad.
(if we don't compare what we have with others)

that's the only way to feel happy i guess.

my colleague came in and told us during lunch time that the flyer girls get paid RM250 per day. 
i juz nudged and say....
haha... kidding.
i didn't say anything.

i juz don't mind anymore.
being angry or jealous won't raise our pay anyway. 

i can be positive too.

i'm not all that whiny ok.....

photo time.

work look.

somewhere behind those closed doors is a beautiful place called home.
somewhere i belong.

work tags

one of the exhibitors gave us this cookie.
it's very very hard.
needed to break it before u bite it.
or else...... bye by teeth. XD

and it's very hard to break too.

despite all that whining and complaining,
i kinda enjoyed working.
at least i have something to do.

and i met a couple of great ppl that could've turned out to be my best friends if we have more time together.
met some really nice exhibitors who let us use their booth to let the ppl fill in the 5 page long survey.
met some really rude ppl who never smile in 3 days.
met some really cute guys at the fair who keep smiling at me...
coz i smile at them first. XD
but then 3 days is enough.

i'd like my freedom back please.

finally realized that the bitch we thought she was wasn't really that bitchy at all.
she juz have that really "qun" look.
and too much work load.

sometimes we juz need time to know how ppl (really) are.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

drum roll

and the answer to my previous post..

can i have the envelope please...

*drum roll*

RM90 is NOT WORTH IT.......

work is fine.

just distribute the survey forms and smile and ask them to fill them.
the freaking problem is we have to walk around in heels...

and the survey form is 5 f*ing pages....

what kinda survey has 5 f*ing pages......
some people are very nice.
they juz fill in everything
which needs about 10-15mins.

some juz run off with the pen.
it's not even a free gift f*ers.....

and the worst thing is....
the other girls
(from other companies)
juz have to stand there and distribute flyers and they get RM100!!!
and they get to wear flats...


and after standing for almost 8 hours in hight heels,
i have to get stuck in.... 

The Curse of Penang Bridge Traffic After Work Jam.

took me 2 hours to get home...WTH.......

so this is me,
trying to sound positive,

atleast 1 day is over and i'm RM90 richer!!!
(before deducting the freaking money "invested" for my uniform.)


that's what J_Fish has to F* say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 14 June 2010

all that for RM90...?

went out early this morning,
after finishing the freaking registration for subjects..
UM's system sucks...
despite being ranked no.1 uni in Malaysia.....

(still have 3-4 empty credit hours......)
what the heck should i take?!!!

went out for bowling (initial plan)
but then the bowling alley wasn't opened till 12pm.
so we had breakfast at McD,
and went to Sunway to watch Karate Kid.
but i dunno why they call it karate kid anyway.....
no karate pun.... XD

but on the way to the cinema,
got a message that says my briefing for work has changed to 2.
(an hour earlier)
but i was 5 mins aways from the cinema,
and with J and dawn and patrick)

so i juz told the person that i will be late and went on with the film.

what was outta my expectation was that the show was about 2 and a half hours!!!!

if it was 2 hours i would've been there on time.

not the point.

so rushed across the bridge all the way to PISA for the briefing,
rushed up and down coz i can't find the ppl,
and in the end,
when i finally reached there,
the briefing was only for about 15mins,
plus "discussion" bout our attire.


i drove all the way across the bridge juz for a 15mins briefing...
could've done all that through sms or e-mail man....

and the attire..
red spaghetti straps, white shorts and white heels.
juz what i DON"T have in my closet full of clothes...

how many ppl has this combination please leave a comment.

red top maybe, white shorts, not so many la..
i dun really like white pants...
so easy to get them dirty and so hard to clean them....

white heels?!

and muz be heels...
cannot be wedges...
cannot be sandals type,
and least muz be 2 inches tall......

another WTH....

i dun wear heels la...
and i think normal ppl won't buy white more than 2 inch heels for no reason...
sandal (strappy type) maybe la...

u ask too much for RM90 per day man...

ran up and down butterworth with J juz to find those stuff...
and in the end i only managed to find the top.

all tired and hungry coz we were afraid that we won't have enough money to buy clothes...
we're a poor couple. XD

super tired after the whole day.
felt like grumpy the dwarf coz i was mad hungry...

but now,
i feel great.

finally found white shorts at home.
(needed to fold them up to make them look nicer)
but it's better than nothing right....

but am gonna wear my black wedges anyhow.

i dun give a F....ish... XD
i dun have a lot of friends and most of them dun wear heels....
even in kl only susan wears heels...

after all that hassle,
i'm actually looking forward to tmr.

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

dear J,
thx for being so understanding and i'm glad that ur happy. ^_____________^