Saturday, 12 June 2010

the mask of zorro

sorry kfong,
but i have to do this. XD

the mask of zorro
the film that introduced Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones to me.

they were still young. XD

it's the fist zorro film that i've watched.

came out in 1998.. when i was.... 10. 
even at that age i like the film already.

it's all about action.

a masked hero called zorro helped the people of California
(before they became a state of USA)
when they were brutally utilised by the landlords
a.k.a the rich folks.

but the original zorro was captured,
house burned down,
wife killed and daughter kidnapped by his rival.

after 20 years in prison,
he finally gets his chance to make a man who saved him 20 years ago
into the new and improved zorro.

and with the movie,
comes one of my favorite songs.
i want to spend my lifetime loving you.

so here's the trailer

and here's the song.


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. watched The A-Team juz now.

i have to agree to all the reviews from my friends. 

the A-Team is definitely THE BOMB!!!!

must watch!!! go go. ^_____________^

and J, that's really a nice song. play it.  XD

another one of those nights + confession 7

it was another wedding dinner night.

my cousin's wedding dinner.
one year older than me.

to be honest,
i dun like wedding dinners.

they're mostly boring.

we go and sit with a bunch of ppl who we barely or probably don't know.
yam seng and...
go home.

this wedding dinner is kinda diff.

there's the same part.

we get to dress up.

which is sometimes a hassle.
(my sis didn't have a dress plus she's taller than me and bongkok)
so even when i lend her my dress she looks funny in it.

some photos to unbore ya'll first
staff waiting for the food presentation to start

the name list for table sitting..
got my name wrong.
not surprised.

the happy couple('s happy wedding pics).

look at the colours of the sky...
(before the dinner started)

that's my sis. XP

photos taken with my phone's camera.

the diff part,
is the dance floor.

this is the first time i attended a wedding dinner with space to dance.

i think it's a good idea to have a dance floor 
and some hot music
(towards the end when everybody's leaving or almost drunk)

first time felt like i was clubbing during wedding dinner. XD

and now, the vanity starts. XP

of course,
in all weddings,
there are always the romantic parts.

first part,
video of cousin when he went to KLIA to propose.
should be romantic right?

coz the video
was totally not going the right way.
kept getting jammed.

but there is a very romantic part

when he sang a song he wrote for her.
and the lyrics are so...
everyday life true. ^______________^

so freaking romantic!!!! >_____________<

there are the very lame parts like inviting the YB to give a speech.
why the heck did u invite the YB man?
does he even know you well enough to give a speech or juz coz he's the YB?

and the food came out so slow...

when you add the not so good parts with the good parts and divide it into 2,
i still think it's a nice dinner.
(because of the dance floor)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. after seeing those romantic stuff and a lot of thought,
(believe me when i say a lot.)
i think i do deserve to give my self a chance to be pampered and loved.


so this is it.

confession 7.

to whom it may concern,
i know we don't see eye to eye in everything
(almost nothing)  >___________<
but i'm letting "what-we-talked-about-when-we-were-waiting-for-the-ferry" go.

i'm willing to try and change, *hint*
and do it the "normal" way.
("normal" as in ur ways.
i assume ur ways are normal coz i know mine seems kinda twisted. XD)

i have no idea what went wrong (or right)
but i really can't get you outta my mind for these few days
after our "outing" together.

if you still feel the same way about me a few months ago,
i think i'm gonna give it a try.

if you think this is not gonna work out...

we're even. XP

you tried once,
and this is my try.

with all those obvious hints,
if you still dunno that i'm talking to you...

you must be joking...

guess i like you more than i imagined.

i'll tell ya'll bout it if anything happens k. >____________I

love ya'll and miss ya'll lots. T----------------------T

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Stepford wives

the stepford wives (2004 version) is a movie about a successful woman, Joanna who had a career downfall.

her downfall led her husband to quit his job and brought their family to the suburbs.

there, they find that all the women are pretty and very perfect (too perfect)
while the husbands are somehow geeky.
(well in normal life things juz dun happen that way often)

Joanna tries hard to adapt to this perfect world with some new found friends.
but things start to get creepy when Joanna's friends who moved in very soon after her changed completely overnight.

so now it's up to Joanna to find out the dark secret of stepford.

starring one of my favorite female actress, Nicole Kidman.

personally, i prefer her as a blondie.

the sound quality sucks,
but here's the trailer.


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 7 June 2010


been following a series that i stopped watching.

i love this series soooooooooooooo much.

here's why.

juz like CSI,
bones is a series about crime fighting,
through examining the remains (bones)
of the victims.

you can never imagine how people with such diff personalities can work together in a very good way to solve murders.

and it's interesting how they solve it juz by examining the bones.
it's amazing.

the female lead character, Dr Temperance "Bones" Brennan is a scientific scientist who believes only in science. She's a 
her partner, special agent Seeley Booth (silly booth?XD) from the FBI is a more humane person.
both of them have childhood problems and it affects them in their adulthood in a way.
good or bad is ur say.

but the most interesting part,
is how 2 people who are so diff can fall in love with each other and still hold it in for... forever... 

of course,

the supporting roles are really interesting people too,
and very fun to watch.

the story is based on a real life forensic anthropologist who is also a crime writer.
and in the series, bones is a writer too.

if you guys love CSI,
or are not easily terrified by the sight of dead bodies,
and have time to kill,
try watching this show. ^_______________^

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

Sunday, 6 June 2010


this post might offend people from a certain religion.
if you insist on continuing to read,
please do not leave any nanty comments
because i would just ignore them 
and you'll look like a total idiot.
thank you.

i need a getaway.

i almost had one yesterday, 
*free getaway,
but i hesitated.

it's not really a free holiday,
but i don't need to pay for it.
not full anyway.
i juz have to pay for the bus ticket to go back to kl.

and another 1 from langkawi back to penang.

it's actually a college activity.

why did i hesitate?

i went to a similar one last year.
except it was in Cameron highland.

this year,
they changed to Langkawi.

the man reason i hesitated,
is that i was not sure if i'd have fun.
even if it's free,
i would prefer to have fun while i'm on holiday right?

so what is the main reason that i won't have fun?

it's a college activity,
so it means there's gonna be a lot of muslims.
no offence,
but this is the truth.

whenever we have activities with muslims,
we would be spending quite some time waiting for them to pray,
at least 4 times a day,
coz the first would be early and wouldn't affect us.

and it is, sorry to say,
a waste of time for the non-muslims.
all we can do is sit and wait for them to finish praying.
worse if it's on fridays.

my point is,
we respect the fact that you have to pray,
we don't stop you,
but our time is wasted when we can go to so many diff places.

this from my point of view and it's the truth.
so if you're offended,
juz go away.

dun talk crap to me.

and there's another thing,
we can't wear shorts of sleeveless too.
it's not in the book,
but it would be immoral to "seduce" them would it?
and i still have one year to stay
so i wouldn't wanna do anything to take away that erm...

i worked for it anyway.

last year,
in cameron,
i wouldn't think of wearing shorts and sleeveless.
it's totally cool.

but we're going to an island here.

wearing long jeans or even just long pants would be stupid for us who have the freedom to dress.
come on,
the weather is freaking hot.
it's insane to wear long pants when we can not wear them.

i was thinking about it really hard,
if i should go that is.

i really wanted a getaway,
and i only have to do a little something to get it.

but what's the point of a free vacation if i can't enjoy it right?

but still,
i have absolutely nothing to do this week.
so i was definitely struggling.

but when soon loong called and said the place was taken,
i actually felt relieved.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. respect just needs to be earned.
if you insist your rules upon others and ppl don't obey,
don't blame them.

i learned this the hard way.