Saturday, 29 May 2010

and it went zzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing...

i'm talking bout the thing the dentists use.
i'm not afraid of that sound by the way.
i heard that quite a number of ppl hate the sound,
even grown-ups..
i'm more afraid of the sour-y feeling i might get
if the hole in my tooth is too deep.

hate that feeling.

 went to the dentist this morning.

he's a funny guy.
been there for all my fillings.

yup, all.
i have some serious dental problem.
filled 2 teeth.
juz found out that he has a very cute son!!!!
studying dentistry as well.

the thing is...
i dun really like the idea of a cute guy looking at my mouth so wide open
and filling the holes too. XD

there's not way i'm gonna go to his clinic when he graduates. XP

cute doctors are ok.
i mean the normal ones.
not those that cut ppl open.

as the saying goes

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

but if the doctor is cute,
throw the apple away. XD

was going to have beef kuey teow soup for breakfast,
but it was closed. 

went to visit my grandpa after i dunno how many months.
the last time i saw him should be during CNY.
he's old yes,
but still as strong as a bull. 

watched the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) juz now.

loved it the first time i watched it,
still love it after i watch it again and again.
it's a very cool action film that combines a few classical novels.
should find this film and watch it. 

highly recommended. =P

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. a part of valentine's day is juz stuck in my head
a guy asked his best friend how does he keep a happy marriage?

his friend answered him,
"it's simple, i married my best friend."

i guess i really do wanna be married to my best friend.
there must be a reason that we're best friend right?
and the guy would know me well enough to become my best friend.

the thing is,
i dun think any of my guy best friends would want to marry me. 

they know and saw too much. XD

anyone ELSE wants to be my best friend? XD

Friday, 28 May 2010

movies and stuff

finished watching 4 movies today.
3 not so recent and 1 hot out of the oven.

first movie
new moon. sequel of twilight.

i finally finished downloading it
coz the streamix uni pack that i applied is here already.

it's only ben 3 days since i handed in the form.

now we have wifi at home. ^___________^

bout new moon...

i thought there was going to be more fighting,
all romantic stuff.
kinda disappointed but didn't expect much from it anyway.

second movie,

saw a review about it in a blog few weeks ago,
and i found it today.

it was quite interesting.
about vampire being the majority 
and humans are being hunted down for blood harvesting.

and along comes a vampire doctor who tries to find a cure for vampire-ness
coz there are less humans around.

recomended to watch,
if you like dark films.

third film,
the most recently released film
(that's anticipated)

Prince of Persia.

i dun really find it very good.
didn't laugh at the jokes.

maybe i'm juz being miserable.

but my dad and sis liked it a lot.
so it's juz me.
action packed.
there are funny parts,
and nteresting stuff.

worth a watch.

fourth film,
valentine's day.

i finally understand why my sis says 
today was a fairytale by taylor swift is nice.

you have to watch valentine's day to fully understand the nice-ness of the song.

all about valentine's day,
how some ppl love it,
some worship it,
some hate it,
and some avoid having to spend it with someone.

hearts are broken and healed,
families too.
the thing is,
i find the most touching part 
only came out towards the very very end of the show.

and you can't belive how many twist there are in this chick flick.
like it a lot. ^_____________^

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. having toothache for the whole day and it's slowly but brutally killing me. T------------------T

and drumroll please....

been trying to check my results
since starting of this week 
and juz now,
5 mins ago,
i finally got them!!!! 


all i wanna say is....

i'm darn proud of it!!! ^____________^

finally got what i wanted!!! 


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ AU REVOIR~ ^_____________^

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

juz watch these.. XD

a collection of youtube clips.. 

how to paint a building in 3 seconds. XD
very good. ^____________^

drifting? XD cute.. ^____________^

saw this a few years ago...
there is more than meets the eye...

for reckless drivers... Mr D!!!

i love tetris, but.... i can never do this. XD

for football fans 

世界上最不可能的五个进球 (the most impossible goals of the world)

these guys are juz super!!! >_____________<

ooooooooo... so this is how they do it... XD

this takes a lot of time... 

and the grande finale~

ENJOY!!! woohoooooo!!! SEXY!!


that's what J_Fish has to share~ Au Revoir~

next stop.....?

juz finished watching 下一站,幸福 with my sis.

never liked taiwanese dramas... 
they're too slow...

and lame,
and predictable.

and they seldom have real normal life stories.

flip through the history book of taiwanese drama series and you'll find that 
about 80% have rich characters.
i mean really big corporate rich. 
not well off rich.

and 95% of them involves someone getting admitted into the hospital.
or bloodshed.

about 40% of them involves someone in 黑社会

hospital and bloodshed still acceptable.

but are there sooooooooo many rich people in taiwan?

and usually the rich people fall in love with the poor ppl and 
there's always disagreement from the parents.
and all the time they will ask the poor person to leave.

maybe that's what rich parents do....

but in the end they will be together
no matter what.

maybe that's what rich kids do.

love is all that counts.

coz they have the money ma....

and another thing about taiwanese drama

they like to repeat the theme song.
and a whole lot of the film.

only about 80% of the drama is new.
the 20% is repeated.

the thing about repeating theme songs 
is that
usually the theme song is very nice,
but after you finish watching the whole thing,
you'll hate the song.

coz it keeps reopeating.

the theme song for this drama
is 我爱他 By 丁当

posted this vid before,
but it's such a nice song
and nice things are meant to be shared. XP

and another song that i love a lot from the drama
我以为 By 品冠


poor guy....

i juz love his songs.
very sad songs,
but very meaningful.

he's the kings of sad sloppy love songs i guess.

this one is not from the drama,
but i think it tells the story of a lot of us.

后来的我们 一直都遇不上

another song of his.

the original singers are from a Malaysian group called Baby
the comments say that the original  version is nicer.

but i think they're the same. XP

you be the judge.

well the mv sucks but the singing is quite nice. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i still prefer to stick with CSI. go facts!!! XD

Monday, 24 May 2010

the new way??

went to neway in Queensbay juz now.

dun really like it.

it wasn't open when we got there.
it's supposed to be opened before 11am.

that's the starting time for the earliest package(?).

but when we got there it was almost 11 and the steel gate thing was still down.

so we went for lunch first coz we didn't see the small words that said
"free 1 lunch and 1 drink or 2 drinks"

we only saw 
"free salad buffet".


by the time we finished lunch it was almost 11.30.

so we went in.

i dunno but these receptionist that work at karaokes 
are always rude.
they talk to us like they don't need the business.

and why the heck do they have this "tradition" of speaking cantonese?
we're in Penang... hellooooo..

i said this out loud 
and the girl who brought us to our rooms quickly code switched to mandarine..

i didn't enjoy my time there.
coz my friend was singing most of the time.

and the time was too short.
it ate 10mins of our time.
we can sing bout 5 songs in 10mins.

we juz skipped after half of the song. 
yet, it was not enough..

not going with them next time. >____________<

i didn't really like neway.
i think it's like the redbox concept.
even the cantonese.

price is almost the same.
paid RM33.80 for 3 from 11(30) to 1.30pm.
1 lunch set with drinks 
(even the menu look's like the one in redbox.)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Flushed away!

re-watched this yesterday. ^___________^

if you've never watch this before,
do it. XD

it's about a pet mouse, Roddy
(who has really rich owners)

being flushed down his own toilet bya sewer rat.

wanting to get back to his life,
he had to sail with another rat, Rita
who is the only person rat who can send him home.

the rich rat bought with a silver spoon in his mouth
takes a ride on the wild side  in the sewer,

and learns what friendship means
and something more than that too. ^____________^


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. love the singing slugs the most. XD