Friday, 14 May 2010

my current addiction part 2


america's next top model. 

well it's always been an addiction (when i have time and a good internet connection)

juz finished watching cycle 14.
i don't really like this cycle though...
the girls are a lot bitchier than the other groups.

and another thing,

i wanted the other girl to win... >__________<



nude photo below.

scroll past it really fast if you're 18 and below. XD

missed cycle 8 and 9 so i'm gonna go back in time.

gonna join a shoe painting competition tomorrow.

still thinking if i should go.

i don't really feel like doing it,
but i get to buy a pair of new shoes with RM15.
juz palas shoes but hey,
new ones.. XD

and i get a whole new experience.. 
i miss painting shoes anyway...
haven't come up with the design yet.

but it's gonna have something to do with mouse.

all my shoes has his name painted on.


went to watch Robin hood with dawn and meet her new bf.

a nice guy.

robin hood is a nice show too. ^____________^.

liked it.

it talks about  how Robyn Longstride became Robin of the hoods,
hence, Robin Hood.

it's quite interesting.

always found that the history of england and france interesting to study.
atleast their kings have short and easy to remember names.

and they put I, II, III and so on if their names are the same. XP

unlike some country's history that focuses only on certain things...

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. practiced guitar for a few hours juz now.
might post a video of me singing. XD

but it's juz a day's pratice so don't expect too much. =p

Thursday, 13 May 2010

confession 6

i know this is not much of a confession but



that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au revoir~

p.s. if you think yew ken, you can. XD

juz coz the (previous) high score holder is mr. cheong yew ken. XP

learned a very important lesson today.

i don't have to be perfect to be the best. ^___________^

current addiction- part 1

geo challenge!!!

it's good for those who have a huge ego.

that's y i keep playing.
i juz wanna beat my high score.
since the high score set by my friend is impossible to break,
i'd settle with my own.

broke it this morning.
now i'm aiming higher!!

but sometimes i feel stupid coz i get stressed out by a game.


it's a very challenging game.

not suitable for those who are colour blind.
it could be tricky even for those who are not colour blind.


let's see.

costa rica


ok, there's a picture in the middle of costa rica,
but when you need to find the answer in 2 secs it's not so easy.
and the picture's not even in the game...


the first one is cuba second is puerto rico.
imagine that you're colour blind and they're the same size.

get my point?

let's see some others.
these are the flags of monaco, indonesia and poland

so which is which?
after copy and paste,
i can't remember which is monaco and which is indon. 
but there is a slight diff.

the one with white on top is poland.

this has got to be the killer.
this is romania. (europe)
this is Chad. (Africa)

the only difference is that Chad has a darker tinge.

the famous

first one's Australia second one's New Zeland.

of course there are the easy ones

and of course

who won over

yesterday in the thomas cup. XD

woohooooo!!! watched most of the game in a hawker stall while having dinner.


(notice all the flags that i show [and a few hundred others that i didn't show] here have 1 thing in common)

the colour RED
that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. ip man rocks!!! XD
he reminds me a lot of Chan Chin.

even the way he talks.
the cool calm tone...

and of course,

the last thing i wanna say~
define ironic
if you play hotel city in facebook, you should know why.

if you don't, don't start.

it's never a good thing to start playing games on facebook.
(especially playfish ones). XD

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

make-up and brains

the last time i came back,
my dad told me not to put my fake lashes.

he says that i makes me look like a bimbo.
and people will think that i'm dumb.

the thing is, 
what does fake lashes have to do with brains?

i don't think that i'm a dumb person.
i don't think that results in school can say if a person is dumb or smart.
it can only show if the person is hard working or not.

simple right?

if you are not really smart,
but you work hard,
you get good results.
if you're smart,
and you don't work hard,
you get so-so results.
if you're smart and you work hard,
you're a genius.

of course,
if you're dumb and lazy,
you get the privilege to be used as an example by mothers.

like this:
look at xxx. if you don't study hard you'll turn out to be like him /her. XD

back to the topic...

i don't think that everyone who cares how they look are dumb.
why do people who try to look nice have to be dumb?
there's no direct connection at all.

we might not be the best in class.
(doesn't apply to all)
especially *ahem* here.

but we can be smart.

i'm not saying that we're all smart either though. XD

if you wanna say that people who use make-up or go for slimming programs are dumb,

prove it.

mind you,
intelligence doesn't depend on what grades you get.

some people juz choose not to show that they're smart. 

it's like a blonde thing right?

not all blondes are stupid.

but if that's really the truth,
does it mean that asians are smarter?


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i don't think iron man 2 sucked. i loved it. >____________<...

except the scarlett redhead johansson part..

why is she so featured anyway?

i still prefer virginia "pepper" potts. 
i mean Gwyneth Paltrow. XP

gonna watch Ip man 2 later. 

hmm.. ipron man?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


my dad actually left a note asking me to look up the lyrics for this song.

1234 by plain white t's

never actually listened to the lyrics,
but today,
i finally realized the magic.

given me more love than i ever had
make it all better when i'm feeling sad
tell me i'm special even when i know i'm not

make me feel good when i hurt so bad
barely gettin mad
i'm so glad i found you
i love bein around you

you make it easy
it's easy as 1 2 1234

there's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you
"i love you"
there's only 1 way 2 day those 3 words (4you)
that's what i'll do
"i love you"

given me more love from the very start
paste me back together when i've fall apart
tell me things you never even told your closest friends

make me feel good when i hurt so bad
best thing that i've got
i'm so glad i found you
i love bein around you

you make it easy
it's easy as 1 2 1234

there's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you
"i love you"
there's only 1 way 2 say those 3 words (4 you)
that's what i'll do
"i love you"


you make it easy
it's easy as 1 2 1234

there's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you
i love you
there's only 1 way 2 say those 3 words
that's what i'll do
"i love you"

lyrics are as what i heard. didn't really searched for them. =P
lazy bum..

i think the lyrics are very true.
when someone really loves you,
they really do this. right?

love the mv so much. 

another song that i like from plain white t's
hey there delilah.


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i'm not missing mouse

not yet.

and i'm going to watch IRON MAN!!!