Saturday, 8 May 2010


woke up early today,
so gonna talk bout yesterday. XD

i woke up at 7 something yesterday,
packed some stuff
and groomed myself.
when to the TM tower near UM to get the form for streamyx uni pack.
since i'm second year going third year,
this is my last chance.

so borrowed selina's car,
and drove there.
i still still prefer manual cars...
auto cars make the engine sound like it's gonna die soon before the car automatically change the gear.

so, first time i went there,
all those office buildings.
the most ridiculous thing is that the prices for car park.

RM6 sekali masuk was the cheapes. (sekali masuk = per entry)
the most expensive was RM10 sekali masuk.

i went to get a form.
took me 5 mins to find the place and 5 mins to get the form.

and i have to pay RM10?!! 
that's juz insane!!

so i juz parked on the side of the road and hoped that the car clampers won't come at that time. XD

advice to anyone going there for matters that don't need much time,
DON'T DRIVE!! ask someone to drive you there.
after getting the form,
half ran back to the car.

still there, and the wheels are free. phew.... XD

drove back to UM which is juz across the fly-over. --___________--lll
but i was in a rush so had to drive. >_________<...

now, the hard part starts.
the failure of bureaucracy.

went to HEP to get the stamp that's required.
the lady told me i had to get a letter from my fac to say that i really am a student there 
but why? 
can't i juz show u my matrix card?

so i went to my fac and asked for the letter.
they said that i can only get it on MONDAY!!


i'm going back tmr and u ask me to get it on monday?!
can't they juz print it out and ask someone to sign it....

so i figured that i should ask someone to help me with that.
went back to the lady in HEP and try and ask her to sign it without the letter.
no luck.

why can't i juz show u my matrix card and u check if i AM a student here.
it's HEP. 
you should have a record of ALL YOUR STUDENTS!!!

in the end i wasted a lot of time and didn't get what i intended to.

after that had to rush back to college to help out with a camp by the old cc committee for the new batch.

it was a loooooooooooooooooong day.
the camp actually started at 1pm,
but had to go there earlier to prepare and stuff.

but i enjoyed it.
there were boring times,
but hey,
it's our fault right?
we are the organizers....

i did have fun.

some of the things they did juz make us crack!! XD

what i love most,

is the marilyn monroe act by soon loong. XD

too bad didn't get a video... >__________<
or i would post it here. XD

that's what J_Fish had to say~ Au Revoir~


it's been a looooooooooooooooong day.
not gonna blog about it now.
i shall talk about yesterday today.
(i mean later).

should be very late coz i'm 


not alone too. ^______________^

think by the time i reach home it should be around evening time.

so wait for my post!!! XD

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

5 hours bus trip here i come... *sigh*

Friday, 7 May 2010

how do i live without you?

went out with selina and shiah today.
it's the second day of jusco's members day(s).

look of the day. my curls are juz all over the place. >__________<

i went with only RM10 in my pocket. WTH right...
i'm broke.

if only i can sell my clothes.
i juz have sooooooooooooooooo many of them.
i can still survive without washing any piece of clothing for 3 weeks.
(except undergarments of course)

that's the price you have to pay for being a big spender and a no gainer.
i gain nothing,
not even weight. (not much at least)

it's so hard to go through all the clothes when they're screaming "BUY ME"
when i only have RM10... --____________--lll
i even found 2 cardigans and a blouse that i like alot. >__________<

make me wanna kill myself for spending too much.
i have no idea where my money went.

since i can't buy anything,
i took pictures while waiting for the babes to test their clothes.

suddenly love my legs A LOT.
it's like i never noticed them till juz now. XD
short skirt and high heels juz makes wonders. 

tadaa!!! they might look short, 
but i love them,
no matter what. XD

camwhore session
not good at posing. --_________--lll

from another fitting room mirror while shiah was trying on her clothes.
featuring selina's evil rabbit fingers. >___________<

then another of my feet fetish photos.
then we have selina and i trying to look stupid.
and selina trying to look taller than me. XD
that's the shirt that she decided to buy.

since shiah was in the fitting room most of the time,
didn't have time to cam whore with her.. >____________<

but after all that suffering i found out that i can get money from the ATM!!!
and my dad juz called and told me he transferred money to me. WTH!!!!

i guess it's a way for God to tell me

(words in bracket are self added. 
there's no way my God would call names. XD)

but i did bought a lot of food!!!
it's important to eat. 
it means people leave to eat. XD

bought sushi (RM0.99 each)
fried chicken (RM1 each)
yogurt drink
herbal egg 
and mango peach sundae from McD.

enjoyed dinner a lot!! XD

my conclusion for the day?

can't live without 2 things (there are more of course)
money, and food.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

all the time... to SS!! XD

since i've finished exam, 
i have no idea what to do.

am watching movies again and again.
sherlock holmes is sooooooooo nice.

not gonna talk about it though.
it's still considered new. XD

now i have time,
i decided to play around with my dear fake lashes!!
it's been so long since i last posted pictures of mine in my blog.
i am, somehow voted one of the SS-est (vainest) person in 4th college cc.


managed to make my eyes look sleepy. XD
with double eye lid stickers!!

i have double eye lids by the way,
juz not obvious. >_________<

still amateur when it comes to this.

then, the lashes sticking begins!! XD

first, the pair that really does something to my eyes. (obvious efects)

the thick dolly ones. my favorite pair!!

next pair
normal looking ones.
not obvious at all right? like real (long) lashes.

when i close my eyes they look kinda long, but when i open them, they're juz normal looking.

not really noticeable from afar.

next pair
ok this picture does not do it justice. can't be seen at all. XD

then we have
another one of my favorite too.. looks normal when eyes are closed
but when opened
has somewhat the eye shadow effect.

and to finish off,
two ss over edited pictures!! XD

take that!!
that's all folks. now my eye lids feel like they're gonna fall off. XD

that's what J_Fish has to ss about~ XD Au Revoir~

p.s. i'm an amateur bimbo so i have the right to post posts like this. XD. don't roll your eyes on me. >____________<

all photos have been edited. my face is (slightly) bigger, darker eye-circles (exam ma, have to atleast pretend that i did study) and with more war-with-the-zits-aftermath. c'est tout. merci. au revoir.


to those who are or will be sitting for exams, dun read this post to avoid being jealous.

ok, you have been warned. XD

finally finished my finals.

i was the last one to finish the exam.
(there's only 4 of us)
didn't really know some the answer
but f*ck it. 
it's SO OVER.


i was flipping through the dictionary more than i was answering the questions.
there's only 3 questions by the way. 
an essay and 2 short questions.

now i have all the time to waste utilize.

today, we shall look into one of my favorite movie:

and of course, it's sequel,

i like the second one more.
even though i've watched it for hundreds of times.
(seriously. ask my friends. XD)
i think there's more story in the second one while the first one is action packed.

i finally got to rewatch the first one recently,
maybe it's coz of that i like the second one more.
i juz don't have much memory of the first one.


like the name says,
it's a movie about a boy(?) from hell.
well he's already a man in most of the show.
Anung Un Rama (son of the apocalypse) was his real name, 
but the man who found him gave him the name "hell boy" instead,
since he is from hell.

Hell Boy(first one)
is about how (and why) he was brought into this dimension.
juz that.
the rest is all about action and some (very little romance).
like i said, there's not much story.

trailer for the first:

trailer for Hell Boy II: The Golden Army 

The Golden Army is more about a story that was told by Prof red (because of his skin colour) a.k.a hellboy.

it is said that there long ago the earth used to be shared by all the folks,
magical and non-magical (humans)
because humans were too greedy,
they tried to take over the world
(wow, sooooooooo shocking... pfftttttt)
so there was war,
and many died.
then a golden army was built to stop the war.

when their work was done,
they were hidden, in case ppl use them to wage war again.

so the story is about an elven prince trying to wake the army,
coz he thought that humans are again,
trying to kill the planet (so true).
and hell boy comes and try and stop him.
the end. XD

you have to watch it to feel the action, the suspense.

i don't like hellboy's girl,
elizabeth sherman.
she's such a flower-pot character.

so, watch this if you have time.

phrase of the post:
j'ai fini mon examen!!! (jay fini mon ex-aa-mon)= i've finished my exam!!!! 


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i found this on tweeter. you can check how much coffee can kill you.
too bad it's only for UK, USA, Australia and NZ.

but no harm trying right?. XD

have fun~

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

flight of the phoenix

my blog's turning into an old movie review blog. --___________--lll

i have got to be (one of) the most lazy laid back chinese university student.
i dunno bout other races, but most chinese seems to be totally stressed out during exams.

i'm juz the odd one out.

since i studied tomorrow's subject already,
i have time to kill. 
(ya, sure. like i'm gonna study anyway.)

so, watched this movie while painting my nails.
it's been so long since i had colourful nails... lalalalala~~

anyway~ back to
flight of the phoenix(2004).

it's actually from a novel, 
before this, there was another movie with the same name.
genre: action, suspense(?) and quite a lot of talking
starring Dennis Quaid as the pilot.
and Tyrese Gibson and Hugh Laurie (better known as Doctor House. XD)

the whole story is all about hope. and team work.
to survive, we need to stick together.
never give up, no matter what.

so the story's about a group of ppl who got on a plane.
plane crashed in the middle of a desert in China.

so they try and find ways to survive,
with limited food,
and of course,

then one of them decided to build a smaller plane,
something like a glider out of the plane wreck.

and along the way they face problems upon problems here and there,
they loose their friends,
face desert pirates, sand storms and so on.

but they never lost hope,

in the end...
you'll see.
so, watch this if you have time to kill.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i loved the song Hey ya! somewhere in the middle of the film. ^_____________^...

and my result do not (really) suck. XD

my stupidity

i made a fool outta myself today.

i was finally feeling stressed for a subject.
and it's already my second last paper.

woke up at 6 something to start studying.

my exam was at 11.30a.m. 
i didn't started studying for the subject until 10 something last nigth.
i know, my bad.

so i was trying so hard to memorize so many things in about 3 hours time.
stressed is the word.

and another word,
sleepy. --__________--zzZZzzZZzzZZ

then when it was almost time to get ready,
i sent a message to my louise to confirm if we can bring a dictionary.


the impossible happened!!!!

i was studying for the wrong subject after all!!!

HAHAHAHAHAH!! --___________--llll

i was studying this
instead of this

and this

and i only realize it 45 mins before my exam!!!

totally panicked for 10mins...

then juz started flipping through the books and finding stuff to read.

luckily this french morphology. 
kinda more to the grammar side.
so if u paid attention during classes,
it should be fine.

turned out that i was fine.
finished it in 30mins.

louise left right after the 30min barring time. XD

but i still have to check mine.
always make stupid mistaked. --__________--lll

so after sitting for the exam for 45 mins,
J_Fish has left the building.
i guess the moral of the story,
is to check properly what the heck you're sitting for before the exam. XD

and another personal moral of the story is,
don't be stressed out for exams.
it's juz so not me...

like i said,
i've always been optimistic when it comes to exams and results. XP

phrase of the post:
je me fais suer (je me faye sue-a[like how we say the alphabet])= i make myself sweat. literal meaning. 

if someone says tu me fais suer, it means you bore me. (go away.)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 3 May 2010

a knight's tale

"perhaps angels have no names, only beautiful faces."

from "A knight's tale"
a movie by the late Heath Ledger.
the movie industry really suffered lost when he left. 
it's been so long... but still... R.I.P.

it's a story about a peasant who tries to become a knight.
he believes that he himself can change his future,
no matter where he came from,
or his family background.

even a peasant can become noble.

i like the movie a lot.

being a movie about knights,
it's quite a comical and romantic movie too.

the thing i like most about the movie are these catchy lines that juz make girls go awwww.....

like when he asked a girl for her name and she refuses to tell him,
he said:
"perhaps angels have no names, only beautiful faces."

of course the girl liked him in the first place.

imagine someone you hate saying that. i'd think it's sexual harassment. >____________<

another 1
"if i could ask God for one thing, i would ask Him to stop the moon.
stop the moon so that this night, and your beauty, would last forever"

if only someone said that to me. XD

and the line i loved most:

"love has gave me wings, i must fly"

phrase of the post:
l'amour m'a donné les ailes, je dois voler (pronounced la-moo-rh ma dawn-a[like how we pronounce the alpabet], je dwa vo-lay)= love has gave me wings, i must fly.


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


been doing revision.
reviewing this japanese (mini)-series. [10 episodes]
i've always preferred japanese series to taiwanese series.

japanese guys are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuter!! >____________<
though i dun understand 90% of what they're saying,
they still can keep me glued to them.

the main character, kazuki(水木一树), acted out by 中村 蒼
is juz super cute!!! 
especially when he smiles.

love guys with 虎牙.
dunno what's that called in english. 

TADAAA!!! my new crush!!! XD


but i think he looks better in the first emo photo. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. my favorite scene is when he kisses his best friend!!! coz he's (initially) gay!!! XD

but i love his character in the show sooooooooooooooooooo much!!! >____________<