Saturday, 1 May 2010

grey skies and basketball

Nooooooooooooooo!!!! it's happening again!!!

everytime i decide to play basketball the clouds come.
the worse thing is,
the clouds are there,
the wind is blowing,
the thunder might come,
but it juz might not rain!!!!

like yesterday. ultimate --____________--lll

the thing i hate most
is when this happens a few times,
and i decide that it's not gonna rain and go play,
it RAINS!!!

does this mean that i'm juz not meant to play?! 

i'm meant to sit at the bleachers and watch mon amour- le mouse play. XP
yes, he's still mon amour,
no matter wat.
i dunno when this is gonna end.
dun ask me. >___________<
and i'm not gonna fall for anyone less than that. 
guess i'm bound to stay single for a very loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. XD

i guess this means i should be the team manager like this year.
if not, every time we wanna train it's bound to rain. XD

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
oh listen!! thunder!!! XD

another short post. =P

outing for 3 hours. (maybe less)

so, woke up at 7 something this morning.
didn't really know what to do.
don't feel like studying *shocked* ya sure.

so i watched a few movies,
opened my restaurant,
opened my hotel,
watched some crazy videos in youtube. XD

then at 10, got a msg from selina that says she's going out to meet her parents in mid.
she asked if i wanna go along.
but wait, 
she said we'll leave at 10.30.

so i rushed through bathing, dressing-up and make-up in 20mins time.

i actually can do that.
it's juz that if i have the impression that i still have time,
i'd take my own sweet time,
so the trick is to give me the idea that you don't have time to wait for me.

went to the cinema,
the queue was... --___________--lll
you know how crazy the queue in mid is,
but this is way beyond that.
it's crazy cube. (crazy x crazy x crazy)
end up i didn't watch a movie...

went window shopping,
and as i walked pass Aldo in gardens,
my eyes juz changed to auto-mode.
they automatically got glues to the shoes there.


the idea of owning a paor of Aldo shoes,
any pair would blow my mind away.

i L.O.V.E aldo shoes. >___________<

was initially gonna eat in sushi zanmai, but the queue was as crazy as gsc's.
so i ate in sushi king instead. --__________--lll

the thing about sushi king,
is that the service is not really good,
usually i have to wait for bout 10mins before the waiter comes and ask for orders.
and the food is more expensive than those in zanmai,
not to mention it doesn't taste as nice either.

but what to do.
was craving for sushi.

i got cheated for 10cents by the face shop lady.
they're having sale for nail polish by the way.
50% off!!! 
other products i have no idea.

so when i went to pay,
the lady asked if i have 5cents,
coz the thing is rm2.95
so i said no.
not a lot of ppl bring 5cents out.
then she juz handed me the receipt without telling me that they're out of 5cents.
it's like she's running away or something.
i don't mind you not giving me back my 5cents but you should at least tell me.

but after i paid for the nail polish,
i saw that the remover was 50% too,
so i bought it.
this time,
she asked me again.
and i said no. ppffttttt.. (didn't say this)XD

and same thing happened.

so i told her that this is the second time i bought something so she can give me back 10cents this time.
she finally decided to tell me that they're out of 5 cents. 
so i said fine,
give me 10cents.

and she said no, this is a "per receipt policy" in a roll-eyes way.

don't roll your eyes on me bitch.

i know, it sounds stupid to be upset because the bitch refused to give me back 10cents,
but i'm not upset about the money,
i'm angry about the f*cking attitude.
you just don't assume that your customer knows that you're out of 5cents.
you should at least tell, if not apologize.
it's a shop in the mall,
not some roadside stall.

sometimes the ppl selling stuff at roadside stalls are more polite
(maybe they curse you after you're gone)
but hey, it's better than rolling your eyes to your customers.

she was lucky i was in my ok-mood.
if i was in a bad mood,
she'd be explaining to her manager in no time.

consumer rights.
i have my right to get my change back no mater how small the amount.
the thing about Malaysians,
is that we don't like to "kira" so much.
that's how our rights are exploited.
if this happened in USA,
this might just become a lawsuit.

i heard from an american that there was once a woman sued McD for burning coffee.
she spilled some of the McD coffee on herself and suffered some quite severe burns.
she actually sued McD for making their coffee too hot.
she won, at first, a few millions for compensation i think.
but then McD appealed and she lost the second time.

can you imagine Malaysians doing this?
we'd probably blame ourselves for being clumsy.

don't let sellers do this to us.
if all of us stand up for all our 5cents,
they'll never dare to do it again. XD

phrase of the post:
je ne suis pas stupide (je ne s-wii pa stupid) = i'm not stupid.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. thanks to daniel a.k.a JS, ya'll can see the full youtube videos that i post!!! instead of just parts of it.
(screen size wise) yay!!

ooooooooo.... wait, forgot to post the video.

enjoy~ if i were a girl~~ wait, i AM a girl. XD
note: also check out the next video
(my last song for miley)

Friday, 30 April 2010

where to find food?

in the area near UM.

basically where i ate before.

if you're bored of your everyday 
house cooked food (or DS/DM),
where do you go for different types of food?

here are a few choices,
for UM students and those who live nearby
(thought those who live nearby should know better. XD)

the nearest place to get a variety of nice food,
is 11th college.
Personally have only tried the food from the western food stall.
and cheap(er) compared to those outside.
the serving's quite ok,
(meaning they're not stingy.)
so far,
all the comments that i got are good for the food from that place.

specially mention the lamb chop. 

my advice, 
walk there if you're staying in UM.
so that you can have a chance to do some exercise after all that food.

then let's get outta UM.
if u're looking for chinese hawker food,
you can go to the coffee shop near UT.
after u get outta pj gate, turn right, and then right at the UT junction.
go straight for about 5 mins and you'll see some shop lots on your left.
the one that we go to most,
is the last shop.

specially mention the char koey teow. ^_______________^
kinda like penang char koey teow.

then if you like fast food, the best place to find them,
section 14, near digital mall.
there are a lot, and i mean a lot of fast food restaurants there.
from McD to TGIF.
and they have a few cake shops there too.
if you feel like having some Subway sandwitches,
you can juz cross the road and eat at Jaya33.

or you can also try SS2 for fast food.
the shops are quite far apart though.

basically there are a lot of choices in SS2.
from fast food to japanese and korean cuisine, to tong sui.
juz walk around,
or drive around (like we always do. XD) a few rounds and you'll eventually find something to eat.
if not,
you can juz drop by the durian all you can eat stall. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say (for now)~ Au Revoir~

something i forgot to do

i dunno if ya'll are gonna read this
since this whole thing involves my blog.

but still,
i wanna say sorry to my babes.

i got ya'll into a war because of my own problems.

i guess i have a way in misunderstanding people and feeling jealous easily.
it juz happens. 
it's always too late when i actually find out what's wrong.

i dunno if we're still considered friends.
at least friends talk to each other.
even strangers talk once in a while.
now, i really feel the wall.

what i know is we're not gonna see each other often next year.
i guess when ya'll decided to stay so far up 
is coz ya'll wanna exercise your rights as a third year senior.

so unless we eat together,
there's no way we're gonna meet.

this might juz be goodbye.
for now.

maybe we'll feel better after the break.


second thing i wanna do,
is say happy [belated] birthday.

to mouse and wei ming.

Happy being 22 years young!!!

enjoy it fully before you get less young.

and stay happy,

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

ooo... so short a post!!!XD

Good Morning!!!

Finished another paper!! yay!!!
*throws confetti*

i'm happy with it.
finished all my notes eventually,
went over it a few times.

wrote everything that i know.
if it's not enough then.....

too bad lo.
what to do?

i'm always optimistic when it comes to results.
no matter what i get. XD
i juz dun see why it would affect me.
the only diff is if i get first class honours or not.
if i get it,
then bye bye PTPTN.
you'll have to pay urself.

if i don't get it,
well, do what i should do in the first place.

i'd rather have ok-results and a life thank you.
some ppl juz study too hard and dun really have a life.
especially those who study professional courses.
like my sis for example.
but she's a diff case.
at least she studied hard 
and played hard.
but now she's working very hard.

i guess if you study those courses you're prepared to work on unexpected hours.

you think you're gonna have a life when you start working?

of course,

it's called

9 to 5 life.

unless you become a free-lancer. or a teacher.
then you'll have half day life.

yesternight was get-to-know-where-you're-gonna-stay-next-sem-night.
a.k.a room "voting" night.
(i dun get why they call it that since we dun get to vote where we stay. we juz draw lots)
went down to give moral support to my future roommate a.k.a Joo San a.k.a my cc daughter.

the main and actual motif was to go and bat gua.
coz it's juz like lucky draw,  you don't really need moral support.

we juz have to see how lucky you are in getting the new room.
if you're lucky,
you'll juz get B300!! YAY!!!

but unlucky us,
we got A100. 
i'm gonna miss my big cupboard A LOT!!!!

chui hong got my current room,
they initially wanted to change,
but the changing thing came too late and they've decided to stay here.
it would be nice to stay back in this room,
since selina and shiah would be on the same floor. 
there's always a first in everything i guess.
first time staying in A block, 
first time staying in other than B block,
first time having to climb so high to get to my room,
first time having the room number that's less than 10,
first time living with juniors,
first time having a small cupboard.
it's like half the size of my current cupboard. 
*looks at my cupboard sadly*
no, wait, 
make it 1/3.

atleast i'll have roommates that would eat in DS.
i asked. XD

a new life is commencing!!! 

in 2 months time.

so, found this in FB.
watch it.
it gives ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww a new meaning. 



phrase of the post:
ce n'est pas mal(pronounced se nay pa maa-ll)= this is not bad./ this is good. [when the french say this is not bad, it means it's very good, not like our "*shrug*, not bad".]

have i taught this before?
that's what J_Fish has to stay say~ Au Revoir~

Thursday, 29 April 2010

floor defender!!!

ok, exaggerated.

i witnessed a monkey trying to get into our floor and try and mess it up again as i finished collecting my clothes.

the monkey was really brave. 
or, other words,

they're not afraid of humans anymore.
i stood there, face to face with the monkey
and i saw it try and open the door.

so i held tight to the door.
the monkey apparently wasn't happy.

it gave me the stare and kinda showed it's teeth to threaten me.
ya sure,
like that's gonna scare me.
then it tried to open the door again!!!!

well i was still holding on to the door so it still can't open it.
stupid monkey.

this time it was angry.
it hopped nearer to me and opened it's mouth and showed it's teeth
erm.. fangs again.

that's not gonna do any difference.
if it doesn't work once,
it's not gonna work again in 30secs time.

i gave it the stare and i guess mine was more scary.
it juz ran to the stairs and stayed there and hoped that i'll juz go away.
so i juz bolted the door.

sorry monkey.
i know you need to find food to feed your children and all,
but this is NOT the right place.

you'll make all the stupid bitches scream their lungs out again if i let you in.
i think the girls are more annoying than the monkey.

Why the F*** would you stand there and scream at the sight of a monkey?
like screaming would scare them away... ppffttt.....

juz take another route morons!!!

unless the monkey's standing in front of ur door.
then u'll juz have to wait till the monkey runs off.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Road Trip with Broadband

i wanna go on a road trip before i graduate (or start working)!!!

around peninsular malaysia. that's enough to drive.
can't do it alone.
who's with me?!! 


...pirate pirate pirate...

we can all rent a car,
(or two, if we still stick together by that time)
or, since some of us have cars, 
we can just draw lots on who's car to use.
or we can drive a car from penang till kl,
then change cars.

drive around peninsular malaysia with only beach clothing and money.
lotsa money!!


we can visit all the bitches beaches on the coastline. 
and the romantic places.
and historical places.

but then i'll miss my fake lashes a lot.
can't wear fake lashes to the sea right...
they'll float away if i get into the water...

can't wait till we finally have the chance.
that is,
if ya'll wanna go.
if not....

i'll juz go backpacking.
to France.


but it's gonna need a whole lot more money if i go there for a week than going around peninsular for 3 months.
the airfare alone would be cut throat already... 

so...... please go with me.
please please please please please... (and it juz goes on and on and on)

if i continue to try and be a (full-time)blogger
i'll need to bring my lappy along and internet!!!

or i can juz get an iPhone and steal ppl's wifi service.
sit at coffee shop when i have the chance.
i can juz stop being stingy and get myself some real broadband service.


more project alpha coming right up!!! 

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


this used to be (one of) my... identity(?) when i was in high school.
not coz i had a birth mark on my face,
nor because i looked ugly.

my best friend, Dawn was still with my bro Johnny then.
it was an inside joke anyway.
hard to explaine here.

today i stumbled upon this song.
钟无艳by 谢安琪 Kay. (zhongwuyan is a person, not a thing. she's a character in one of the chinese.... mythologies. XD)
love it a lot.
this is my first time listening to a song by Kay.
never was interested in cantonese songs.

the story is something like 大哥 by 卫兰. 
doesn't end like it though.
it's the sad version.
the song, not the mv.

there are 2 versions of the mv i think. i like the other 1 better, with the school.. erm... children?... teens? go and watch it in youtube. can't embed it. it's disabled. i enabled the "related videos".

a tribute to those who've fallen for their best friends. XD

are you one of them?

 another song i wanna share.
a song that i found in youtube too.
kinda old,
but oldies are better. >_____________<

it's called 我为什么那么爱你 by阿妹(why do I love you so much by amei)


phrase of the post:
mais pourquoi je t'aime? (may poo-rh qua je t-a[like air]-m)?= but why do i love you?
that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. thanks to my baby D for trying to understand. XD love ya!! >___________<

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

enlightened. awoken.

i finally found out the solution to my problems.
thanks a lot to ee for telling me all that. 
thanks to jason too.

now, i'll juz have to wait till thursday and face my worst nightmare.
simple right? 

wish me dry tear ducts people.
hate to cry in front of ppl. >_____________<...
and i can't think nor talk when i cry...
hope it can somehow resolve the problem.

i should learn to be a true bimbo.
i dun think bimbos will get all these problems.
they're way too happy-go-lucky to get themselves into this kinda situations.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 26 April 2010

what i have to learn

got this from terry soo from facebook.
dunno the guy,
but my friend shared it.
i guess this is what i have to learn.

费 感情



自己 看,自己哭给自己听

的只 剩下自己了

选择 屏蔽,不会再有人让我不快乐





要插 手
that's wat J_Fish has to learn~ Au Revoir~

oh shit....

i think someone hacked my blog.

someone changed parts of my last entry.

you better not let me find out who u r coz i'm definitely going to the police if i know who did this.

loving you ~ loving me

yesterday my sister was talking about how similar i am with her boyfriend.

we both have the middle child syndrom 
(i guess she came up with that by herself)
USUALLY middle child are more rebellious than the other children.

coz if you're the first child,
you're like the new thing in the family.
first born.
get to take more pictures,
new stuff...

then if u're the middle child,
u usually get hand-me-downs.
u're sibling's stuff.
and u're parents are probably tired of being so loving and caring to the first child,
u'd get less attention.

yeah, people say it's bullshit,
that parents always love their children equally as much,
or they try to.
but that's what i think,
from a middle child's point of view.
especially when all your siblings are of the same gender.

i guess there always are exceptions,
like if ur last sibling is less lovable than you.
if you're as lovable,
u'd probably get loved less.

then if you're the last child,
you usually get more pampering.
coz usually there's this gap in the ages between u an dur older siblings.
you are more vulnerable coz u're juz sooo young and small and vulnerable to your parents.
and they'd probably have more time for you.

so, if you're the first child,
you're probably independent and more mature in ur thinking.
you'd think that people are childish not because u're rude,
but juz coz u're born into the situation that you have to be matured.
so you can't see why people would think like they do.
you'd have to be the guinea pig of your siblings,
venture into unknown waters,
not because you want to,
but you have to.
parents' opinions are not always helpful coz they simply live in a different era.

if you're the middle child,
you'd be more dependent.
less matured in thinking coz you'll always have the older sibling to ask for opinions.
(unless your older sibling is not matured at all)
even if you don't ask,
if they know where you're headed,
they'd juz give them to you.

if you're the last child,
people would think that you're the most childish,
as in less matured in thinking,
but no. especially if you're siblings are more than 5 years older than you.
you have to go through life in a diff way than your siblings.
it's like the parents opinion thing.
5 years is a lot of change.
so last childs usually are independent and matured too.
unless the parents' really don't wanna let you go and learn.

i guess if i get to choose who to fall in love with,
i wouldn't choose a middle child.

it would be like 爱你就等于爱自己。

phrase of the post
est-ce que je t'aime? (pronounced ass-ke je t-a[like ass]m)?
do i love you?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~