Saturday, 17 April 2010

hiatus, telur dadar and Emma Watson

hiatus is a new word i learned from Voon today.
it means no activities happening.
or a lot of free time i guess.

telur dadar is what i juz realized i'm in love with.
i order it almost every time i go to the mamak stall.
to all who dunno what is a telur dadar,
it's fried egg, beaten before fried.
do they have a name for it in english??
not scrambled eggs if that's what you're thinking.
it's in one piece.

love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.  .w.

i have a crush on Emma Watson. XD

she's so pretty, and smart,
since she's in Brown,
i guess smart can be used to describe her.
and talented.
not to mention successful....
with all the Burberry ads and campaign,
dramas under her belt,
and of course, Hermione...

did i mention pretty?

i love her look.
cute and matured. sexy too. 
pick one.

i wanna be like her when i grow up.

i'm older than her....

another one of those dreams

yup, back again bout dreams.
(read this if interested bout the previous dream entry)

the night before yesternight,
i dreamed of mouse.

it wasn't anything sweet,
not a date or a chat.
it was juz a dream with him in it,
and it's enough to make me not wanna wake up.

yesternight i dreamt that i was in an amusement park.
something like genting theme park,
but way cooler.

it has this very cool ride that i got on.
it went through the whole park
went very high up, 
with nothing under the rails.
we were practically flying.
in a roller coaster.
and at the end of the ride, we didn't go back to the start.
we ended somewhere in the middle of the sea.
with something like a giant table, 
only for us to cling on.
we kinda got swung off the roller coaster in the end.
it's supposed to do that i guess.

guess this is what i want in real life.
i dun believe that dreams mean the opposite of real life.
my mom says that if i dream that i get chased by a snake,
it means someone's seeing me, 
and he's on the move.
the thing is,
i get those dreams very often,
but see where i am.

i dun remember killing those snakes in the dreams....

i think dreams are what we want to happen in real life,
in a way it's the opposite of real life too.
it's what we can't, or haven't get in real life.

i guess i wished that i have more chances 
to live life on the wild side.
take a roller coaster ride life once in awhile.
and not end at the starting point in the end.

everything is so routine here.

the same faces,
the same food,
the same places,
the same life.

yes, susan, 
i am sick,
sick of this life.

Friday, 16 April 2010

when in Rome

should've gone to italy instead of swiss when i went to france.

i ran away today.
juz for a few hours.
no1 even knew i ran away.

i was planing to visit the museum.
the website says it's walking distance from KLcentral.
so i got off at KLCentral,
but which direction?

so i ditched the idea,
and got on anoter train to goodness-knows-where.
got off at...
masjid jamek i think.
the malay petaling street?
then i was followed by this weird guy who was pretending he was talking on the phone.
i thought he was also walking pass the market,
but then when he stopped whenever i stop and took every turning that i took,
things got scary.
i tried to ditch him, but he kept following me.
until i went back to the LRT station.

then i went back to station Kerinchi,
figuring that since it's half way between Station U and Mid,
I could spare some cab money.
but then there weren't any cabs there.
then went back on the train and got to Station U, finally.
took the bus.

got there,
went to the cinema.
was deciding wat to watch while i was in the queue.
I wanted to watch "How to train your dragon",
but the next show will be at 10.45pm.
(it's only 10.06pm now.)

Bought ticket for "When in Rome".
got into the wrong cinema,
(clumsy as usual).
i bought the ticket 5mins before the show started.
it started juz after i sat down.

the show's quite nice.
it's about a girl who's always unlucky with love
(remind you of someone?)
but coz she's a workaholic.

when her sister get's married in Rome,
she flew there,
fell in love with the best man,
and then a little misunderstanding happened.

she took some coins from the love fountain
(wishing well for love)
and that's when things starts getting funny.

she picks up some coins that some ppl threw into the fountain,
and they fell in love with her.
without even seeing her,
or knowing her at all.
they went after her and the story goes on.

picking up ppl's wishing coins and they fall in love with you?
it's impossible. 
that's stupid.

(by the way,
ya'll know any love fountains in KL?)

then went shopping. 
bought some stuff.
loved them.

got back at 8 something,
and started trying my stuff.
till now.

then i finally found out that my phone's camera is functioning again!!!
I tried it this afternoon but didn't work.
it decided to take pictures?

my phone has PMS....

phrase of the post:
J'ai vu ma sourit aujourd'hui.(pronounced jay voo maa suu-rii au[like audition]-joo-d-wii)
= i saw my mouse today!!! ^___________________^

when i was coming back.
his hair seems longer.

how long has it been??!!!

p.s. can't believe I watched a chick flick in the cinema... >_____________<

Thursday, 15 April 2010

i dun like when

people say i'm wrong when i know i'm definitely right.

that day i was reading a blog 

the girl used "mua" to mean "my".
ok, that's what i did when i didn't know how to spell "moi".
but i put an apostrophe after the word mua so it's mua's 
like oliver's, john's....
it juz sounds more correct than mua something.....

well, moi actually means me, not my or mine.

so if you say mua blog or mua laptop,
it juz sounds like a pirate.
like me blog and me laptop.
u know like in the movies how they talk...

i told the girl in her chatbox that mua is spelled "moi" and it means me,
and said if she used it like that it's wrong.
with good intentions mind you.
i know i know, shouldn't put my nose in other ppl's business.. but heck,
i juz didn't want her to look stupid.

and to show off that i know the word moi.....?

then this person nicknamed "guest".. WTH...
comes around and says this

i dunno if it's a slang or not, but wat effect can it create?

even if it's a slang that's supposed to mean moi, a.k.a me,
saying mua eyes and mua ears are wrong, grammatically.

i'm not even talking to that person.
it's either a super fan of the girl,
or the blogger herself,
disguised as guest to call me dumbass 
so she can still keep her readers even after calling them dumbass.

or the person actually meant that the effect that's supposed to be created is the dumbass effect?

well ppl, i might not be an expert in French,
but i know that "moi" means only one thing, "me".

it depends on what the item you're gonna say after the word my.
words of the post:
moi, mon, ma, mes. (pronounced mua, mong, maaa, may)

mon (masculine), ma (feminine), mes(plural) all means "my"

it depends on what gender is the noun that comes after it.

for example,
petit ami = boyfriend.
it's obviously masculine, 
so it's mon petit ami.
if it's petite amie = girl friend.
(-e usually makes nouns feminine. usually.)
so it's ma petite amie

if you're a playboy,
you'll have petites amies. plural. (-es means feminine, plural. usually)
so you can say mes petites amies. 

sadly, mouse if always feminine,
so i can only say ma souris,
though in reality, mr jwL is a guy.

but i can always call him,
mon cher... 
nope, no thx.
sounds kinda gross...... XD

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

i can see clearly now the rain is gone
i can see all obstacles in my way
gone all the dark clouds that had me blind
it's gonna be a bright, bright, sun shiny day


can i have a bucket full of sunshine?

take me away.

to a secret place,

a sweet escape,

take me away.

missing mouse.

la souris me manque. 

dun remember the last time i saw him.

the show

ok, i thought the date night prize from Nuffnang was tomorrow.
remember i wrote an entry about going out on a date with mouse?
rewind.... date night.

so, i won 2 tickets.
i thought it's tomorrow till Wenji suddenly mentioned the date.
luckily it was only 4 something. 
the movie starts at 9.
since voon wasn't really prepared to go,
i asked chi yee instead.

we go there at about 8.40. 
then got the tickets.
yay!!! gonna watch a movie for free!!

then walked around aimlessly for like 15 mins.

walked into the cinema.
we got C12 n C13. should be ok right?
the thing is, TGV's rows start with the last alphabet first.
it means we're on the third row from the front.

yay!!! gonna watch a free movie!!
 when the show started,
it wasn't Date Night at all.
it was the clash of the titans. 

we thought we were in the wrong cinema.

so we went out. 
luckily we saw the staff and he told us it was the right cinema.
wrong show.
after stopping the film,
it took about 20mins to get the film right.

that's when i had time to realise that the back of TGV seats are super low and the seats are quite narrow. to the front and the side.

the show was worth the wait.
it was really funny throughout the film.
non-stop laughing.
which is kinda annoying coz the guy next to me keep laughing the spit laugh.
u know when ppl go "ppztHAHAHAHAHA"...
and he keeps rocking the chair when he laughs....

chi yee fell asleep from the start till near the end.
he was sick.
shouldn't asked him. >__________<

it's about these married couple trying to enjoy a date but get themselves into trouble.
on the way out of trouble,
they talked and somehow reignited the fire.


talking about married couples,
i don't think i'll ever find someone who would be good enough for me.

no1 would be laugh at all my super lame jokes,
no1 would be ok to go on walks with me during study week,
no1 would read my blog everyday and click the "like" even though it's pure lameness
(like this entry)
no1 would drive less coz i say it's killing the environment.
no1 would get to know my friends before coming near me,
no1 would even get to know me better.
no1 would say you're make-up is fine,
no1 would play basketball, be tall, be cute, be artistic, be sweet, be charming, be a-know-it-all.... and love me at the same time. 
no1 would even be crazy enough to tell me that he loves me straight in the face.
no1 would send me flowers once in awhile (even after we've been together for more than 3 months)
no1 would come all the way from his place juz coz i needed a hug.
no1 would say i'm angry with you, instead of i'm fine. we always know you're lying..
no1 would say "i love you juz the way you are"
no1 would eat sushi with me whenever i wanted,
no1 would go watch a movie with me without planning bout it first.
no1 would sing with me out loud when we're driving somewhere far,
no1 would drive with me on road trips to nowhere.
no1 would look me straight in the eyes, say you're beautiful and wasn't trying to get lucky.
no1 would enjoy lamb or beef steak with me all the time.
no1 would go to sleep early juz coz i say it's bad for your health.
no1 would walk to KFC with me every fortnight, 
or even eat KFC every fortnight.
no1 would like western food like i do.
no1 would listen to my never ending whining and still love me. 
no1 would give me the freedom that i need.
and even if such a man existed,
he would be taken,

or GAY.

that's not fair.
why are so many cute men gay??
can't they leave some for the women?

phrase of the post:
je ne suis pas content (pronounced je ne s-wii pa kon-ton)= i'm not happy

that's what J_Fish the emo queen has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i shouldn't use would. most of them could be done, juz that no1 has ever done them before. not even 1.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

one of those dreams

juz woke up from my nap.
had one of those dreams where you felt like it's been a long long time,
but then when you woke up and checked the clock,
it's only been 5 mins.

that happened the first time i woke up.

after i went back to sleep,
had one of those dreams when you don't wanna wake up.
you're juz so happy in the dream that when you wake up,
you know all the peaceful feeling happiness will be gone.
you can't remember what happened during the dream,
but it was peaceful and happy.

that happened when my alarm went off for the first time.

as, usual, Snoozed. 

i always think that the snooze word in my phone is spelled differently every time.

i guess it's cause every time i hit the button i'm drowsy.. 

then the time when i officially woke up,
i had one of those dreams when you don't wanna wake up,
not coz the dream is good or happy,
it's simply because you know when you wake up,
you face reality again.

well, anyway, i woke up, eventually,
so reality,

i wanna talk about a very diff topic.


not the phone type of PDA.
P-ublic D-isplay of A-ffection.

it's short for kissing and those stuff in public.
and if you don't do it in public but u post the pictures around where everyone can see even if they don't want to, that's PDA.

hate people who do that.

guess i'm juz jealous.
but heck.


holding hands is ok. 

hugging.... hmmm....


nope, no thanks. 
appreciate the kindness of sharing but i won't wanna see it even if you give me free tickets.

sharing these stuff is NOT caring.
saw some photos on facebook today.

i dunno if they wanted to post them purposely 
or they forgot that when you click "share" it means the whole world will see them.
at least the people reading facebook at that particular time being.

i know, you'll say 
"hey, it's our right to be showing our love.
our love is too much to surpress till we get a room.
we have the right to eat our partner's face wherever and whenever we feel like it.
and we don't give a fuck what you old fashioned-losers think.
well to those couples out there who does PDA,
keep it to yourselves will ya?
you might think it's ok,
but to some people it's not.

you might hurt some poor souls,
like me. XD

wat if one of us tried to hang ourselves in the toilet (and died of loss of blood coz the toilet seat broke and cut us instead) coz we're too sad coz we couldn't get over the sadness of a break-up or are juz sad coz we're S.A.D?
(single and desperate. XD)

wouldn't you feel bad if you know you caused it?

nah, you'd probably laugh at us.

phrase of the pose post:
un beau rêve (pronounced aa-ng bo rh-a[like in air]-v
(i always thought that dreams are feminine, not in french i guess)
a beautiful dream

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 12 April 2010

let's go for a walk

i have no study mood at all. 
been watching movies since yesterday.

feel like going for a walk.
to the pasar malam maybe,
but with who?

i guess that's the downside of having all friends from KL.

since i can't take new photos,
i decided to edit old photos instead. 

the nerd
the wild girl. XD
took the second photo quite some time ago.
i was bored in the room. 
love my double eye lids...
don't see them like that often. XD

the glasses in the first photo is fake. 
added with the editing software.

but i think i do look like that with my glasses. 

i wanna go for a walk!!!!
miss the days when voon, jason and i went for walks.
hadn't done that since...
the end of last sem i guess.

post of the phrase:
je veux me promemade (pronounced je v-er m-er prom-a[like a boy, a dog]n-aaaaa-d)=
i want to go for a walk.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Sunday, 11 April 2010


it's COraline,
not CAroline.

watched it this morning.
very nice cartoon.
it teaches us 
that we should be happy with what we have.

it's kinda creepy, but cute.

watch this

watched Big Fish too. (a Tim Burton film
a re-watch actually.
loved the film the first time i watched,
loved it the other times too.
very interesting story.

it's about a son trying to figure out which part of his father's life story is real.
his father likes to tell his life in a very interesting, tall tale way,
but his son hates it and doesn't trust his fater coz of that.

hope the films come out in my exams.

phrase of the post:
aimez vos parents (pronounced a[like how we say the alphabet]-may vo pa-rhon]
= love your parents

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i finally know how to post videos in my blog!!! XD FINALLY

i burned my forehead again yesterday evening.
higher forehead = more burning surface?

my lappy juz crashed while i was editing this post!!!
why does this happen?