Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hottest story ever!!!

if you clicked because of the

fooled you. XD

ok, it's a play i juz came back from.
very cool and funny play
by my church members.

it talks about why Jesus died and how the demons planned for it to happen.
unknown to them,
God was behind all their plans.

it was very funny but i don't think the message was really strong.
but still, i enjoyed it.

wanted to take photos but until i get a new phone,
no pictures for you.

i'm camera-less. 

it makes me feel handicapped.

how can the third price winner of ss-ness doesn't have a camera!!
that's mad!!

Vincent sent a message, again.
he said he didn't want to ask if i forgave him,
but if i still treated him as a friend like during orientation week.

to be honest,
i don't remember wht the heck happened during that week.
i don't remember who i talked to and what about.
i juz remembered mouse and poh ling.
she was my group 10 member. we hung out during that week.
and some time after that.
but then we grew apart.
can't really handle her loudness.

he said i changed.
that i am stronger than when he first talked to me.
he remembered the first conversation.
i surely don't.

i had cintan chicken flavored noodles and salty egg for lunch.
twiggies and soya milk for dinner.
what weird combinations right? XD

weekend food always suck in college.
i went for the hotdog breakfast though.
tomorrow is bread!!! 
should i bring my own butter?

i'm well equipped for study week that started...
it started today. or tomorrow since it's the first day of the week.

2 cans of Pringles that i got from carrefour midvalley for Rm3.49 each.
how cheap is that?! XD
forgot the last time i ate them,
but i remembered that i got really itchy, kinda swollen and reddish rashes when i ate too much of it.
i also got 4 salty eggs, which i already ate 1,
soya milk,
cintan chicken flavour,
and of course my favorite fried seaweed!!

ok, study week starts now!!!

doesn't mean i'm gonna start studying.

phrase of the post:
je ne veux pas travailler (pronounced je n-er[without pronouncing the "r"] v-er[same with ne] pa tra-va-i-yay) = i don't want to work, or i don't want to do anything. it's also the name of a song.

that's what J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Friday, 9 April 2010


the thing about watching greek mythology films,
is that you have to know some basic about it.

finally watched Clash of the Titans!!
so outdated....
it's a nice show by the way.
not great, but somehow, nice.

so, we were talking about greek mythology.

there was this scene where the guy covered a dead man's eyes with coins,
and said that it was a bribe for the ferry man,
a lot of ppl laughed.
i even heard ppl say bodoh.

no, bodoh, that's not bodoh at all.

that's a greek belief.

when people die, they go to Haedes,
their god of the underworld.
but to crossover, they have to take the ferry.
(as later seen in the film)
the money is really believed to be used to bribe the ferry man, Charon
so that they'll have a safe journey across the river Styx,
(the river that separates earth and the underworld.)
and reach the underworld.
those who cannot pay will not be able to cross the river.
[means they'll be stuck between hell and earth.

well, the coin should be in the mouth anyway.

Io, "the girl who was cursed for agelessness,"
was originally in Greek mythology Zeus's mistress,
instead of his son, Perseus's gf.

the greek gods really liked to marry their sisters or brothers.
Zeus is married to his sister, Hera.
(very jealous goddess)
[probably because Zeus fooled around alot.]
{or maybe that's the reason he fooled around alot.}

it'll take years and years to really know every detail of the greek mythology,
since Zeus alone, has had like 3million wives/lovers.
ok, exagerated.
but hey, seriously,
he caused alot of girls to become pregnant.

by the way, Zeus is the king of the greeks gods, and Hera, his wife,
of course is the queen of all gods.
they and their family live on top of Mt. Olympus,
the highest mountain in Greece.

Poseidon, Zeus's brother, is god of the seas,
and Hades, mentioned 500 times, is the god of the underworld.

he didn't marry his sister.
he married his niece, Persephone instead.
and by the way, he kidnapped her.
(Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter)
[Zeus was Demeter's brother]

Persephone should be very pretty,
coz it was said that Hermes, Ares, Apollo, and Hephaestus
who are her brothers or uncle,
wooed her. 

ok. i'm getting too far.
i should stop.
for more information, visit greek mythology.
you'll get other link from there. 
have fun reading!! XD

you'll need a lot of time by the way.

i enjoyed my day out anyway.
i haven't spent "me time" in quite awhile.
the only person who will never fail to cheer you up is yourself.
and the only thing that never fails to cheer me up,
is money, plenty of money.

let's face it. money might not be everything,
it's almost everything.

i spent RM60 to buy a new memoy card for my phone
coz i thought that was the reason i can't take photos,
but after i changed the card,
it still didn't work.

so now i'm RM60 shorter of cash,
and my phone's not better. 

phrase of the post:
j'aime voir les films dams le cinema(pronounced jam vu-ar lay film don le cinema)!! = i love watching films in the cinema

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Thursday, 8 April 2010

the big 100

YAY!!! it's my 100th post!!!

i wanna thank my mom, my dad, my friends and my blog readers (who are also my friends)

abandoned my blog for 3 days!!! 
that's alot, since i've been updating everyday since.... i forgot when.

i juz wanna leave my confession as the first post people see for a few days.

i should juz make it a link on my sidebar.

then i wanna thank Nuffnang. 
remember the fake date post i posted which alot of you got conned?
i won tickets for the post. XD...
it's for the screening of the movie "Date Night".

i'm supposed to bring a date.
but since i can't think of a suitable person who can be considered a date,
i asked voon instead. XD

no, i'm not going to ask mouse if that's what you're thinking.
if i had the guts to ask him out on a date,
i would have the guts to confess to him,
instead of doing it in my blog.

i'm so lazy to upload my MAB photos...
my phone's memory card died. 

ok, time to update on what i've done these few days.

first, tuesday. (i forgot what happened monday.)
it was cc's annual meeting, a.k.a 
getting rid of responsible day!!!
it took very long.

some people are juz plain stupid and childish.

i'm glad that a lot of people who were leaving stayed when i announced the cc awards.

after everything, (meeting ended at 12 something A.M.)
i had to continue writing my 4000 word project paper.
i didn't manage to get 4000 anyway.

then there was wednesday.
it was a 'fun' day.
coz tuesday juz sucked.
though i had to finish 2 assignments,
it was totally a breeze compare to the hellish 4000 words.

then there was today.
today was the best day of the week.

i went to class for revision,
tried to finish the group assignment.
i finished my part already.
my other group mate forgot to bring hers.
but it's ok. since the last day is tomorrow.

then modified my research paper,
handed it in,
got an invitation by antoon to attend his conflict class,
went to ss2's RHB to fix my ATM card.
i can withdraw money!!
but i don't have money to withdraw.

got A&W on my way home.
forgot when was the last time i had A&W...
but it was good.

now i am totally free. 
until exam week comes along...

it's raining..
i finally can play basketball and it's raining...

phrase of the post:
il pleuvait (pronounced ill pl-er-v-ay) = it's raining. / it was raining.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 5 April 2010

to jwL


this girl has fallen stupid for you.

when i fist saw you,
i was attracted already.
you reminded me of my ex,
the na-yeng version.

yes, that's how i felt when i first met you.

that was until i saw you play.

we never talked till much later.
i guess your friends mentioned me in some way.
i don't remember our first conversation,
when and what it was about.
i didn't expect that i'd fall for you,

but then things are always unexpected to human beings.
heaven knows.

i just want to say
there was a time,
that a girl had u stuck in her mind.
nothing she did could shake you off,
and she did nothing to make that happen.

her friends doubted that this feeling was love,
since she didn't know you well,
but since it's been more than a year, 
there's no denial to that.

she knows she doesn't understand you,
what would you look for in a girl,
the way you think,
the colour you like,
the food you enjoy,
but she tries hard to learn about you through her conversation with your friends.

you have so much in common
sometimes she wonders if it's love or envy.
you are the person she would want to become.

it might be the mysterious air that surrounds you that attracts her so much.
it might be the talent,
it might be that smile.
she just doesn't know.

she doesn't want to dream about being yours,
for she know that she'll have to wake up and smell the cruelty of reality.

this girl just wants to share her feelings somewhere,
where you might stumble upon one fine day.

and if you do,
tell her that you finally know.

this girl might not know too much about you,
but yes,
she loves you.

this girl sincerely wishes that you are happy no matter what happens in your future.

her story will continue, no matter what,
but she would be glad if you're the paper she writes it on.

this girl is hoping 
that you'll never forget her.
this girl is hoping
that you'll know how she feels some day.

this girl is here,

 this girl is me.

 wish that you're happy,