Saturday, 20 March 2010

2 weddings and hopefully no funeral

as ya'll know,
it's amy and weng soon's wedding!!

it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo


got up at 3.30 today.

went to have curry wan tan mee with selina, shiah, foong and soon loong.

the stall is in sea park.
only opens from 4-6 A.M.

it was juz ok if u ask me.
the others seemed to enjoy it though...

started preparing the minute i got back.


didn't have enough time to really curl my hair
so it was almost straighten by the end of the lunch reception.

went to 3 places for the wedding.

1st stop,
amy's aunt's house.

got there a little later than we should.
she's soooooooooooo pretty.

that's the first pit stop,
where the groom and his heng dai's do their best to get in.
(a.k.a where we get to knock a whole in the groom's pocket.)

it was not as fun as i expected...
but still super funny!!
didn't get to take any photos or videos thought..
my phone was not with me.

the nicest part was
when they asked the groom to read stuff
in mandarine
which he can't.
he juz followed the pin yin at the bottom.
they made him sign every page that he read.
it was the bride's idea.
he "promised" to share his love with her family,
share the house chores and
best of all
share his properties.
and to keep his temper under whatever circumstances...
awwwww... *lol*
the bride came up with all the words by herself.

makes me wonder what i should do to my groom in the future...
(if i ever get to find someone who's willing to make such a big sacrifice)

maybe i should juz make him promise not to break his promises.

even small ones.

then we waited for the tea ceremony to end.
(didn't get to be in it...
we have to be related and married)

took pictures with the happy couple.
(their not husband and wife yet, legally)

then ran off to my sis's place for a short rest.

next stop,
church weddings are awsomely romantic!!!
can't tahan...

always wanted a church wedding...
but then i have to find a fellow christian to be my beloved hubby...

oh well..
*sings God will make a way~*

the vows..
it's the usual
(yes, us do part, not do us part)
but still
super AWWWWWWWWW...... !!!

then the slide show...
made me almost cry...
the romantic-ness is beyond words.

they even added in the message
from the groom that started their relationship.

I wonder who kept the copy.
Amy or Weng Soon?

or maybe they juz made up something equivalent....

then there were performances by the church members.
a wedded couple sang
"sometimes you take my breath away"
the guy played the guitar and his wife sang.

then the young people sang "you're everything(?)" by Micheal Buble

after all that awwwwwww...s
i sent my sis back and went to the third destination
*"all by myself" playing in the background*

it was in tropicana golf and country resort.
or something like that.

it seemed super far.

but padahal,
it was only 20 mins away.
(if speeding)
the ballroom was pretty.
reminded me of last year's MAB ballroom.
it even has a room called--------


the moment i saw it my heart skipped a beat.
it was love at first sight!

**i'm so vain.
i just know that this room is meant for me~~
i'm so vain,
i really know this room is juz for me~~ yes me~~ juz me~~**

went to the toilet before going into it.
then when i was half way touching up my make-up
(was secretly deciding to take photos with the mirrors around)
the weng soon and amy came in...
(still thought she looked super pretty just now)

congratulated her again and we talked for a little.

she's tired.
but it's a once in a lifetime tiredness.
she's happy.

waited extremely long for the lunch reception to start.
slipped into the toilet again.
when i got back,
they were playing the slideshow of their wedding photos.


they looked so made-for-each-other.

the photographers are great.

then came the food,
and in between they slipped in some entertainment
that consist of video's by their friends,
speech by andrew, amy's bro,
slide shows and of course

Y~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AM SENG!!!

on the way back i got lost.
so i asked for help from some ppl
standing by the roadside.
one of the guys were going to pj
so he brought me all the way to pj gate.
he even turned in near the gate.

to bad didn't get his number. XD

the other wedding is xia xue's.
juz watched the video.


it's a long post already.

but i still wanna say one last thing...

清汤面= 清汤+黄面, not 粿条汤。
if you wanna order 粿条汤 then juz say 粿条汤。
so not like in penang...
wanna order wat juz say straight away...

that's wat J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. phrase of the post :
très romantique (pronounced tray ro-mon-tic) = very romantic


and pray that  seat yin will get well soon.

Friday, 19 March 2010

count down to tomorrow

it's Amy's wedding tomorrow!!!

known her since...
i dunno..


or maybe before that.

can't believe she's getting married.


okok. she's marry-age,
but yet,
she's my first friend to get married.


anxious about tomorrow.
i'm gonna get to see guys paint their nails with my bright orange nail polish.

*evil laughter*

it's one of the "punishments" before the groom gets to see his beautiful bride.

today was kinda a nice day.

went to sing k (finally) with pin, zi loong and chee keong.
first time in this sem.

I've been a good girl.

didn't get to sing much.
but it was nice to sing with them.

bought my hair curler.
NOT going to cut my hair short after all.
i can't take in the image of my long hair being snipped away.
and there were none.

maybe not so soon.

played around with it.

totally love my wavy/curly hair look!!

since voon went home already...

lonely.. i am so lonely
i have nobody... in the room.. oooooh~

my dinner was very cool.

i had mushroom soup.
a mixture of mixed mushrooms, cheezy mushrooms and original mushroom from vono.

and this baby that i can't miss

time to sleep.

need to wake up really early tmr to curl my hair + ban leng leng.

nights people!!
phrase of the post: je m'aime! (pronounced je m-am[as in i am a girl])= i love my self!!!

that's what j_fish want to say~ Au Revoir~

Happy birthday!!!

to soon loong@seph@da jie@soon to be ex-cc head.

i don't know if he enjoyed the dinner just now,

but i know i did.

it's been so long since we laughed out loud together.

i still feel weird dome time during the pasar malam walk,
but other than that,
i loved each moment.

thank's for giving us the chance to enjoy that time.

the midnight mission was sad though.

they tied him,(funny to see)
we sang the song, (happy)

they ran around trying to avoid the deadly grasps of soon loong (funnier)

they ignored soon loong and had fun in their own way,

during the supposed to be soon loong's party.



what are ya'll doing there at the first place?

today was a weird day.
i actually enjoyed tutorial class for semiotics.

seems like the um leng zai leng lui group is the hottest thing on fb.

some are really leng zai and leng lui,
some are, i think pranks.

photos uploaded by their friends to make fun of them.

after going through almost all of the photos,
there's only 1 person from fbl,
who's an iranian boy who i've never seen.
(how could i have missed such a handsome guy?!!!!)

there's so many leng luis in fbl...
maybe we should juz upload dr.antoon's photo.

i enjoyed the day, 
the dinner,
the pasar malam walk,
the laughter,
the "show"
and the moment.

hope ya'll enjoyed it too.

and once again,


phrase of the post:
joyeux anniversaire (pronounced jua-year anni-vers-airh)= happy birthday!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Exhibit A

i'm reading a book called
"how to make anyone fall in love with you"
by Leil Lowndes.

i sound desperate,
but it's a book my coach lent me,
since i can't get a boy,
might as well make everyone fall for me.
then i choose slumber-ly...
*evil laughter*

it's a 3 book... book.
(what's the term used again?)

i'm using myself as Exhibit A
for the experiment:
does the tips given in the book work?

i've read about half of the first book.
the conclusion that i've got?

this might really work.
the book is based on tests and tests.

the main point that i've catched-

always be prepared.
physically, and mentally.

the author claims that 
men actually prefer women who wear lipstick.

what the heck.
i'd go for the eyes,
and i think that guys would go for boobs and butt,
but i'm no guy.
girls usually look at what the guys wear.
it's not necessary to dress up,
everyone has their own liking in dressing.
just be yourself,
the tidier version.

being mentally prepared means that
you have to be alert all the time.
you won't know when he or she is gonna walk in that door,
or walk past you,
or sit at the table opposite of yours,
bump into you at that corner you turn everyday.
(not good for people who drive).
the point is,
there's a gazillion possibilities where your future love would appear.
be prepared.

you have been foretold.

eye contact is extremely important.
people who make strong eye contact
(don't mean you stare at everyone)
have a better chance in "luring" the opposite sex.

so (single) guys and girls (who are searching out there),
make sure you look everyone in the eyes when talking
or make eye contact with people who you can't talk to.

(mascara and fake eye lashes might work?)

here i go,
continuing on my journey on the search of my true love/ mr. definitely right.

phrase of the post:
les yeux ouvert (pronounced lay-zi-eur-zoo-v-air-t)- the open eyes

Sunday, 14 March 2010


that's what we've been saying alot lately.

our chinese traditional dance group 
will be competing against other colleges tomorrow night
8p.m. in DTC.
gonna skip all classes but 1 tmr. 
(technically it's sunday already.)

do come if you have time.

ticket is RM5 i think.
(just for that price you'll get to see some of the prettiest girls in 4th college wear cheongsam)

we keep saying that coz some of us do too dramatically an action and some do it too subtly.
so the action would be great if we can add both together and divide them into 2.

if only we can do that....

finally spent some together time with voon.
we're together all the time
(in the room, dancing)
but didn't really talked.
just a simple trip to mamak,
but i'm glad.

i'm quite worried about my friend.
she's with this english guy whom she's never seen.
he's coming over this May after knowing my friend for like... 6 months..

i'm worried coz there's been these scams about foreigners conning people..
she sounds so happy.
what if he's really a con-man?
i can't judge him juz coz he's a foreigner..
but i'm still worried.
hope everything turns out well.

we were talking about the future.
it just seems so far away now,
do you plan your future?
when to graduate,
when to get your first million,
when to get married?
when to have your first kid?
when to stop having kids?
how many should you get?

everything could just happen very quickly and your plans wouldn't work like it's supposed to.

like the easiest example is those who pay the ticket after getting on the train...

u'd be surprise at what turns out.

but shouldn't we plan then?

phrase of the post:
mais pourquoi pas? (pronounced may purh-kua pa?) = but why not?