Tuesday, 26 January 2010

if i said i love you

would you say it back?

i'm having mixed feelings right now.

i'm currently in love with:


2. Mouse [again(?)]

3. My new found love(?)

no doubt i'm in love with basketball.

i love the part when i'm not playing more.

(F.Y.I- we lost today, 44-8) but we're all happy and satisfied.

blamed myself for contributing to the first 10 points of the opponent.

(bad dribbling skills)

but at least i score (2 points)

mouse.. yes, again?

i guess this time it's a different type of love,

now and then.

we talked more, spent more time together.

he knows about it.

it's taboo.

my new found love.

i have no idea.

he juz suddenly seems to be so cute.

i'm definitely not ready for a relationship yet

but he could be so sweet at times.

if i said 'I Love You'...

that's what jelly_fish has to confess...
Au Revoir~

Monday, 25 January 2010

how'd i look?

new look for my blog new look for me.

i've decided to chop off my two year long hair.

am going to make it really short,

Chung Ling short.

for those who have no idea what the hex is Chung Ling,

it's my high school.

we have a rule (for girls)

hair that's longer than 3cm measured from under the ear lobe

is, LONG.

so we either look like dolls or boys.

which is why most of the girls who graduated there will keep their hair long

for at least a few months.

and people usually think we look better after we've graduated.

i said to myself that i will keep it for 3 years

but, alas,

i can't stand long hair anymore.
long straight hair is BORING!

since i can't curl them,
(no argent, no permission from mom)

i only have 1 option left.

CHOP them.

so, very soon,
it's gonna be


hello boyish~

that's what jelly_fish has to say~ Au Revoir

p.s. those who think that i'd look better now leave a comment! Merci!