Tuesday, 5 January 2010

like every beginning of the year

here's my resolution.
1. go home more often

- 4 times a year is NOT enough

2. eat less, both junk food and normal food -

gaining weight before MAB is NOT a good thing

3. start eating vege -

need to start preventing cancer

4. start to do assignments seriously - haven't really done any of them all by myself

5. stay away from facebook -


6. take responsibility for the things that i'm suppose to
- like cleaning my room and taking good care of kang le.

7. fall in love - end the marathon of single hood

8. stop judging if it's not my job - which is almost all of the time

9. study hard
- or at least pretend to

10.stop being so egoistic - not good for number 7...

11. stop using plastic bags -

save the environment!!

that's what jellyfish has to say~ au revoir

p.s. babes, i'm actually taking him into consideration... stop me if u think it's too soon