Saturday, 4 December 2010

To the one who holds my heart

I just heard the sound of my heart breaking.
Because you said good night.

one of my biggest problems,
Why do I need someone to make me happy
I have no idea.
Even though I like to be alone,
I'd always enjoy someone's company.
Even if we don't talk,
just having someone being there 
is good enough for me.

Then I found you,
or rather you found me.
I thought it'd be great
to finally have someone 
to look forward to.
Someone who I can really talk to.


Every night
I wait
and I wait
just to see you appear.

It makes me smile just to know that you're here.

After you appear,
I wait and I wait
for you to reply.

When I see the blinks 
I smile.
I don't even have to see what you say.

Because you replied,
I smiled.

And I got used to it.
I got used to waiting.
I got used to hoping.
I got used to the idea of you.

I got used to going to bed late.
Because I loved talking to you.
Because I think that it's special
Because I think that it's important
Because I don't want to spoil it,
just by saying good night.

but you said good night.

But you don't even know how special you are.

I regret for being so greedy.
I wanted to know you better.

I told myself that I should keep my distance.
I told everyone that you're just a fling.
I lied.

I should know better, 
that I have terrible self control
I should have turned away
when you were still my fairy tale.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ AU REVOIR~

p.s. Even after you break my heart
I'm sure you have the ability to patch it back
just by doing some little things
those things you do.

And I hate it.

This is not love,
but it's definitely something.

I've always hated chemistry.


  1. I duno why but what u said it's kinda what i feel right now...


  3. LIKE LIKE LIKE...!!!

  4. why same thing one.. --___________--lll