Saturday, 13 November 2010

Share this with every woman you care for.

Did you know that 
cervical cancer is the 3rd most common cancer among Malaysian women?

It is also the 2nd most common cancer that women can get WORLDWIDE.

There's a campaign going on 
for cervical cancer awareness.

If there is a woman you care for,
just one would be enough,
read this. 

I think every woman has the right to know 
and SHOULD know
about cervical cancer

So who's at risk of getting cervical cancer?

Any woman who has had sexual intercourse.
(for example: all the mothers in the world)
If you love your mother,
share this with her. 
note:Well if you're a man but has a cervix you'd probably get it too. 

If she doesn't use the internet,
be a sweet/caring son/daughter.
Read up and tell it to her.

After all,
she went through a lot of pain to bring you to this world,
this would be just a puny thing to do for her.

A woman/girl who had her first sexual experience at an early age,
anyone who has had multiple sex partners
and those who have suffered from sexually transmitted diseases
have a higher risk of getting the cancer.

As we always say,
prevention is better than cure,
Share this link with every woman you know and care for.

Think about the women in your life.
Save them.
Don't wait till it's too late.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. spread the link around. Help others save their loved ones too.

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