Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My study week(s)

25 November,
is my sister's birthday.

Which is also the first day
of my finals.

UM changed our normal timetable
and thus we have 3 weeks of study week.
Which is not good
in my opinion.

I forgot almost everything.

I dunno if I could still construct a (grammatically correct) sentence in French anymore.
Let alone remember
what Voltaire said in his stories.

for these 3 weeks I did only one thing.


that's what I've been doing since the start of my second semester.

You'd think that people would grow smarter or wiser
as we grow older,
but nope,
my procrastination has gone from bad to worse.

For these 3 weeks,
I have been:

1. Watching movies/series

2. Eating a lot of junk food

3. Wasting money
(read previous post) XD
It actually includes going home, watching Harry Potter, Sing k, and spending time with my friends.
(all totally worth it)

4. Camwhore!!!

5. Moved in and out of my room

6. Painting and repainting my nails
My newest nail deco.
Added some bling that I got from pasar malam yesterday.
It's cheaper and the quality is the same as those sold in shops,
so why not.

7. Making these
Don't ask me what are they
I have no idea.
they do look cute don't they.

I made this one first
Gave it to my little sister
and my mom saw it and she asked me to make her one too.
She was going to use it as a pin cushion,
so I made this one
with a sad face. 

Notice this one still doesn't have a mouth.
(the one in the first picture does)

My sister put the frown on it.
It looks cuter that way anyway. 

The newest member of the unknown thing family
the angry/frustrated face.

I love this one the most!! XD

I made it just now.
Fresh from the oven.
Just to show how big it is.

I did so many things,
but I didn't do the one thing that I was supposed to do


I tried.
When I got on the bus to KL
I opened my notes
and went to sleep after 5 mins.
It's not easy reading on a bus ok...

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. countdown 38 hours to my first paper. 


Wish me luck people.
That I need.
And a whole lot of determination.

I need to get better results than last sem to escape from paying RM19,500 that I currently owe PTPTN a.k.a the Malaysian government. 

and lastly,
I've said it once and I'm gonna say it again:
iphone 3g's camera SUCKS!!! 


  1. haha which university are you in? i'm in UMS taking food science and nutrition. :) and my exam going to end tmr! :D haha. anyway. do you mind adding me in facebook? search my name Hayden Chan