Friday, 12 November 2010

I am vain.

Nuff said. 

the post is actually to show off my boyish good looks. 
(newest hair cut)

I know,
it just goes shorter and shorter. 

From this (July 2010)
to this 
(probably August 2010)
to this 
(September 2010)
to this
(October 2010)

 and finally to this
(November 2010)
11 November 2010 to be precise. 
Looks like I got a stroke,
 BUT I'm actually mimicking this dude.
 Of course he does it better. 

FYI: This is Hanamichi Sakuragi (not sure if it's in that order) from Slam Dunk (comic)
One of the best (old timer) basketball comic of all time. 

And lastly, 
my nails. 
Different design for left and right.
Since I paint better with my right hand,
my left hand nails got checkers.
My right hand nails only got dots.

But 1 thing I learned,
dotting with the left hand is NOT an easy job either. 

One last thing, the photo in my header, 
is early September 2010.
Not too long before I chopped them off. 

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir
I killed an apple yesterday.
before that, I skinned it while it was alive. 


  1. True. By the way, nice haircut :)

  2. haha. true as in I am vain? XD thx. for the compliment(s).

  3. the haircut not bad...but i miss ur old one after looking at ur 1st picture!

  4. wow. you look good in long and short hair. I like the August 2010 picture.

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