Thursday, 11 November 2010


Well, when you read the title
would you guess what this post is about?

ChurpChurp is a social media solutions community
Like her sister, Nuffnang.

So what happens when you join ChurpChurp?

you can earn 

Just by doing what you do best.
Twitting and facebooking. 

ChurpChurp will give assignments to Churpers.

By "assignments" it means updating with information
of events and products by ChurpChurp's partners
In tweeter and/or Facebook.

It's always good to help others, NO? 

That's not all!!!
ChurpChurp benefit churpers of course!
They organize contests that give out $$$$$$$ 



Well I prefer if both come at the same time of course.

If you join now,
you will still be in time to get free tickets for 
ChurpChurp is giving a pair of invites to Churpers!!!
*Terms and conditions applied* =P

By Joining ChurpChurp,
You can even get to know more (awesome) people!!!
by joining ChurpChurp,
you're in the family
and there are activities that help make the family bond stronger.


The recent Fly Kite Day

(which I missed coz I joined ChurpChurp after that. T--------------T)
It'd be fun to fly a kite in kl...

Other than all those activities,
it'd be great it ChurpChurp have activities that involves the nature,
like cycling at Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam,
more Fly Kite Days 
(so that I can join this time).

Probably activities that involve fashion and make-up would be awesome too!!!
Giving pass to fashion shows?
*drools at male models*

Chances to win cosmetics or skin care products?

Make-up workshops?

Product launches?

Chances to win trips to other countries?

Free passes to watch NBL?
or we can just gather and watch a(ny) basketball match as family outing?

The main reason why my family/friends/babes/relatives/course mates/college-mates/uni-mates should join ChurpChurp?

So that we can earn money(/spend money) together!!!

And of course,

CAMWHORE together!!!!!

Join in the fun NOW!! 

All you need is a tweeter/facebook account!!!
(which I'm sure you already have)

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

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