Saturday, 30 October 2010

Weird dream day

I think dreams are influenced by real life experience.
Why so?

Yesterday I had the strangest dream.
It involved the UM girls basketball team. 

to be precise,
I only remembered no.11 of 5th 
and no.7 of 9th.
(why no no.9 of 5th??!! T--------------------T)

I was sailing to an island,
which turned into an under the sea place
(you know how dreams just change in weird ways)
Then the place started to shake a little,
like an earthquake.
Then the team appeared.
Out of nowhere and told me that 
the place is falling apart 
and that we have to leave.

Then the place turned into a coral reef
A huge, magnificent coral reef,
and it started to shake and crumble.
I was underwater!!!

For some (unknown) reason,
I started to pack my stuff
and opened bags and boxes of stuff
that I didn't know I had.
The most remembered thing,
was liquid paper.
New ones.

(I think my old one's gonna run dry soon)

I can't remembered what happened next.
I can remember that it was very exciting though.

Why did I dream of earthquake?

I saw a post on FB saying that there might be 
Tsunami in Penang.
I guess that triggered the dream.

This afternoon,
took an hour's nap,
but it felt like i've been sleeping for a lifetime.
I woke up feeling very tired,
more tired than before I slept.

I dreamed that I was in France,
I was looking for a train station.
Charles de Gaule.

(The name is very familiar but I can't rmb from what.)

I drove a bike
without breaks
(more amazing)
there were breaks,
they just didn't work.

After driving on the highway for sometime,
I left it. 
I thought I knew the way,
but I was lost.

I stopped at a fast food restaurant,
that kinda look like McD.
I asked the people for direction,
in almost perfect French.
(super amazing)
Then I ordered something.
The menu (the ones like McD)
were somehow blocked by something,
and I have the feeling that it was made that way.
My food came,
and I even asked the waitress why don't I get fries..
in French,

Then she explained.

that's all I can remember.
For dream one.

Then it sorta continued.
--_______________--lll X2

And I was no longer in France.
I was in Australia,
speaking English of course.

I have no memory of that dream,
just that I was there.

I remember waking up a few times,
but I went back to sleep.
And the dream continued.
the first dream.

weird weird weird.

Tired, tired, tired.

that's what J_Fish has to say (about her dreams)~ Au Revoir~


The game tonight was great.
Yesterday's was better.

tomorrow would be a better day.

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