Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Love day

yesterday (23.10.10) was the love day.

I had a very special dream the night before.
It involved a very cute Caucasian guy,
a traveler.
I didn't ask his name.
He had black hair and blue eyes,
like the guy playing superman in smallville.
But he was cute.
we talked for quite some time,
we met before and in the dream it was the second time we met.
Or it felt like that.
I can't remember what we talked about,
just that I had this warm fuzzy feeling.

That feeling when you're in love.
But I've only known him for a dream's length.
(which could be very long at times)
you know,
when you felt like you've slept for so long
and when you wake up it was only 5mins.

I dunno if you've experienced that,
but it happens to me all the time.
I'm a dreamer,
and I remember a lot of my dreams.

back to the dream.
He was a traveler,
he was getting to the port,
where I was heading too,
for an unremembered reason.
We talked and had a great time,
and when we reached the port,
we said goodbye and he got off the bus.
I stayed on,
I felt so in love that I've forgotten there was were I wanted to get off too.

I know,
it's just a dream and you don't fall in love so easily,
but it felt SO REAL!!

When I came to my senses,
it wasn't too late,
I just didn't want to loose him,
I wanted to see him again.
I rang the bell again and again until the bus stopped 
and I got off of course,
going the direction that I think he went.
But he wasn't anywhere to be found.

My love,
lost, and shall never be found.

The most bizarre part is,
when I got to the port,
it wasn't as I remembered.
There were people there that I know,
but I can't remember who were they.
They were training,
jogging around,
warming up for something
that I was there for too,
but I just can't remember what.

The dream felt so real
it was as if that was the reality
and the life I'm living now,
is the dream. 
I love the feeling,
can't forget the guy 
I want to continue that dream.
but then,
I can't,

woke up to go and watch the finals.

Seriously have a MAJOR crush on no.9 of 5th college!!

She didn't really do well today,
oh well.
Got to see her play. 
and that was enough to make me happy for the whole day. 

Spent my afternoon taking a long nap.
It was supposed to last for 30mins,
but then it rained 
and it was so nice to sleep on.
So I did.

Went to my lecturer's house in the evening.

We had dinner,
watched a theater play,
and sat there and chatted.
He had an adventurous life when he was young.

We had an interesting evening listening to his stories.
He encouraged us to travel,
and he said in travelling
we will learn to be humble.
Go to those countries which have a lot of culture.
Asia would be a great place to start.

Then after that,
we continued to talk about everything and nothing,
and then I forgot how and why,
he said that I remind him of a cat.
An Egyptian Goddess, Bastet.
Which is quite surprising,
coz a friend of mine once answered a question
you know those silly questions when 
a friend is asked a question about another friend.

When she was asked what animal do I remind her of,
she answered: cat, Persian cat.
So specific. 
But I always thought that Persian cats are fat and ugly...
I hope she didn't mean that. XP

Do I remind you of a cat?
Of arrogance or mystery?
Tame but wild?

What comes to your mind when I mention cat?

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

P.s. I really want to dream of that guy one more time.
It felt SO REAL. 

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