Tuesday, 5 October 2010

From the trip

I've been quite busy recently. 

if you followed my posts,
(if not you can juz scroll down to the next post)
you'd know that I've been to DiGi last Saturday.

I learned a lot there,
most, from Yasmin Rasyid.
She's a lecturer in UM.
Seen her here before.

here are some points that I'd like to share
(from the people there and some I came up with)

1. Because companies or products claim that they are "green" doesn't mean they are.
- Check if the product you're buying contains chemicals, if yes, it's not green.
- Check if it's flown in from far away. If yes, it's not as green as those that are local.
  --Why? coz the transport used to fly or drive in those things causes pollution anyway.

2. Because the packaging of a product is green doesn't mean it is.
- Just because they decorate it with green doesn't mean it's harmless to the environment.

3. Change your way of life if you really care for the environment.
- Take the bus or any form of public transport. Carpool if you have to drive.
  -- It's cheaper/ more affordable anyway. (75% of household expenses [in PJ]goes to fuel 
      I dun think it's much difference in other places in Malaysia. 
- Stop taking the plastic bags that are given by the cashiers. It's a choice.
- Don't use so much hair spray.
- Don't turn on the television/radio/laptop etc when not needed.
- Turn off the tap when you're brushing your teeth/ applying shampoo/ scrubbing your body/ whenever you don't need it.
- Use a pail/ bucket when you wash anything.
- Unplug the plug every time you don't use it. I heard that it really stops the electricity from moving. If it doesn't, if you unplug it you'll be sure that you switched it off right?
- Don't buy what you don't need.

that's all that I can think about right now. Very distracted. 
will add more stuff in my others posts.

that's what J_fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

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