Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Emo day

Feeling emo-ish today.

I feel like I'm being ignored 
by my friends.

Is it coz I talk too much crap?


Tell me.

Guys bball team lost 2 matches.
Watching them play is depressing.

I dunno if I am better,
but it's just sad, the way they play.

Saw some different things this sem.
Learned that love is actually very special
and no1 can say that another one's love is not true.

Gay and lesbians have the right to love too.
Theirs is not the conventional love,
but they have the right to love and be loved.

Love at first sight exist,
no matter for how long it lasts.
A slit second of love is love,
it passes by quick, as it came.

Love for someone without getting to know him/her 
is possible to me.
It sounds crazy,
some say it's not love,
it is.

It's not the long lasting forever kinda love,
but hey,
who says love lasts forever?

I would be glad if my love,
for however short it lasted
loved me back.

I think there should be no boundaries 
for love.

Race, Religion, Gender, Height, Weight... etc.

Love is....
love is sweet,
love is kind,
love is blind.
love is...
love is sincere,
love is contradicting.

It could make you happy,
it could tear your heart apart,
it could make you love,
it could make you hate.

But most important of all,
love is free.

It should not be conquered,
nor should it be enslaved.

When you are loved,
love back.


If you feel that you've loved me
but I have not return the love,
tell me,
and I shall try.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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